Cursed to hell solution?

Hey guys,

I have been experiencing poor health for quite some time now. This started during my teens which I believed was a result of black magick.

It got really worse about 2 years ago when (after coming off depression) I tried to use a pendulum to identify the sources of my problems and tried to clean myself up.

It didnt end up well - I have been feeling quite unwell ever since experiencing chills, and other horrible symptoms that can only be explained as parasites attachment.

I tried EVERYTHING - I mean everything I discovered I tried… Goetic rituals, angel work, enochian, meditation, initiation in ifa with the orisas, pacts, energy work, baths, spells, umbanda, quimbanda, Azazel demons.

I have improved very little but still feel there is a long way to full recovery - I just don’t know what to do and what to try anymore - Anybody with good suggestions?


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Have you tried going on a fast for 24 hours?

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I did one meal a day for 14 days in January

Sorry to hear your real problems do you think this is because your actually condemned by God aswell or just apperently made an enemy? Do you think it’s a spirit or a person that cursed you if it’s a spirit getting a scan and asking for help identifying the name of your spirit attacker might be able to help you be able to fight it or at least give you the ability to correctly address them to try to reason with them and figure out what you could have done to cause them to attack you to begin with and start making amens

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Not quite sure. I believe was a person. I’ve got a few scans which came out as spirit attachment and black magick - now I am not quite sure on its origins… I remember having panic attacks when younger and it got worse and worse…

Done! Thanks!

I read about a Demon recently that was supposed to be good at resolving problems Doodall apperently he seems cousel with others to help figure out a way to find a resolution. I just had the idea that they used an item to cast the spell linking it to you not sure if useful. But could possibly be located to cancel the effect through a spirit that finds hidden things.

Cool - Thank you! Do you remember where you heard of him?

What I am trying next is a sacrifice offering to one of the Demons of Azazel as I can quite feel their presence… Let’s see how that goes…

Every week I am trying something different. I have improved so much (spent tons of money too) but I am so determined to find cure/solution

I’ll look back threw my log someone was posting stuff from a book, Doodall didn’t have a huge number of legions or anything like that but the way he was described made me feel confident in his ability to get things resolved or show you have to resolve them.

I just saw he is mentioned on the book of oberon - having a look at it now! :wink:

Hopefully you get this figured out best of luck to you.

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Damn fast lol nicely done.

“77 Doodall,84 a knight & a mighty souldier, he appeareth with a speare of gould in his hand, &
he hath power together other spirites, & he to take councell with them, & that for thinges
that have chaunced against a man etc & to knowe a remedy therfore, & that before, & he hath under
him 6 legions.”

Cool - will see if I can find how to invoke him - Will let you know how that goes.

I wish you luck, see what I ment about he seemed like he would be able to find a remedy, I was thinking about useing him for something but I think I need to get my perception tuned in better so I can actually recieve his answer instead of just seeing clues skattered because I could keep focus and see the vision he was sending. Plus my problem is one I’ve never Hurd of anyone solveing the evil behind it is the government and how they use technology.

Best of luck - Well they always find a way to communicate if they need to (from my experience) sometimes it is a subtle external sign of occurances… You can ask for a sign - I am sure he will give it>

I assked once Fro’glatash and he gave me the sign 5 days after - Be specific… Hope it helps!

Thanks I’m not always good at precieving sighns a draw back of mine. Im starting to get better at seeing visions that are sent me me and I’m starting to be open emotionally again, both things help alot with interacting but the type of answer I’d need id assume would be very specific I can’t wait till I’m able to recieve letters from spirits I seen my spirit wife write a letter and send it off before at least that what it seemed like.

Have you ever gone to a phycic or something of the sorts and told them the problem and had them try to resolve it? The owner of this website does consultations for 150 for a half hour and so on for more but promises to get rid of your problem I know he had curse removal and removal of negative spirits listed A.E koetting. Considering how much you’ve allready spent that basically nothing I spent 100 while I had money to be given a candle incents and bath salts and told use these focus on this and it’s up to me accomplish the task… The items made me feel way better but had absolutely 0 effect against what was troubling me.

Yes loads… The problem is many says different things - I dont thing they are all wrong I just think they are seeing part of the problem. I am gonna check out his services - I think Ive seen before but since I tried so many things that didnt work I was reluctant to spend more and not being effective again.

At some point I figured I really needed to develop my own faculties and sort it out on my own. But sometimes it is a tough solo journey :confused:

I can understand after so many failed not wanting to spend money to fail again. I believe he would be able to handle this problem he’s probably alot more powerful then most of those you’ve had try he’s an acomplished author web developer and all kinds of things. But it would be really nice if there was a money back guarantee but I don’t think that’s quite possible to get in this field of work lol.

Do you know where I can find the link to this service? I tried to find it but cant locate it!

You are being awesome… Thank you!