Creation and Consecration of a "Wishing Book"

What if you had a book where all you need do is to write your wish or wishes upon a piece of paper and wait for them to manifest? This site claims to have “wishing books” for sale.

I’m thinking that it should be possible to create a “Wishing Book” the same way that a spell or entity is “bound” to an amulet/talisman. Not just a mere Book of Shadows.

I’m sure that something like this can be done. In the Magickal Cashbook by Damon Brand, there are directions to create a cashbook using the Nitika entity and its sigil. Nitika has worked for me many times.

I’m thinking of coming up with a ritual to experiment with a blank journal I already have instead of paying $99-200 dollars for a book.

Any suggestions on how I would go about this?


You could use planetary talismans as seals for your book’s inner cover. Planetary magick lasts forever. Great for enchantments. Once inscribed, consecrate the book with a decent oration and ceremony, similar to how you would consecrate an altar. You can write down the oration in the book. Something should be used to represent that you want the results in timely fashion as well.

Each time you make an entry in the wishbook, make a show of it, perhaps scrying on a planetary seal, an oration, and meditation. Nothing crazy, just make it meaningful.

Good luck!


The archetype of a wish-granting object seems to be found around the world, Lord Ganesha has a form that grants wishes, there are wish-granting tree I’ve read about in various national folklores, there’s a Finnish object called the Sampo that makes gold and food appear from thin air, so maybe you could do a trip into the astral to find an (otr, the) archetype of these things, and ask it to empower your book with its energy?

That’s purely theoretical because I haven’t tried it or thought of this before (though may give it a go now!) but it’s theory based on my own dicovery of a spirit called Dorr, who is an archetype of the portal, liminal state, including inspiration (more info on Dorr here).

Keep us posted, and will do the same if I give it a go! :slight_smile:


It seems that someone has a similar idea in another thread. The idea of a “deathnote” book (like the Japanese anime):

As it is said, great minds think alike. Or, it is just that idea has been “floating around” on the astral plane until someone finally tries to manifest it into the physical. Which is ironically how such a book would work. It would be a link between the physical and the astral.

Words already have/are power. A person could just write out his/her intent on paper and then it would start to manifest. Wish time may vary, may come all at once or a little at a time.

To paraphrase:

This seems like the start of a ritual for creating this “Magickal Wishing Book”.

Any more suggestions on how to do this?


I’ll PM you a tutorial for a method thousands, probably tens of tousands, of people have used successfully to enter the spirit realms and converse with archetypes, all kinds of things, as well as known spirits, gods, ancestors, etc.

(Or, you could simply visualise an elevator, open in front of you, get in, press a button saying “Wish Granting Object” and get in, see where it opens, and talk to what you see - this would be using the method I used to enter the astral as a child, and may be more direct and appropriate to the idea of creating something new? Just a thought. :slight_smile: )

Planetary talismans, a good book is Israel Regardie’s “How to Make and Use Talismans” - I’m not sure what its copyright status is, but you can find information on where to buy it online. You can leave out the hebrew & bible stuff if you wish, and use the basic template with Runes, quotations from books and songs, anything that has a strong emotional resonance for you.


The principle of the “deathnote”, is just a specialized version of a “wishing book”.
~In both are some entities or just forces that have been directed, to the operator’s wish/ the order given by him.

SO… the only thing left to dicuss is:

HOW can one create a RELIABLE wishing-book or death delivering notebook?

*BUT: i would suggest, to bring some rules to the created tools,
so that the tasks given will become reality as wished.

Example: To make sure that you kill not the wrong person,
the user of an deathnote needs to know the name and the face of his victim.

AND: There must be (much like a “if-else” program in html)
an alternative to the victims death cause. (Or in the case of the wishing book: an alternative -more easily achieveable goal)

Example(deathnote): if the victim is physically not able to die at the ordered time to die in Paris, because he is still in an japanese jail -he dies there by an heartattack.

Example2: if the victim is in the desert -he just can’t drown in the sea -so he dies by a heartattack.

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Thank you.

But is it reliable enough to give at least a like…80% chance of happening?
~Sure, i will start reading that thing… tomorrow


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Are foaming at the mouth rabid nutcases who apparently castrate people for minor slips.

Because nothing makes my day like looking at a trophy shelf of severed nutsacks, secure in the knowledge that I did my bit for intellectual property rights.

Actually (back in serious mode now) do host a lot of stuff that’s technically still covered by copyright, so I removed that as a precaution, just hit the Googles and see where you can get the book guys, book stores are great! :smiley:


[…] Whatever…just let me keep my balls XD



Here is a ritual I have come up with:

  1. Open your “Magickal Wishing Book” and inscribe the inside covers with planetary talismans as sigils.

  2. Recite the oration, “I am the rightful owner of this book. I activate it now, making it powerful in my service. This is my Will. It is done.”

