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Received my copy of The Complete Works from Amazon.
Slightly damaged spine and a small rip in the cover.

Otherwise its fine. The books look refreshed.

How do I get those free kindle versions now that I have the actual book?


Also, just ordered Abiel’s book. Given BALG’s success I’m sure convincing “Dante” to make some money wasn’t terribly difficult. Lol!

Perhaps he will make an appearance on the forum to let us know how he’s been.


I ordered mine the other day. They will be delivered today. :+1::+1::+1:


I just received my book. Reading it now.


I also purchased the paperback of OAA and The Complete Works on Amazon. I received the kindle edition of OAA, but not The Complete Works.

How can I go about getting the kindle edition of TCW?
The book is so large that I think it would actually be easier to read digitally.



@Timothy, I was reading through the kindle version of Kingdoms of Flame and noticed that the square for the Blue Kingdom is missing. Don’t know if it’s that way in the paperback or not


This has been long overdue. As knowlegable about business i can uderstand the strategy here but man even a rerun of these grimoires in a limited edition would sell out since there is high demand for these. thanks


My new books arrived this afternoon. Two titles I missed at 3am when they were ordered are now also on their way, so I guess there’s no question about what I’m up to for the next few months. If peeps don’t hear from me for awhile, this is why. :nerd_face: Thank you so much for making all these beautiful books available! The cover art is amazing!


I received my copy on the 19th of December just Amazon had scheduled it. I expected to pick it up at the Post Office because I was not at my place to receive it.

The mailman left it at the door. This is highly unusual and suspect. Anyone in my building could have taken it without me knowing!

Spooky. The spirits must have wanted me to have it. Maybe a guardian was placed over it.

I can’t put the damm thing down. The book explains so many things. Especially the things that I have seen on the BALG site and forum.

There is a strong energy coming from this book.

E.A.'s book is “the real deal” in my opinion.

I still can’t get the free Kindle version. The kindle page still wants me to pay $99! I thought it was free.


Recived my Cole of the complete works last week, wery happy with it, to ba dyvatten the Garda cl was announced a couple of days later otherwise i would have gotten that for being more robust so thats a little sad.
Love the cover of the book and love the format, i have othe rbooks in small format with Well over 800 pages and that feeels a little small to ge the complete work in this size is great, i do fancy books on the bigger side for some reason i guess it reminds me of the characteristic spell book that usually takes up an entire table(:


I’m happy these are being re-released with physical copies but I’m also bummed the kindles are not sold separetly anymore. I went to look for one and can’t find them in the cataloge. I’d like to see both available honestly, not one or the other.


You mean on Amazon? They still have the option of the kindle versions, I bought a few of them. They for some reason have 2 listings though, one of physical, one for kindle instead of choosing one or the other on one page like they normally do.

Link to the kindle versions are on the first and second page here


I ordered and received the complete works (i already have had the ebooks for over a year but wanted physical copies), as well as the OAA and Anthology 123 compilation. They arrived fast. Thank you.

Great books. I’m happy to have a physical copy to play with. Will probably by the hardback versions eventually to put away for safe keeping. Thank you for making these books available at approachable prices.


Thank you, this was why I was getting confused! I was looking on Balg’s catalog instead of Kindle.
Thank you.


I still have not received the kindle eBooks for The Complete Works and Necromantic Sorcery. If there is something that I need to do, please let me know.


removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #99


Works of Darkness and The Book of Azazel made it here yesterday morning! One whole IKEA cube now full of EA’s books! Another one full of empty journals. Awesome!


Whoever decided to use this form of marketing(yes, I saw kindle unlimited) is a GENIUS!


This big book is awesome, it’s a cheap way to get all the information I have wanted HOWEVER… I would recommend once you get the big book and have read it a few times buy the individual books you really enjoyed in hardcover. The big book is not going to last more than a year before it starts to break down, mine is already falling apart after only a month. This is not a complaint considering what I paid and how much I am using it BUT I will also buy some hardcovers for my book shelf.


Matchbook isn’t working on some of the books I bought Anthology of Sorcery 3 and Works of Darkness and Matchbook worked fine but I also bought Banefull Magick and Evoking Eternity and Matchbook didn’t work so I didn’t get the Kindle copy on those