CULT CLASSICS SERIES: Order Now In Paperback - Receive A FREE Kindle eBook



Will do


Book of Azazel already arrived today. Very high quality for a paperback. I’m not sure how to access the kindle version of it, but I’ve been reading Initiation from the anthology of sorcery series with kindle unlimited and the format is fine. Planning to pick up Evoking Eternity and Works of Darkness shortly, then Kingdom of Flames after I read those. Any way to make these more accessible is good in my opinion, so future releases in this format would be great as well.


Of course, thanks. I will be receiving mine (paperback) on Wednesday. I really like the Kindle option (in fact I was looking for some of the BALG tittles from a time to date, but there were not all of the tittles available) so it is really an excellent new to have this available.

And I am asking again, hoping somebody could shed some light on this (I guess several people would agree that could be great): is there any plans (any date?) to have the rest of the BALG tittles as this?, I am particularly interested in the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers Series.

Thank you!


I just bought every BALG eBook available.
I’ve always wanted them in ebook format, because i hate carrying them around in my black bag, a nosy Muggle could discover what I read and expose me causing me much ostracism. I now have access to it all. I do have some hard copies, but the eBook format allows me to carry everything without all the weight.
My phone is now my eBook of Shadows!!!

I guess I can just carry my tools in it from now on.


Is there a away to just order the whole set ? In one order? I thought I saw that but now I can’t find it


To everyone at BALG … Thank you for doing this.

I have told the Dark Sorcery Group on FB that I admin and they are very excited.

I bought the the complete books as PDF’s years ago.

I happily bout Anthology of Sorcery 3 (1-3) to have on my kindle.

Being able to read and study at work and lunch is invaluable.

Once again, thank you.


arianna you can, just go to Amazon, write in names of books and then put all in your shopping cart, then go to check out.


Just got the Complete Works today (and OAA). They were supposed to arrive Monday. I have the ebook pdfs I bought some time ago, but wanted to have them in printed format. Oh, and you get The Spider and Green Butterfly which is not included in the ebook collection. I have to mention the book is HUGE, encyclopedic style. It is to be expected, 8 whole books in one. If you are traveling and are thinking of taking your books you may want to get the ebook/kindle collections instead. Overall, I really like it, very very happy!



No, the Complete Works in eBook format has the Spider and Green Butterfly.


Not the EA’s Complete Works that is sold at BALG’s Book & Grimoire section. You get seven different pdf files. This is the version I have.

Yes, the Amazon kindle version includes all eight books.


A technician at Amazon talked with me this week and arranged a convenient page where you may place an order for an entire ‘bundle’ of every eBook in Complete Works on Kindle altogether right here:

Also, if you like this new presence on Amazon, please leave a 5-star review. That always helps too.


Hey @Timothy I was wondering why the books are not on BALG as well? Is it cheaper to go through Amazon?


Have all of them except O.A.A . Lets see if I can afford it ?


I am a Black Magician. I will kill people if I want but won’t download pirated books. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:



Im so exited!


I just checked the link for Necromantic Sorcery, but the amazon page indicated that it is only on kindle. Are they just out of physical ones or is it only an eBook? Or am I just missing something?

I already have a physical copy, but would’t mind the paperback. I was planning to order it along with the paperback of the complete works next week. So hopefully this is sorted out by the time I order.

Also, is there any differences in content between these newly published ones and the previous ones?


I saw that too. I was going to grab that book but I don’t care for ebooks, they tend to hurt my eyes after a little while so I declined to pick it up. If it were in paperback I would have gotten it right away


Thanks for making me sound stupid :joy::joy:

I was just thinking you could order like a boxed set or something :joy: I don’t know.


You may place an order for Necromantic Sorcery in paperback right here:

@Seek @Reaper182


Thanks Timothy. I just ordered a physical copy of Necromantic Sorcery and the complete works.