Hi Everyone! Can You Please Help Me?
I want to Curse My Mother. I Want To Turn Her Private Part Inside out, which never stops producing pus, and maggots, and Cockroaches.

You’re going to need something more realistic.


Oh Damn, that’s not realistic?

Why though? I personally make an exception not to cast black magick on family members but your situation could be different.

Because I Hate my mother…Besides when I’m full of rage and Hatred, my mother is the perfect person to exact my wrath upon…She said I was an Evil, Devil Worshiping, Witch…and that’s what I’ll show her…is that I’m Evil…Devil Worshipers, Witches, and Pagans are NOT Evil, I Am

Isn’t that exactly what you want though? One of your very first posts on this forum was about starting a Satanic cult at your school, after all. :thinking:

So you literally want to curse her for calling you the exact thing that you’re trying to be. Why?

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It sounds to me like you have barely any control or willpower to be utilizing such powers safely or effectively. I recommend you just work on your own will and discipline before trying to apply any power to others or it will easily consume you in the storm just as you let your own emotions rule you. Once you have control over yourself you will probably no longer have such desires given an objective view it is just not worth the effort and the consequences down the line are undesirable for momentary satisfaction.


No. Cursing Her just because, I hate her, consider her a drunken, worthless, maggot-spawn , slut, and mainly for my own amusement…

You think my Wrath, and Hatred is a blockage to my magick?/spirituality?

I think your lack of control over your own emotions is and leaves you undisciplined to properly use any magick or ability much less do so safely or objectively. I get the feeling that if you do succeed you will only destroy yourself in the process or further ruin your own life with the fallout of these actions that you did not bother taking into account for future ramifications. Magick is more than just flinging about spells and afflicting curses or manipulations it is knowing how you alter fate with such actions and planning accordingly without being consumed by the very forces you attempt to wield.


Ah! I see…

It seems that I can’t be consumed by any Magickal, or Supernatural force, if I’m unable to weild it…THUS! I shall attempt Exorcism/Dispelling of a few of my emotions…Dispelling Joy will get rid of my desire to curse my mother, Exorcism of my own sense of humor will disable me from being amused by her downfall, I’ll attempt Exorcism on the possibility of Sadness within myself…Tis not the way of the Dark Ones, Nor The Great Dark Fierce Ancient Ones…that I know of…

I can’t Exorcise Myself so I ask Lord Pazuzu for Exorcism…

That is not how this works… This solves nothing you clearly don’t have the discipline to control even your own emotions how would you control anything else? Removing your emotions doesn’t fix this but illustrates the problem in yourself that if you are unable to cope with it you just try to ignore it. You know what you do you…

I wasn’t dismissing you, I was still listening to what you have to say

Well how do you suppose I deal with these horrid emotions? If I can’t Dispel them then what should I do with them?I don’t even want to be capable of some emotions…I didn’t ask the Gods to give me emotions…I didn’t say to them “Can You Please Give Me Bullshit Ass Emotions That Lead To My Own Destruction” Some Emotions Are My WEAKNESS, Lust is My Greatest Weakness…

I think the best thing for you is to ground and center yourself and work on balancing out your own mental and emotional energies.

The feeling I get from you is that you’re too easily triggered and you don’t have a clear grasp on what is practical or are too ungrounded mentally.


You’re Right

I can’t believe I’m capable of this Emotional Bullshit, Sometimes it’s like being burned from the Inside Out…Oh Well, The Ways of The Flesh Must Be Conquered…I guess I’ll Stay Awake 7 Days Straight, and Ask My Gods To Give Me Strength To Conquer Earthly Ways…and Fleshly Desires…These Will Come To Me…And I Shall Not Acknowledge, Nor Engage With Them…I Think This Will Discipline Me Enough To Deal With My Own Emotions…By Conquering, And Devouring Them9

You do know that emotional regulation is a function of the higher evolved part of your brain, right? Devolving into a snarling animal does not make you powerful, and neither does repressing your emotions. If you truly want to be a powerful magician, and not just some edgelord wannabe, learn instead to harness the power of your emotions by balancing them. They have their time and place for expression but you should be their master, not the other way around.