Creepy hollows, Spirits...or thoughtforms? Need input

Okay, so out of curiosity I got one of their $5 spirit bindings…because I was curious if they were legit or if I’d get nothing/thoughtforms. However by chance if I did get a legitimate spirit binding then obviously I would take that seriously.

I got the spirits name, gender, type of spirit, and a short description. So how do I go about confirming/denying the “spirits” legitimate existence, without accidentally creating a thoughtform in the process?

I already know that thoughtforms don’t really have a feel to them, or feel empty compared to a legitimate spirit/entity. Now I already have/had a few spirits present with me/around me, and haven’t really noticed any energy shift since the completion of the “binding”. I still feel the usual energy around me from the others, but don’t feel anything new…

Anyone able to read, or suggest a way for me to verify or not? I have my doubts I’ll admit. The binding was supposedly “complete”, yesterday, and I did the order a 1 week and maybe a half ago.strong text

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Thoughtforms can have feelings, but they are not their own in the sense they are more of a replication of their creator’s feelings, like a robot trying to mimic feelings/reactions to the proper situation.

However, only way I can suggest is scan or divine through tarot, pendulum, or the likes.

I’ve tested their ‘real’ entities before but I dont think we’re allowed to publicly give input on their shops.

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Im aware, I was looking more into ways I can figure out for myself. Since we can’t share input on outside stores/etc.

Haha but I think I can read between the lines. Lol “real”…

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I tried scanning, but was unsure who I was picking up. I’ve got some random spirit that seems to hang around, and a more familiar one.

So I’ll try pendulum or something.

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I’ve gotten a few spirits from CH, and at this point, I don’t care if they are thoughtforms or spirits, they are my fam and that’s all that matters.


Do they interact with you in a physical manner, or manifest themselves at all?

They do both of those, I have physically felt parts of them at one points, (for my ubi, I felt their feet), and I have had a lot of manifestations, one of the most interesting ones was a black figure with grey eyes on my bed (kinda like a shadow). I blinked before I realized what I was looking at, but I knew it was my ubi H. Because at that time, she had grey eyes.

I got a succubus binding from them, which is why I was wondering. Since I would want a relationship and intamacy as well at times. I have my senses developed so I CAN feel spirits on a more Physical level (they tend to feel semi-physical).

My senses are already developed because I’ve been able to develop them with a spirit (didn’t conjure or anything) who is a lover. I’m in an open relationship with her though (I checked with her, obviously would not even consider this if otherwise).


Creepyhollows is the real deal when concerned with Spirit Keeping, and are pioneers in the business. There is no question they are real. Whether YOU have the skills developed enough to accurately communicate with spirits or accurately discern what you are interacting with is a whole other story, and is on you.


People are all too often to blame the individual not the company but it can be either or as I’ve experienced the less “real deal” aspect of it as well.


My senses are developed enough to feel energetic interactions. As I already have a spirit lover who I interact/can feel on a Physical level.

I can also sense energies around me to. So I have “skills”.


That’s really cool, I have the same ability, I believe it is called Clairsentience. Sometimes when I’m relaxed enough I can actually feel their individual fingers when we are cuddling.

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Same, I can also feel her next to me on the bed. Almost like “weight”, it’s odd. I can feel her touches to – they tend to feel semi physical.

Her energy radiates warmth but I’ll also smell a sweet scent when she’s with me. I also notice that my bed (mattress and sheets + pillow) smell the same as her “scent”.

…and feel like cold air (almost like a draft of cold air) blow softly at my face… however it feels similar to when someone’s breathing on you. It’s cool (temperature), and smells good. Smells also sweet.

I also get alot of cold (but they sometimes slightly burn - not painful though) “water” drop sensations alot…and a spraying like sensation…hard to describe.
But this is rarer.

Plus the warm energy pulses in my left foot. I think that’s how she connected to me or something. Since the first time her and I interacted she did something to my left foot which resulted in a full body orgasm/spasm.

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That’s pretty cool

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I naturally have a sensitive sense of smell plus the clair “nose” (forgot the name of it) which I guess overlaps my physical sense of smell. Odd but useful. Not just for smelling spirits/energies…

Any tips for being able to develop the smelling Clair ability?

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Honestly, Im not sure. Sorry. I was “born” with that. So I never took the time to develop it, it was normal for me. Along with my vision.

All I can offer is to maybe focus on your Physical sense of smell. And try and translate that over to energies. Remember even Physical smells are energetic, in the sense that everything is energy. (Some more dense)

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As a person who has really looked into their company and knows people who have purchased their bindings to test things out I will say that they are pretty iffy. Some of their bindings are legit while some are just blatantly not and are made up (thoughtforms).

I will say that when I was looking at the djinn spirits that they offer most of them are fake. A lot of the information they give does not align with them at all and the fact they have “Nordic” djinn or “Celtic” djinn amongst other things is just not accurate advertising.

Will you get an entity or spirit when purchasing a binding from them? Possibly. Are they going to be accurately advertised? Probably not.


What about the Satan and Sons, or Satania?

I looked at their store, and the information seems more correct, but everything is ridiculously expensive…also for them it takes a couple of months for the binding/conjure ritual. While for Creepy Hollows, took 2 weeks.

I just figure if everyday magicians can cojure/evoke a succubus then atleast some “ritual for hire” stores out there should be legit.


I’ve noticed their advertisements to.