  3. Similar to how you would consecrate an altar and ritual tools, consecrate the book.

  4. Visualize an archetype of a wish-granting object (like Aladdin’s lamp, for example) and visualize the book glowing, fully empowered with wish-granting energy, seeing that power extend outward into the world, working on your behalf. Know that the spirits/entities hear you and will help activate the book.

  5. Open the book and write down the following words on the first page:

“Oh Spirits of this book, I command thee to shape the past and the future to grant my wishes in a timely fashion. Go now, and be ready to come when I call you. Go in peace without causing harm to me or my loved ones. So mote it be!”

  1. When you’ve finished writing, close the book and put it away for at least an hour. Just put it out of sight and get on with your life.

Now that your Wishing Book has been empowered, You need a basic ritual for using it:

  1. Sit in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Meditate for a few minutes until you feel a sense of calm come over you. If you feel nothing, don’t worry, just stay relaxed and move on to the next step.

  2. Think about the specific wish you want to be fulfilled. Open the book and read out the invocation.

  3. Turn to the next blank page in your book and write the intent/desire/result you want to manifest.

  4. When you have finished writing, close the book, put it away and go do something else.

Repeat every day. Depending on the wish, it might take a day or two or longer for results to show up. It might take weeks or months. The wish will be granted. It may happen in an unexpected way.

Don’t wait for it or look for it, but be glad and show gratitude when it does happen.

Thanks to @Drachir, @Rahnoren, @Lady_Eva and certain elements are taken from “Magickal Cashbook” by Damon Brand.

Is there anything I should add? Please modify the above to your liking. This is a magickal experiment after all! :grinning:


Modified Consecration Ritual:

For this ritual, you’ll need a white candle, a cup of water, a small bowl of salt, and incense. Each corresponds to one of the cardinal elements and directions:

North/Earth: salt
East/Air: incense
South/Fire: candle
West/Water: water

If your tradition requires you to cast a circle, do so now. Light the candle and the incense.

Take the book in your hands, and face north. Pass it over the salt and say:

Powers of the North,
Guardians of the Earth,
I consecrate this book
and charge it with your energies.
I purify it this night and make this tool sacred.

Now, turn to the east and, holding the book in the smoke of the incense, say:

Powers of the East,
Guardians of the Air,
I consecrate this book
and charge it with your energies.
I purify it this night and make this tool sacred.

Next, face the south and pass the book over the flame of the candle – be careful it’s a flammable material!

– and repeat the process, saying:

Powers of the South,
Guardians of Fire,
I consecrate this book
and charge it with your energies.
I purify it this night and make this tool sacred.

Finally, turn to the west, and pass your ritual tool over the cup of water. Say:

Powers of the West,
Guardians of Water,
I consecrate this book
and charge it with your energies.
I purify it this night and make this tool sacred.

Face your altar, hold the book to the sky, and say:

I charge this book in the name of Old Ones,
the Ancients, the Sun and the Moon and the Stars.
By the powers of the Earth, of Air, of Fire and of Water
I banish the energies of any previous owners,
and make it new and fresh.
I consecrate this book,
and it is mine. This is my Will. It is done.

Go back to the main ritual at step 4.


I like it! Of course you are writing a new book aren’t you?

It has the cashbook vibe, and you have the framework down.

Which talisman are you settling on?

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I actually wasn’t thinking of writing a book about this topic. I’m just doing an experiment.

Most of the info I got from you all on this forum, the Internet, and yes, I borrowed some ideas from the GOM/Damon Brand “Magickal Cashbook”. It wouldn’t be right to “Write a book” on this so to speak.

On the other hand, GOM/Damon Brand did get most of their info from the Geoff Gray-Cobb NAP book. They seem to get away with publishing books.

I just like to collaborate and share info. That is how discoveries are made. Trying to profit off it as a book is another matter.


@Lady_Eva Mind sending that tutorial to me, too?

@Rahnoren would planetary magick in this wishing book work for long term physical shapeshifting?

Well I’m afraid I have no advice regarding shapeshifting, as I have zero education on the matter. Planetary talismans never need recharging however.

Can you hotlink me over to some shapeshifting info you recommend ?

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My best resources are right here.


In that case I would imagine it works fine. I have never witnessed physical shapeshifting. Looking at @Neploth’s short description I believe he’s downplaying just how much discipline is required. I would imagine this takes time.

The time it takes to master basic shapeshifting would be the perfect opportunity to craft a planetary talisman or a ring.

Honestly, I am unaware of physical shape shifting and thought it akin to melding with your spirit animal to gain some insights and traits. He goes on about invocation however, and with regards to this a talisman and appropriate ritual (of your making) could help make the invocation complete and permanent.

It is all uncharted territory for me.

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Alright. Thx anyway. :slight_smile: