Introduction + Possibly Cursed

Hi guys, I’m new to the magical arts, eager to learn though.

My problem is kind of a long story.

Since I remember I’ve been able to sense/drain energy and sense spirits whenever I walk into a room, on some rare occasions I can even see them when no one else can, weird stuff tends to happen around me, chairs dragging, objects getting out of place, even some weird blue orbs.

My cousin has a similar ability, but she can’t drain or sense energy, she can hear spirits all the time, but she can never see them, I can see but not hear.

My problem is that about 12 years ago till know all of it has been escalating, but what worries me the most is that I keep getting sicker and no doctor can find what’s wrong with me, I’ve visited literally undreds of doctors along all this years, some of the effects of my health conditions are quite visible but have no explanation at all, I’ve been found on occasion speaking Latin, and in one of my oldest episodes I got claw bleeding marks on my back while sleep walking speaking Latin when I was a little child.

Most people say that I’m probably cursed, haunted or possessed, I come from a family that tends to do some catholic cleanses often, and in the case of my grandmother some spirit expulsion rituals, on which I accompanied her has a child.

I’ve never personally done any ritual at all, I take magic seriously and whenever I chose to perform any ritual it will be after alot of research.
All I do is meditation.

I’ve visited a medium a couple of months ago, he kept going on saying that I was special, that I had abilities and a shield, and that my parents and family where the ones getting sick by a curse and that I was draining it from them into me like a sponge. And that we a
He was wrong about alot of stuff though.

Any advice? Sorry for the long post

Welcome to the forum @ShadowNhiazk . It is a rule here that all newcomers must properly introduce themselves. This post has enough biographical information to meet the criteria, however, it does not belong in the Health section so I have moved it to the appropriate one and edited your title.

Thanks, I apologize for the misplaced post.

There are many services out there in your local region or online that can provide professional insight of the curse at hand and how it can be removed.

Every region has their style of removing it and every region we’re based in have their certain methods of cursing so it’s important to know the method that witches who use curses can be very different from what we assume it to be from what we know especially in western oriented tradition.

Sometimes hypochondria, anxiety and psycho-somatic related illnesses can make a person sick just by their own thoughts generating this idea of General “unwellness” all stemming from stress but what I see is it most likely a curse just by the symptoms of it.

I really suggest to make some rash moves this year accordingly and this will be everything from diet, exercise and spiritual well-being.

Get in contact with guides and see if there is a way to direct the curse elsewhere— sometimes the process can take weeks or months but there is always a very good chance of detecting and removing curses in a specific time period.

You’ve probably been asked the general questions such as if you or family have had personal enemies or someone’s left a miscellaneous item around but all i have to say is keep your head up and work this out with people who are real good at this. Don’t be fooled by any con artist, you’re probably smart enough to know this.

Wish you the best of luck and welcome, youll find good people and good info here. Cheers to 2020 :wink:

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Thanks for the insight I really appreciate it.

Unfortunately in my local region there aren’t many occult practitioners whom I could consult for help, most has you said are obvious scams.

It’s mostly a catholic city, not many pagans like myself that I could turn for insight.

I’ve experimented with a few catholic and local cleansing pratices, some work well enough in cleaning the house of bad spirits, but I find that having a cat is enough to keep the house clean of most spirits.

Yes, I’ve approached the anxiety and psycological front extensively, but nothing worked so the doctors ruled it out.

I have both physical internal bleeding and scars and external problems, without any current explanation.

I also seem to not have any luck in any front at all, being it with love or money.

To be honest the only thing that has really worked was Nordic runes that I marked on my skin, but has they faded so did the sickness return.

I’ll keep researching for a good way of removing a curse, perhaps try divination a bit more trying to find the root of the problem, and cheers to 2020.

If you’re randomly draining people in a room and not filtering carefully, you could easily be doing this to yourself. Most humans don’t have particularly clean or healthy energy, you don’t want to be sucking that in willy nilly, you’ll pick up with it the energy of every cold, flu and illness they have, including cancer and possibly thier curses. I think you should look into controlling that.

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I would recommend that you get the Damon Brand bòok 'Magickal Protection '. It has very simple rituals including The Sword Banishing, which I personally find effective. There are many other banishing rituals which are also effective.

Try clearing your chakras morning and evening. Purge them with a brilliant white light.

Those two things will help you to get yourself back on a more even keel so you can put efforts into the more advanced things.

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Yes i suspected the same, I’ve been experimenting with energy control for a while, still pretty new at it though.

Funny enough, my grandmother seems to have the same ability, not sure on the extense of her abilities though, but for the last few years she has been on a medical facility sufering from alzheimers on an almost vegetative state, every single time i visited i could feel her draining energy from everyone around her to the point of making me wanna puck, she was given a few days to live without any chances to pull through about 4 years ago, one of the curious aspects of the situation is that every single person they have placed on the bed next to hers, have died in short ammounts of time, even people in a fairly decent state.

She pretty much raised me, but she was an evil woman, we didn’t exactly saw eye to eye, and she tended to curse everything and everyone for just about anything, she was fairly deep into cleanses and some rituals, including some types of curses. Which leads me to believe she might have been the one cursing me, but i can’t be sure.

Thanks, i’ll definitly get that book and try it out.

I’m slowly experimenting with different types of magic, most recently been reading alot on Chaos Magick

You dont speak like a cursed person.

Well i’m not possesed that i know of, so i’m still me, a damn sick version of me but still me xD
I just have alot of research on the subject, but haven’t yet had any luck in getting rid of it if i do indeed have one, i’m not putting out the possibility that it might be something else.