Crossroads Deal


Your welcome. If you have any specific questions you can pm me


Most people just can’t pinpoint the exact spirit of the crossroads from what I’ve seen. Some people say it’s celtic. Some say Voodoo. It really depends on where you look. I speculate it’s papalegba since the being visits you in real time. In this dimension. It’s hard for anyone to pull that off but he’s said to be able to do it. However that’s only a guess. Regardless their is an entity and you do have to give the being some kind of service in return so be aware of that. That’s all I really know, sorry.


Guys you do not even know how long I’ve been trying to do this ritual. I’ve been looking for a crossroads in my neighborhood for this ritual, but it has failed every time. And it was not private. I always picked up bad places. do not do this ritual in a public park NO WAY . It’s just been doing it and everytime someone has disturbed me some drunk idiot, the homeless, the young people who went to fuck to the bushes or the security guard who flashed with his flashlight into my face and saw a young guy with a guitar in his hand …privacy is the most important thing for this type of ritual.


My friend and I are actually oddly enough attempting to pull this off and the best way to find an area to perform it for us has been to look for a map. Like not between the lines, i’m talking a physical paper or google map.


Since I’ve came back to the forum I encounter a weird situation.

Just yesterday I was driving back to work to pick up my wallet, which I forgot. Now, I’ve picked up my wallet and I’m heading back to through the same road and then a goat :goat: is standing right here.

So, I get out and walk towards the goat. As I walked towards the goat I say “hey there Lucifer, what are you doing here” Then it looks at me, let’s me get close to it and as I was about to touch it, it turns around and walks towards the building close the road there. So I follow it and it turns its head towards the entrance of the build and I decide to walk closer to the door way and stand there. Then it walked even closer to the doorway next to me.

Alought this was very curious to me as to a goat making some sort of contact with me I just needed up leaving it and heading on my way to pick my father up from the hospital.

What are your thoughts on this???


If anyone has actual advice and step by step guide, I would be down to actually give this a try…honestly I’ve been really low and feel like I got nothing to loose so why not lol


Hello prynce I would like to know more because I want to ask Papa Legba for help in my musical career but as I reading here he probably will not be the one who would help me With my Wish…:cry:


This reminds me for a incatation from rite for power which sounds like that (original is not English):
"Black way, crossroad and an old blackdressed man appears and bring a bag. In this bag little devils are moving … "


What if I wanted a deeper voice?


Isn’t this what Robert Johnson did? I don’t think I’d make a deal with a Crossroads Spirit, I’d prefer a Demon or Angel pact instead.