Cursed to hell solution?

Have you located and identified or talked to the parasites themselves? They can hide and be hard to find, but it’s usually possible to see them if you calmly just look at them.

There’s some posts about parasites indexed in the Unofficial Tutorial thread:

If these are your problem, maybe a direct attack on your end rather than trying to go through third parties would work?

Yea sorry for delay one sec

They posted some good pointers on how you might deal with it yourself might want to consider it before paying, this will also show all the things he promises to be able to fix might take more then the 30 minute consultation o dunno.

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I just re read the page it doesn’t say he will get rid of the problem for you only be able to give you the needed I formation to be able to get rid of what ever is ailing you, coulda sworn he wrote he broke curses and stuff like that. So probably a good idea to look at the I fo the regular posted and see if you can’t get it identified that way. But he should be able to tell you what it is that’s attacking you and of there is any curses that need to be broke and what kind it is. Sorry to get your hopes a little higher then I should s out saying he would get rid of it I just remembered incoretly about what I read sorry for that again sorta feel dickish for that.

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Sorry to hear that. But i think that maybe you have “overdone” it?? Those things that you done are still a pretty strong form of magick and sometimes it is not the best choice to overdo things or try to heal things with black magic and demons. Sure they work sometimes for some people. I have experiences simmilar symptoms and for me that “healed” and helped me to get better was just not to do any magick at all for some time and try to connect to the “normal” to nature, to physical things, becouse those spirit energies, demons and energy working if you are not balanced can do you more harm than good.

My advice would be to bassically first of all heal and cleanse your aura as often as you can, sage yourself and take salt baths or if you don’t have a bath, take a shower, buy some sea salt(the best) and pour the sea salt all over your body: head, shoulders, back(very important), legs, hands etc. and run water over yourself imagining that water cleanses all your aura and that all the negative energies are washed away (do it as often as you can).

When i sometimes get attacked by astral parasites i immediately take my sea salt and rub it on my skin, and it reppels them. Sea salt also is very good for grounding and for cleansing energies as you probably know. But sometimes the simplest things are the most helpful.

You know working magic puts you in more “danger” speaking of the energy vampires and you attract more attention from the negative entities, so your aura should be very strong and shielded and if not you will be drained of energy badly and in return your physical health will suffer. Cleanse yourself as often as you can with sea salt water, go to nature and try to connect with it, hug a tree (that would look like it is friendly and “want to be hugged”) and ask that tree to help you ground and cleanse your energies. The effect is stronger than you would believe. And you have to believe that you are getting better, the belief is very important here. Also try drinking lemon water and to cleanse yourself from the inside. Watch more carefully what you eat and what is making you feel better or worse. Try to not watch negative news or things. Good luck.

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I’m happy to help you work through this problem , reply when you feel to .

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Love that, also redwood is supposed to be one of the best for grounding you.


3 solucions, do u speak spanish,? Can u spend at least so someone cam translate some rituals,? Its free in youtube, but in Spanish, now #2 i tnk kingdom of flames its a guy who get rid of curses, i mean spirt, its a ebook, $15 in amazon. I tnk itskingdom of flames orazazel book. #3chants are here free, in encantation summary just look for it, #v. J. Jehanun mantras, google tat guy. Its wat i can come up fast, less off 10 buks most free and take a few hiurs,

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The only person i knw who is real is in europe, and sell amulets too. From 300 to 500.but her rituals are are free in youtube,

Oh yea Josephine macarty book exorcism. $15 amazon ebook. Now gwt ready for a new life.

Hi, would be glad to hear about!

Thank you so much for your time putting up all those suggestions.

I tried all of that! It does not seem to be that simple unfortunetely.

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Make offerings to The Archangel Raphael and keep me updated on the progress .

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Hey, I was trying to search for what to offer to archangel Raphael and couldnt find relevant information.

I am not sure if it is just as simple as lighting a candle and asking him, but if you have any sort of ritual and offering options it would massively help me.


I never experiened angels to be that fond of offerings like food or alcohol.
Raphael appreciates your intention and honesty when approaching him.

OK, I made a meditation on him this morning and just asked for help. To be honest I think I am feeling better. Since I made this post I made a ritual to King Vine and have been working with the angels…

My situation improved!

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