Could a love spell help this situation?

Hi, I would appreciate your feedback on this situation. I will sum up the most important details. So I met a young multimillionaire through a matchmaker (he is still in his 20s). This man is paying upwards of 40k to meet women for a year, and I was his first date. Not too brag, but so you understand the situation better, I am very beautiful, which is why I got put into the database that other men are paying so much money for. I have a calm, easygoing, and friendly personality.

So, I went on a date with him. I thought the date went normal, first dates don’t always cause sparks since you are strangers. I always think unless the date was absolutely horrible or you were not attracted to them at all, they are worth a second date. Anyway, the date seemed to start off well but towards the end I felt he wanted to just end it. He is a fire zodiac sign, that is very impulsive. The date was a few days ago, and I started a love spell on him last night (one from Damon Brand’s Magickal Seduction). I actually liked his personality/looks and it is my goal to lock down a successful/wealthy husband. Also I’ve had luck with this spell before.

My gut feelings are usually right, and I have a strong feeling he doesn’t want a second date, but I also feel that is not being open enough. It can take time to develop chemistry.

Anyway, the person who matched us up called to check in and she asked for feedback on the date. I told her I thought there was enough chemistry for a second. She told me that he didn’t feel the same. She said he told her the date was normal, and that I’m beautiful and lovely, but he wants someone who is more outgoing and a conversationalist. I just want to say: we didn’t have one awkward silence the whole time. We talked for almost 2 hours. Although I’m calm, I’m definitely a conversationalist and love talking. He is extremely outgoing himself, so I think anyone who’s extremely loud would clash with his personality in my opinion, there needs to be some balance.

Anyway, I’m very disappointed. I have no idea how strong his feelings are that we aren’t a match, but I really felt potential. I just feel he might be impulsive.

So…is it worth continuing the love spell? Maybe I should do a demon love spell instead of an angelic ones? I know demons are better at putting thoughts in someone’s mind that were never there, while angels only slightly encourage thoughts and open up opportunities. Although I remember Damon Brand saying that the love spell from Magickal Seduction almost always works as long as there is a small chance for a successful relationship, it will basically highly increase that chance. I also petitioned a saint for a second date with him. I know saints probably don’t mix well with darker spirits, so I will wait until the time frame I gave this saint is up before petitioning other spirits.

So, what is your opinion? Do I just give up? I have no idea how strong his feelings were against me. I know there is definetly physical attraction, he saw my pictures before meeting me and was interested, also he told the matchmaker I am beautiful. We had enough chemistry to talk for almost 2 hours. Should I continue the spell or just give up? Since coming across good-looking young multimillionaires is rare, I feel like I might as well continue the spell and see what happens.

Any feedback and insight is much appreciated.

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Word of Advice. Wealthy people usually have a good sense for Gold Diggers. They can smell them. I say lose that mindset and instead focus on being what he likes but genuine. He will sense it.


I’m not a gold digger. I’m attracted to men with wealth and power but I need to be physically and emotionally attracted as well. I have had the chance to date many multi millionaires who I felt no attraction to either physically or mentally so I denied them. That is not the issue. Why do people assume if money is involved there can’t be love too?

It does matter.

If I was a multi millionaire I would be guarded about my finances. It would make me extremely critical of the women that entered my life.

Then I would hear what you say here and I would notice 2 things. Your focus on liking my money would make me think of my own bank account and all the people who would want to Rob it. If you truly represented what I was after your focus interest would be less than 1% about the money. Rich people have to constantly deflect people you must understand…its not about all the positive, but really only the slightest chance that you could be out to Rob his bank.


It DOESN’T matter because I’m not a gold digger. Do you not know the definition? Gold diggers only care about money. Yes money is a turn on but I’m not dating someone just for their money. I need to be attracted to them on all levels.

I know. But you still must understand that Perception is key and it doesnt matter if they understand you. Only Perception.

Want a boost? Summon the goetic demon Beleth or Asmodeous. Depends on what he is looking for.

I was thinking Belial to destroy any feelings he has against dating me.
Maybe Sitri to incite extra lust in him.
Dantalion to make him love all my qualities.
Then maybe Eligos or Sallos (or both) to make him feel a strong love & passion for me.

I just want to know if there’s hope for this situation. I think people say they have a “type” but at the end of the day can’t control who they fall in love with, it tends to be random. Spirits can help push the odds in your favor. Also he is physically attracted to me. He seemed to enjoy my personality, I guess he just wants someone more “outgoing”.

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The very fact that you felt the need to work with a matchmaker who goes round charging such obscene amounts for dates really smacks of gold-diggery ( which is now a word ), as well as speaking to a certain shallowness. It’s one thing to aim to date well dressed, charismatic, successful people and another entirely to join some over priced dating service designed specifically to draw in very wealthy people. Good-looking guys in general develop a sense of when a lass might be a bit that way and this whole match maker really doesn’t help.
Anyway, blunt honesty aside, I suggest you use your magic more generally to attract a successful partner. Since you’re good-looking, you can focus more on the success side of it and less on the attractiveness of your future partner, since the better looking guys will take an interest in you anyway.
If you’ve got your heart set on this guy, use an obsession spell. I’m guessing, if your date went well but he still showed no interest, then it’s probably down to him not being that physically attracted to you. The obsession will let you bypass that hurdle.


