What to learn / practice in these times of Quarantine

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I’m sure about pretty much everything around us is either shutdown or forbidden to go to. So in these trying times I was wondering what is everyone practicing at the moment to pass the time.

I’ll Start
I was thinking about finally finishing a servitor that I’ve had drew out and wrote commands but never sent it out. It’s purpose is to bring wealth. Is anyone interested in making it into a egregore? I’m sure it could a lot of people out during and after the pandemic is over. If interested give me a PM I’ll share more details, I might create it in a week or so…

I hope everyone is safe and holding out because we can get through this.

Let the shadows hide your pain,



I’m working on being more positive and raising my vibrations/ energy.vI’m doing guided meditations and thinking of practicing more on visualizing and looking more into money magick. :slight_smile:


I’m practicing meditations and pranayama: concentration on self awareness/“I”, Nadi Shodhana… Planning to resume working on chakras, going through various mantras etc. including Magick, and me too about the one regarding money.

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hello, quarantine anonymous, I have been practicing my petition spells, and energy works.

Everyone be safe, be blessed.


I restarted all of my practice in order… To put order haha
I redo basic exercices , reconnect with Emperor Lucifer and try to discover if i have any psychic ability … A big work of patience :sparkles:


Hi I’m just getting back onto things my self I’m actually not even sure what I should practice honestly


Have you looked into thoes entities that allow you to speak and understand animals? Like your rabbits, now would be a great time


make a list of what’s important to you and work on those. some need health, wealth, job, etc… What do you need to learn to get to your goals? social knowledge? skill knowledge? survival knowledge incase virus hit your city real big?

There are important stuff to learn besides magick too. list them. all about priorities. magick isn’t the first on your mind if your grocery store is out of food. I think u get the idea.

Yes I have, actually. My first consideration was to contact or summon Caim but I realized I didn’t need what he had to offer. Even though it would be pretty cool to talk too animals, I seek knowledge to help myself get through life. I think one of the Daemons teaches pyromancy, can’t remember the name. Think of the endless possibilities with that.

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I am doing magick on the side keep that in mind, When I post on here it’s to share my experience or to socialize. This is one of those cases where I mixed the both. I am fully prepared for this pandemic, at this moment there is no need to horde food. When it gets to that point rice is the answer.

I understand for your concern but you are talking to a person who is super realistic. I know how serious this situation, I’m not laughing. In fact I can even say my country is not prepared for this outbreak.

You didn’t even bring anything remotely relevant to this thread

I am apparently being directed to Enochian magick so I guess that’s what I’m going to be doing lol


There are enochian translators online. I recommend em if you are trying to do gain something particular from the language.

Ive dabbled in the john dee keys and completed the jos satanic keys. The 7th. Satanic key is my particular favorite, pretty much anytime i did it, some celebration happened.

Me and a homie ended up doing some in a graveyard to experience similar results, pretty much we were followed and started seeing spirits we werent familiar with.

Hope this provides a path:)

why is it not relevant? Especially prep to survive knowledge when we are in crisis. we got tons of people here focusing just on the magick and forgetting the rest. it’s a good reminder. why is not learning the stuff for survival not irrelevant? why is practicing meditation not relevant? why is not making a list of things to learn/practice of the mundane stuff not irrelevant? just cuz it’s not magick, don’t mean it’s still not something you learn or practice. I do tai chi . is that not relevant? I practice going through my list of priorities. Is that not relevant? hmmm :thinking: And they are all done in times of quarantine to past the time which you put on your title.

no where in the subject did it say only magick casting related. so before u accuse that it’s not relevant. make your post more specific so it stays on point to what you want.

just so you can’t accuse me that this post is irrelevant also. i’m focusing on 44 seal king of solomon and casting them with my little cute cauldron. especially the one for health, wealth, and protection of home.

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They maybe don’t get this is not gonna go a way.More than wise to learn now before things fall more, which they will…Nother crisis has to be on our heels because it is never just 1 thing, but things that come in waves or move in tandem. …Survival is SUPER RELEVANT right now…

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The same, more meditation,working on money magic,getting into contact with duke bune

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No I haven’t I’m not sure who does that teaching how to speak like them cause I feel it would be nice to learn honestly

I already have decent astral senses, but Imma try develop them to a degree of siddhi.

And I have a powerful servitor that I’m going to be working with as well.

Again, I am prepared for this. I made this post to pass time to learn new things. This wasn’t a post to get into an argument over. I told you I do this on the side, this is just to open up with people. I don’t have many friends in real life in case you are wondering. This isn’t my number one propriety, This is a conversation on a forum dedicated to magick. If you don’t like it then leave.

I apologize for my ignorance on a internet forum I am very new. So you could bash me on that, make senses.

I just really don’t see any point in arguing with a smart ass who sniffs his or her own farts.

Thank you for sharing Anon what you practiced I really appreciate it

Obviously Survival is Number 1 but I am not going too tweak out preparing for the zombies to strike. Get a Grip

Unless you have some prophet prediction that the world is going to end then do share

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If yours is out I’ll tell you something nice survival advise…go to the garden section get all those seed that apeel to u grab some pots and some l if u need it…,l in the next two weeks you should have all the food you need…

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