CULT CLASSICS SERIES: Order Now In Paperback - Receive A FREE Kindle eBook

According to Amazon and the BALG help desk, due to the cost, there is no free Kindle copy bundled with the Complete Works (and others) through the Kindle Matchbook program.

The huge paperback of Complete Works I received is still worth it, in my opinion.

I have the print edition of Complete Works and it’s definitely nice to have all of EA’s books in one handy volume.

That being said, I’m disappointed that certain things seem to have been removed from the original books (like the veves of Baron Samedi and Exu da Capa Preta in Baneful Magick), and they could have done a better job proofreading, as I discovered a pretty important typo in the reprinted Kingdom of Flames section: the 9x9 magic square for the Second Kingdom of Flames has been duplicated twice, once as what should be the 7x7 magic square for the Kingdom of Night, and again for what should be the 5x5 magic square for the Third Kingdom of Night (whose chapter heading and last sentence in the description mistakenly labels it as the Second Kingdom of Night).

I don’t own the Kindle version of this but from screenshots I’ve seen, it looks like this error is also present there.

EDIT: after correspondence with Timothy, apparently both paperback and Kindle versions will be revised and re-released soon. :100:


Oh god I just bought it. I’m excited, but spending money makes me nauseous.

Damn nice work overall. I am glad you made this happen for folks.
Good work

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I purchased the Anthology of Sorcery bundle volumes 1,2,&3, but in the Kindle format in volume 3, Conjuring Wealth by M. King, it is missing some information. I have the hardcopy version and the information is there but not on the Kindle eBook.

The ritual items and the ritual preparation are not listed, again this is in the Anthology of Sorcery Bundle volumes 1,2, & 3 from Amazon.

Can this be fixed?
The cool thing about eBooks is that if the author wants to update the information, it can be done and any errors can be fixed.

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Hi. I dont know if i am too late for this offer but i ordered the complete works. How do you get the free Kindle Version?

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These books have not read yet, just from reading the baseline information I realize that the knowledge addressed is vital to growth.
Thanks for posting and I will be including them in my reading!