Curse and bad energy protection?

Hello guys.

I’ve had bad luck pretty much my whole life, and i might be dealing with either a curse or someone projecting bad intent to me.

Due to health problems i live with my parents, which limits my options when it comes to rituals and other stuff, while they don’t mind me being a pagan, has christians they don’t accept me praticing anything while in their house.

And some of my family members, don’t really like me that much and they frequent a few different mediums, and due to a few vibes and visions i’ve had i’m pretty sure they are doing something to me for years.

Seeing that i’m somewhat limited, i’ve been thinking about protective jewelry i could use or perhaps a runic nordic tattoo (But the tattoo might have to wait due to health problems)

I have some black tourmaline on my bedside table but to be honest i don’t feel like it’s doing anything.

i’ve been thinking about an obsidian necklace perhaps, i’m not much of a ring person, so preferably either a bracelet or a necklace.

There a lot more to magick than just ceremonial aka “high magick”, there’s also intuitive magick, and “low magick” which tends to be more tool free might use herbs and crystals, sympathetic magick, and is more common in witchcraft and pagan oriented communities than magickian ones.

Have a look at this and see if it resonates:

I would also recommend this tool free ward tutorial:

Did you enchant it to do something? Black crystals generally absorb negative vibes, but based on your intro it sounds like you have a bit more than that going on and would need to up the ante.

The above techniques are ones you can do stealthily in company while sitting looking like you’re watching TV or reading a book, or in your room, or in the shower, leaving no trace for suspicion.

I’d say as stealth is a priority, just a simple bracelet of jet, obsidian or onyx will all work and can be inconspicuous under a sleeve. Enchant it simply placing your hand over it and using your will to kind of program it to protect you against unwanted energy coming in. If you’re still a pagan make it into a talisman for your god and ask it to protect you.


Thanks, i’m definitly gonna look into all of it.

And yes, i’m still a pagan mostly focused on Norse religion, it saved my life a few years ago.

So i’ve been thinking about getting a few protective runes tattooed for protection, and perhaps do a bigger tattoo in honor of the gods.

Bought a couple of books from the website a while ago, and i’m still starting on some pratices. I’m quite new to all of it.

Luck and health definitly haven’t been on my side latetly that’s why i need to find something to protect me, while i learn all i can to be able to protect myself.

So Thor is the big protection go to there, though there are others, and his rune is Thurisaz for protection or his symbol which is his hammer Mjolnir. You can get some nice and not too flashy Thurisaz or Mjolnir pendants for protection from places like Etsy, also beads so you could make your own bead bracelet with black gemstone beads and the rune bead, that could be cool.