Demon Vs. Angel Love Spells. Please Help?

Hello, I will summarize this as quickly as possible. I’ve been seeing a man about 30 years older than me for the last 3 years. We met through a sugar baby website but ended up falling in love and I even work part time for his company.

He was the first person I ever did magick on (my first spell EVER was done on him). I used the love to turn attraction into love from Damon Brand’s Magickal Seduction. Anyway, the spell worked remarkably well. He even admitted (back when I first did the spell) that he never even fell so strongly in love with his wife. We fell in a deep love and I’m his longest relationship since his divorce. It was very clear it wasn’t just the spell, we truly love each other. The spell works with angels anyway, and opens them to loving you, so it doesn’t work if there’s nothing for the spell to work with.

Anyway… there’s a few problems.
Because of our age difference we can’t really be together…I want to get married and have kids, he already has kids and has been married, he just wants to be a womanizer his whole life.

He is a true womanizer. Has told me he loves variety and loves being with different woman. Also, this man is EXTREMELY unemotional, cold, and calculating by nature. He is very strong willed. He’s a good-looking multimillionaire as well…

Finally, we have been drifting apart the past 4 months. I’ve been online dating to find a husband and haven’t done many spells on him so our passion has faded. The problem is this is affecting me financially and emotionally (he brings a lot of value to my life and not seeing him hurts me). He only sees me about once every 2 weeks. I want to continue our casual relationship but not have the love overwhelm me.

So I decided to repeat the love spell. The spell warns that be careful when you seduce because it can affect you just as powerfully. The problem is, because he’s so unemotional, this spell works but it always hits me 50 times harder it seems. I’m a woman and more emotional, I don’t like variety the way he does. The spell works with angels and I know angels work mostly by influencing you to attract the situation. I’m a 3rd day into this spell and already all my feelings are back times 100. I’m thinking about him constantly, wanting to be with him, longing for him really badly, etc. I guess this is good because it means the spell is starting to work on him too most likely, however emotionally this is hard to deal with right now.

This brings me to my next and most important question…

For this man I have mostly used angel and saints for our love spells. I know that demons work more in a way to influence other people rather than you. Because falling in love too hard with him hinders me emotionally, but I love being with him and want to reap the benefits, should I use demon workings on him? I’m not sure if it would affect him differently than the angels? I’ve used demons on him 3 or 4 times, the results were minimal but were not directly related to love. Also I was nervous when I did them.

Also keep in mind, I truly love being with him. Yes I could easily find another sugar daddy who actually pays me more than him, but I don’t want to lose him. He brings me so much happiness. I just can’t have this love overwhelm me anymore because it’s emotionally painful and I do need to see others.

Any feedback/advice is appreciated. Also any advice on how to get him to see me more frequently, favor me, be more financially generous with me, and knock out the competition (other women) is much appreciated.

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Would like true advice.

Like I said, I could easily find another SD who pays me more than him, and not waste hours figuring out spells either. It’s not just the money. Obviously I really like him.

I know, it’s just fun to call you a gold digger. Anyway, Lilith works pretty well with women. It’s worth mentioning that, due to the age difference, he probably views you very differently to how you view him. You can get a womaniser to become attached to a woman fairly easily, but he has to view her as an adult of equal standing to themselves… If that makes sense?
Chances are he views you as some young lass he’s using his money go get, rather than someone he’s using his charm and looks to get, and that will really hinder any kind of attachment.


Any other recommendations?

Just the ones I made in the last thread you wrote.

It’s really saddening to see people not giving any real advice when asked so, even if you don’t feel like what she is doing is something you’d do. Ok, so she wants to know more about love spells - it’s like they’re taboos here and people asking for advice on them are not considered to be serious about their practice.

What I’ve read before you have a good enough knowledge when it comes to spells, maybe using evocation while using sex magick? Try Sitri / Sallos. But I read from the previous posts you already tried similar things out? Just my two cents on it…

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If you want to @ me, then do so. I suggested she work with Lilith as she works well with women, and his poor emotional attachment plays well to her strengths.
At least I provided an actual suggestion, rather than suggesting she try sitri right before acknowledging that he hadn’t worked ie. A pointless suggestion.


Wait what

What about all that then


I don’t think demons are going to do any better than the angels.

There are plenty of threads in this section about using demons to get ass, and the results seem about equal to what you have described from using Brand’s stuff. If you are that emotionally attached to your sugar daddy, a demon isn’t going to change that.

Just reading this post and the other posts you have made regarding this same situation, it seems you have a bit of an obsession going on, and that sort of attachment will affect any magick you do, whether with demons or angels. You really need to transmute it into something else, or you’re going to get in your own way, because the magick will continue to feed it as you have experienced.


I really only get attached when I do the angelic magic. Which is why I was considering instead of using angels just use demons on him going forward.

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Since this has to do with business/money and I work for him, I decided I’m most likely going to call on Belial since he’s massively powerful and this man is strong willed.

I’ll just say: “N is happily spending time with me at least once a week”.

Then I will call on probably Eligos, and say “N feels a strong love and desire for me that causes him to be extremely financially generous with me”.

Here is a youtube for sugar babies. And she as other one for magic too.

My own advice do a love/money spells for yourself. Maybe you can draw a much better match for yourself.

Hey Doll. Just so you know, I have been involved with the sugar baby world so I have a lot of experience what you’re talking about and feeling. However, I have to point out the dichotomy in the beginning and end of your post. He wasn’t faithful when you met him and has no intention of being faithful now. You’re miserable, but you want to convince yourself that you’re happy. You’re not happy with him you’re happy with the security that he gives you. You want to grow with someone and have true well-rounded relationship, and he’s never going to give you that. I would work some money magic on him to get yourself financially secure so that you can leave him while planting seeds to find someone who gives you more.

Free to message me and I’ll give you some more pointers for keeping the old guy hooked and hooking a new guy.

I’ll find my old hoodoo sugar daddy money spell. It gets me thousands in a week. First time I made $4,000 from 2 guys, no sex and never even met one of them.


Hey! Sorry I haven’t logged on in a while. Thanks so much I really appreciate your advice. Would you mind messaging me and sending me that spell! It would be great to share stories from one occult SB to another. :slight_smile:

Edit to send PM*

Hopefully you’re well
Did she ever send you the hoodoo spell she used? I need them not sure how to PM you so maybe you can reach me?

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