Ok I’m sick of this comment already, it needs to stop because it’s counterproductive and not related to what I’m asking at all. That wasn’t the issue. Obviously if the man paid this money for a matchmaking service in hopes of finding his future wife, he doesn’t care that it would attract people into success. I’m educated and have my own job which I love doing and will continue doing even when I’m married. Men can tell when a woman only wants his money, just like a girl can tell when a guy only wants sex. I truly liked getting to know him and enjoyed his personality.

The odd thing is, I did a general love spell/prayer to attract my future husband, and the matchmaker called me the next day. It makes me think this man really was a potential fit. I feel like I barely got a chance. The date went normal, I think a second date would help. Also what kind of obsession spell would you suggest? I thought love spells in general already made the person obsessed?

Also do you have specific spirits you suggest to work with. For someone who is clearly very hard headed, I would think I should work mostly with demons on him.

We were strangers and met for dinner for 2 hours, I just am surprised he wouldn’t give it a second chance. Who has sparks right away?

Haha It’s just that it was one of those humble brags that gives off a gold digger vibe.

Speaking as an unusually good-looking guy, the wealthy and good-looking can get very choosy. If he’s both, there’s a decent chance he went away and talked himself into thinking he didn’t like you that much, or that you had some other flaw ( done it plenty of times myself, one of my worst habits ). As I said though the obsession will remove that.
You could use an obsession jar with Lilith’s sigil. It’s also worth remembering that a matchmaker is a million miles away from a guy introducing himself normally; the building up the courage and deciding on something funny to open with builds a surprising amount of initial interest, on the guys part.
You can go for the obsession jar, if you want, but I would seriously recommend thinking about making a pact to meet guys normally. I use very similar magic on lasses and it works incredibly well.

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It wasn’t a brag at all. I said that statement because I assumed many people would comment “he wasn’t attracted to you”.

Also I prefer to command spirits. How would I command a spirit to make him obsessed with me?

It was just the first date. If you’re so beautiful that you just attract millionaires, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding another to try again. Why are you so fixated on this that you would want to use a love spell? I’m gonna just say what probably everyone was thinking as they read your post, having an obsessive personality like that is a turn off for most people regardless of income… You spent, what, a couple of hours with the guy? He’s not into you, just move on

Edit: especially if he’s paying that much for the opportunity to meet someone. If it were me, I’d sure as hell make certain it was the perfect match. To me, that would mean not committing to the first person you go on a date with, unless there’s an undeniable connection. No matter how good looking you think you are, you can’t control that he didn’t feel enough chemistry between the two of you. It seems to me you thought you could have anyone, like you’re used to getting your way - you’re not thinking of it from his side, you’re not realizing that the service you signed up for essentially puts you on display like a piece of meat alongside a bunch of other equally beautiful women. I get the feeling it’s just part of the process to be rejected a few times, because these are guys who do always get their way, and they’re the ones picking, not you. I really believe your energy would be better spent just focusing on the next one

That being said, it would probably be best to work a spell or evocation to make you appear more attractive, interesting, confident, etc… I believe Lilith can help with that? Or maybe Sitri, Sallos, Beleth… There are a lot of options and a lot of information on here if you just look for it


You should stop by the power sensing thread: ask someone to read your energy and offer improvements that would benefit you the most.

If you’re asking this question, then presumably you have yet to reach a point where you’re comfortable with evocation, invocation and spirit communication ? If that is the case, then you need to get that down before you’ll make any progress


Ok the statistics of available multimillionaires who are young and I’m attracted to and happen to MEET, is different.

I would use a love spell because most men are just unemotional robots. I think love is totally random thing. People just fall in love and never know why, often times even falling in love with people who are not good for them. It’s legitimately a random thing, just the way that person makes you feel chemically. If I had been given a chance to go on a few more dates I could probably make him fall in love. My love spells have worked before.

I think another question that would be helpful to have answered is why a millionaire and when you’re doing well yourself ?

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That’s not the point of the thread. Why can’t you stick to the question I ask or just not comment? Why do I need to explain my desires to you? Successful & powerful men turn me on. Get over it. That doesn’t help me solve this issue.

We’re trouble shooting your question; personality and attitude play a role when deciding what rituals need to be done. Don’t think too much about it, just answer as honestly as you can

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I just said powerful & successful men turn me on. I like when a man is working. I’m a workaholic myself. I like the way they think. I like the way they behave. Entrepreneurs in general I love. I work for myself and have always dated men who work for themselves. I have a traditional dating mindset that men are providers. Now can we move on to helpful comments and advice?

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Now we have the helpful info, yes. We can’t make bricks without clay after all. I’ve got a working to warm up for, so I’ll do you a reading. It’ll clarify exactly what put him off you and how to solve it


Quick side note: not a pleasant attitude when trying to attract help. Leave the deciding of what is helpful to the sorcerers