Dana's Journal 2: RHP student gets an offer from the "other side"

Before reading: This journal is sharing my experience. I respect both paths (I am in the RHP but leaning towards the grey-ish area sort to speak if that makes sense.) I’ll keep it neutral and brief (so its fair and not offensive or leaning to either side.)

I did something unusual for once. I had expectations. For the past year and few months, I went into my practice without any desire. Since then, little by little my senses started to develop, I began to ponder on if I should test the waters and ask a question. What could I lose? If they answer it, they do. If they don’t, then at least I tried.

I added an additional meditation session with my question (not important for this journal) on top of what I already did. I read the question and as I meditated I kept thinking of my question. I did this for a week with various different entities (names withheld.) I skipped two of the strongest ones (required full length ritual and did not want to upset them.)

Throughout the week I got a little more desperate (few sense here and there but fuzzy and hazy.) Literally a day or two from when I really needed the question answered, I got an offer I could not believe.

This blue teddy bear was talking long eloquent sentences. I felt a different kind of energy from it. It wasn’t dark but, It was extremely powerful. He would drone on and on. I am thinking what in the world is this. Then everything stopped. It paused, and looked at me.

It said I want you to (not going to say exactly what it said so embellishing a little here) think of three demons. As you think of them, bow down. Do it now, if you want your questioned answered. I woke up.

So did you do it?

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No, part of me thought about it though. Not going to lie. As for the three ones he said to chose, I thought about Lilith, Lucifer and couldn’t think of a third.

Also can anyone explain why I have a lot of experiences with demons. Am I doing something to attract then? I mainly doing RHP stuff.

Such a catch 22 LOL

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This is something I have gone through a lot. I started extremely RHP. Turns out my desires and truly path are completely opposite. It’s a lot of turmoil to be pulled like this. I completely get where you are coming from. Mine started when I was 13.

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My perspective on LHP changed since I started all of this a year ago. From experience, of course some demons attack but confusingly some are helpful, friendly, unbelievably sexy… free advice etc. Would be nice if both paths could come together and find a common ground.

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I think people like to condense these two “paths” into funneled down ways of thinking . One can make you feel like your going after your desires without regard for others and the other one can make you feel like you have morals and are more empathetic and stuff . But I think people just like to do this to feel edgy and I think more so you should take whatever your intuition tells you and combine your magick from whatever elements you want out of either of the paths

This is just my opinion , I’m not big on styles paths and set in stone ways of thinking and doing things, because these impose limitations but can also give nice structure on the flip side , so I’m saying take what you want from everything and combine to what suits the individual best

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Great input. Yea that makes sense. We make those barriers.

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