Could a love spell help this situation?

Thanks. What is the reading about? I do tarot myself but my tarot cards were all over the place.I kept getting 5 of wands as feelings. Then I would get really good cards that were emotional and suggested family life.

I got 9 of swords as feelings at one point. I didn’t take this as bad because I had just completed a love spell and in the past it meant the guy couldn’t get me off his mind.

I’m really not usually like this. I just have such a strong feeling we have a potential relationship but for some reason I can’t quite pinpoint, he is closed off to me right now. He is closed off in a very strong way I am sensing. Maybe it’s because he’s picky, maybe he expects sparks right away, maybe it’s simply because I’m the first match they gave him and he wants to explore his options. I’m very confused and I’m seeking guidance.

Try this:


Overall, I feel we are great match but he needs to give me time to warm up and fall in love with me. It won’t happen overnight. Why is he so closed off & what can I do about this? What demon would be best for this? I’m guessing Belial or Dantalion.

My reading stated that he liked you a person ( physically and personality wise), however it also suggested that somekind of jealousy stood in the way. Finally I saw that you could work past this “jealousy” with the correct rituals.
I suggest a glamour to hide that your attraction to power; energetically this reads alot like someone being a gold digger. It’s why I thought you were lying earlier.
After that you’ll want to form a pact with someone like Lilith. She works well with women and is fairly good at bringing people together.
Edit: it’s worth saying that although my magic says you’ll succeed, my instinct tells me there’s still massive blocks in your way. You remind me of myself, a few years back. Do some personal development work as well: should help start to iron out and highlight the areas that need work.

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Interesting. I just read 5 of wands could indicate jealousy. That is really vague though, what do you mean by jealousy? Like he would get mad if I was talking to other guys? I’m just confused on that. Also I truly truly appreciate this. Thank you so much.

I am very intuitive and my gut feelings are usually right. I have a feeling we could be a potential match but there is a huge block in the way right now.

He is a fire sign that is notoriously bitchy, stubborn, and impulsive. I’m not sure if that’s playing a factor.

I’m so curious what the block is, we really do seem like a great. fit and we want the same things in a relationship. We are attracted to each other physically and had enough chemistry to talk for a few hours.

Starting to see the problem here… Do you think that kind of misandric, holier-than-thou attitude is attractive to anyone…?

I honestly don’t like you at this point just from what I’ve read here… My best advice is that you need to work on yourself a bit before you try to force others to love you,

Also, you said prefer to “command” spirits - they don’t like that… Unless you’re doing it the traditional way, that will not work. You need to get a handle on your ego if you want to see positive results


My instinct is that the jealousy is symbolic of your own over confidence ( ie your attraction to yourself) competing with his attraction to you.
Learn to acknowledge your own strengths, but simply take them as part and parcel of being you: nothing special, nothing worth mentioning. It’s all down to how you project your own self image onto the world.

Might be a good idea not to be so cocky and rude to the people trying to help you…


Spot on.

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Considering I was nervous on the date I’m not sure I came across as overly confident. I do think you are onto something with the jealousy though. Was that the only block that came up or do you think there is more?

My gut senses a huge block, but if it was gone, we could have something great.

It’s one if those things you can sense in a person. You ever had someone creep round you and come across as pathetically harmless, but something tells you they’re different deep down?
It’s a similar thing with loving yourself and shyness. The latter can’t hide the former and there’s a gulf of difference between being comfortable in your own abilities and falling in love with yourself.
Over confidence ( internally ) blinds people to reality in certain ways. Not something you can hide, it just needs to be addressed. Sorath could help you here ( you might not enjoy his help, but he will humble you and place things in perspective )

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I really don’t think I have an issue with over confidence. If anything I want to improve my confidence. If I continue forth with the love spells what do you think the outcomes will be?

Will the fact that he didn’t want a second date and only saw me once weaken results?

You will fail. I’d put money on it. You won’t see success until you address the development that needs to take place within yourself.
Magic demands changes of us and we don’t see improvement until we make said changes. We learn to see ourselves as deities, but cast out all arrogance and love of ourselves. It’s a state of being comfortable in yourself and your ability to shape the world, but not being prideful. I haven’t put it brilliantly, but I imagine quite a few members will relate


I do personal work as well.

I was thinking the block might also just be time. Maybe he needs to go on a few dates to realize the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

If you feel that way, go with it. You won’t see success, but you will learn from this experience.

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Why do you think I won’t see success? Just because you believe I’m over confident?

No, because there is no future where you succeed. Your view of yourself, and how you view yourself in relation to the world, is standing in your way.
The only way to work past yourself is to change and grow spiritually.
Confidence is good, but you must have the correct view of yourself first ( I realise I’m phrasing this horribly, but it’s hard to explain. Maybe someone else can put it better ). The best way to put it is it’s the reason why average looking, relatively poor, not unusually charismatic guys sometimes wind up seeing a lass far better than them. When you view yourself in the right light, getting what you want gets way easier: people sense it.

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Your statement is not true at all. I’m not sure why you think I’m cocky just from talking to me over the internet, but it’s not true at all. I am very humble and very much spiritually aware.

It’s from my reading. Remember that, for those of use who use magic, distance, what is shared and what is left unsaid, and physical presence is often immaterial.

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