Dana's Journal 4: Blue teddy bear returns

Was in a cramped market place looking to buy vegetables and meat. Saw a few people in the corner of my eye. I wanted to speak to them about directions. I walked towards them. One of them was holding the blue teddy bear (same one from my second journal.)

I tried turning around, but I couldn’t move. The head of the teddy bear fell to the ground. It turned into a dead goat’s head. I looked back up and saw another goat. This one was alive and somehow levitating. It was ginormous. It had little hands, big belly and was dark grey. It reminded me of an alien.

I braced to get my ass beat, but I think it was trying to teach me something. I had flashes of a series of images. Like a step by step guide for a ritual. It was extremely detailed but, I forgot nearly everything but it involved my own blood or something like that. The word, “seitan” kept popping up. I know its a type of food, so I was confused about this.

Woke up sweating and in a different position than normal. I felt like taking a bow for some reason.

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Is there a specific reason you are not keeping a single journal? There’s really no reason they can’t be all in one thread.

I was following the style that Lucius journal series did (numbering each individual journal.)

I was told that Journals are meant to be single threads, not multiple short posts, and LuciousOfficial was not actually supposed to do it the way he did. A thread can go up to 10, 000 posts so there is no viable reason to do more than one.


@DarkestKnight Thank you, I am tired of this too.I was gonna make a thread on this problem honestly.