CULT CLASSICS SERIES: Order Now In Paperback - Receive A FREE Kindle eBook



Perfect! Cool brand new prescription glasses and now 11 new books on the way!! There were a couple of titles there that I was seriously putting out for too!! Thank you so much!!! :smiley:


@Timothy You had posted earlier asking for our opinions when the books arrived. For anyone who didn’t see the earlier post, I picked up the new paperback of the Complete Works. First and foremost, it’s a huge book. It comes out to 606 pages for all the books within this one single book. It’s also a big book when it comes to physical size. When I first opened the package i thought the size of the book was a bit overkill. When flipping through it though, you see how much is actually in the book so the overall size makes a lot of sense, otherwise the length of the book would be a lot longer. Which brings me to the next point, when flipping through the book the pages seem a bit cramped, but again if the pages were not formatted the way they were then the length of the book would be a hell of a lot longer. The art on the cover is nice and clear and the font and art inside the book is also clear. Flipping through I didn’t see any of the bad pixalated art that you sometimes see in books. Good quality paper and overall feels like a sturdy book that won’t fall apart on buyers. Not having read the book at this point, I can’t comment on errors or any different information compared to earlier editions to any of these books. I don’t have information on who did the actual printing, but it’s a good quality like you would find from any major publisher that had books in a local bookstore. Good book, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who wishes this was available ages ago before spending so much money in secondhand older editions!


Great job on the launch! I run a company with way less SKU’s and it’s a pain in the ass coordinating things. You’ve got this dialed in tight… This has got to be an enormous time suck you’ve got to have a passion/obsession for. I’ll definitely be picking these up soon. The covers look fantastic. I’d love to have the leatherbound ones but these are a steal for what you’re moving them for

Question: (And if you don’t want this public I get it, I’ll check my inbox in case you PM) What product aside from digital downloads do you have the best margins on? The Forum and EA’s channel have been invaluable resources to me and I’d love to support your operation.


Guess what arianna, i was doing some window shopping on Become a living god catalogue you know the one have a look be quite surprised, can order whole 9 hows that.:metal::+1:


That is awesome Timothy must be the complete paperback version of Necromantic sorcery, i get over this year first.:+1::metal:


I found it. Think it’s gonna be Christmas present. To myself :joy:


Thank you for sharing your fair opinion.

Regrettably, to place eight medium-sized books into one large book requires a two-column ‘newspaper’ arrangement with an 8.5x11 trim size which equates to a traditional size of computer printer paper — or else Amazon simply cannot carry it due to an extreme page count. You may peruse their available trim sizes and requirements here:

In regard to these ‘oversized’ books, it becomes a matter of using a space-saving design concept to accommodate them, as you alluded. @Reaper182

I did not quite comprehend this question. If you reiterate it, I can possibly answer it. @Norski

You may find these Complete Works on Barnes & Noble too in both hardback and paperback also.

For example:

Kingdoms of Flame

Anthology of Sorcery

You may search with name to find other texts.


Personally I love the kindle editions and I think it’s a welcome and long overdue outlet for Balg. I snatched those up immediately. I never much cared for the pdf format. I’m looking forward to future releases.


@Timothy, Could the Anthology of sorcery be found in Barnes and Nobles within the borders of New Jersey?


I’ve happily received the Anthology of Sorcery (3 in 1) paperback, it is really good the quality of the paper and also downloaded the kindle one (it works via the Kindle Matchbook, so the same site would “tell you” at the kindle page of every book that is “a Match” that you can “purchase at 0.00 for the price”.) I would tell that the kindle version has a nice quality, just that the images/sigils, etc. when it is “selected” to enhance the size, the definition loses a little. It’s known that Amazon charges for each one of the images in the kindle definition, so that one would be something to comment. And it is great that there is it at Amazon, also the book by Asbjörn Torvol “MAGICK: It’s All In Your Head”, another gem! Thanks!


You may place an order for Anthology of Sorcery in hardback at 33% off right here:

Let me know when you did this and provide your mailing address in a message, and I will send a copy to you personally. @Jasonjack30


Thank you


Which BALG product gives you guys the best profit margins? (Aside from Downloadable products). If one were to purchase any given item what would you make the most money off of per unit moved?


I ordered the softcover books of “Complete Works” and “Necromantic Sorcery” but I did not get the eBooks that were supposed to come with it. How do I get the eBooks?

Please advise @Timothy


For anyone that has recieved the eBooks, how did you get them?


@Timothy Just in case you need this, here is a pic of the order.


Hi, just go to the kindle page of the book, and you will see it is a “kindle matchbook” and the price should be 0.00 and you click on the “buy now” so would be free as there will be no charge to you (price 0.00).

Sometimes, at Amazon’s website, there is a little delay between (sometimes a few days) your buying and the “matchbook” pairing for your account, be patient.

Hope this could be of help


Thanks for the reply Axia. I went to the kindle page but I did not see the “kindle matchbook”. Here is what I saw:


No problem. I see, just wait, it is just a matter of time for the “Is a Kindle Matchbook” sentence to appear (this has to do with the system at the Amazon’s website) that was the same with my order, be patient; in the while, enjoy the wonderful books you have now in the paperback format!


Thanks. It would been nice to know this ahead of time. I did not find a description of the process anywhere. I just hope this works for the Kindle PC app, because I do not have a kindle device. I just hope this all works out.

As for the physical book, I am glad that these works are being made available in a less limited run. I was glad to see the addendum in the Necromantic sorcery. I checked in the Book of Azazel to see if there was the “hidden symbols” that were only revealed under a black light of the Deluxe edition, but I was not able to determine if they were there or not, because they were not mentioned in the current book and I do not have the deluxe edition of that book.