Crooked Man

Below i posted about a spirit that has haunted, taunted and followed me for years and years, since a baby and he has performed loads of poltergeist activity, including slamming doors, smashing glasses, knocking walls, burning things, shaking my bed, showing me portals as a child here is a little background.

As i’ve said before i believe this entity uses the mask as the crooked man, to disguise himself because his power is beyond that which i have ever seen, i cannot even summon him, neither can other magicians it’s as if he can withstand others will and power.

Here’s just some forms he’s taken from time to time …



These three form’s it has taken tonight, i am performing a ritual where i will be calling the nine demonic kings, four demonic gatekeepers, Lucifer and my ancestors then i’ll be calling on the forces of darkness to stand along with me for this daring task.

This is something that has baffled me and haunted me for years now i’m accepting my destiny and facing him with all the power and ability i have.

See you all soon …


Conner Kendall


Give him hell bro!


Thanks brother.


Dude, why do you keep going on and on about how no one can summon this entity when you have been told/shown flat out that @Eye_of_Ra not only can, but has it’s name and sigil and the ability to remove it? She posted about it in the previous thread for all to see but you just seem to want to ignore it. If help is offered, why not take it?



I have seen him before as the top and the bottom picture. He was one of the gatekeepers when I did my downward spiral initiation at age 13. He guarded the last gate before I met Hekate. This talisman is for her. It should help you.

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@DarkestKnight Where is this information located at please. Would be great to have in my Grimoire.

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@DarkestKnight because a entity tells you something does it mean he’s telling the truth.


Doesn’t the same go for you?


@C.Kendall … That third form awaited me when I went to astral travel back in 2013, gave me the creeps so I backed away.
The first form haunted my last apartment building, drove one woman to schizophrenia and one woman to suicide.


Yes … This is why i will be calling lucifer, the nine demonic kings, the gatekeepers and my ancestors, using that critical mass of power and energy, i have a plan which was given to me by Beleth, a way where this entity is forced to come and co-operate truthfully.

Also done prep work with symbols influenced by the cuneiform enchantments.


“It cannot be evoked” once again another falls to limitation. This isn’t true. You’ve limited the abilities of yourself and another based off of the inability of others.


@Eye_of_Ra has that info. She didn’t post it. She simply stated she had wrested it from the entity.


No not necessarily, i am not the only one who has had this problem as paimon told me

" If it chooses not to come, then it shall be so, but with the mighty of the infernal empire it doesn’t have a choice ".

Not all forces are bound to our will, neither do they have to cooperate with our ability, if the above was true and i am truly limiting myself, then i wouldn’t try this ritual this implies i am working heavily on this which implies, me not giving up which is the fight of limitation.

I have had this entity, lie and play games and hurt many people, so it’s time to get to the bottom of it, any entity that has free-will isn’t going to show to you just because it wants too, for example when i summoned Chronozon, he was watching but didn’t appear.

Year later i worked with him he appeared i asked him why, he told me

" I have the choice to agree or not, me not appearing was a lesson ".

The reason i didn’t use arianna’s sigil or name or even ask, is because Bael told me this entity will give false information, so i put my belief in the nine demonic kings, that is called trust not limitation.


Either way, I rest my case, because it’s obvious.

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No, but you are essentially calling Arianna a liar, after asking the forum for help. You are taking the word of this thing over a very competent magician who extended a hand to help and who you ignored, and that is just bad form.


No i’m calling the crooked man a liar.


I don’t mean to be a dick, but this thing has haunted C.Kendall all his life, whatever may be going on, he’s facing it down and choosing to do so alone and on his terms.

Support is probably the only thing we can do, instead of being a bunch of critics.

RateMyEvocation dot com?

This is part of his life, and is now his battle. he knows where we are if he needs help tonight.


I agree with @Lady_Eva@C.Kendall … If I can lend energy, Im willing. Best of luck be with you.


Thanks @Lady_Eva Thanks @Fuego1.

I’d like to point out never did i call arianna a liar if you actually read before implementing your own criticism i said an entity, why would i call arianna a entity.

Anyway thanks all.