Controversial but i need it addressed

Before i begin i want everybody reading this to understand that i am not attacking or trying to discourage anyone here. That is not my intention. I always speak my mind with no filter.

I am sincerely looking for an answer to my question that I’ve had since i was a teenager.

Firstly, the reason i got into demonic magick is because i heard that the elites of this world and the very wealthy used demons to aid them in acquiring wealth.

And no i don’t mean they sold their soul to the devil or joined a secret club like the illumanati but they actual did rituals and met and talked with demons.

If you look at my first post i have gained a fuck ton of success in buisness and investing using magick but in all honesty you could write it off as a coincidence or i just put in the effort.

I ask myself this all the time, did Sun’tal’ock actually rearrange my life and make me well off for a 23 year old (i am talking half a million dollar portfollio from 50k) or was it the blood sweat and tears of endless reading, studying, late nights and early mornings, sacrifice and frugality for years and years and years? Or did he guide me to do that to get to where i am today?

Now i know we must put in a fuck ton of effort to make this magick work but that begs the question, if we are putting in the work to make this happen then wouldn’t that mean it’s not the magick but us that are making this work?

I guess my question is…

Either this is not real, because when i look at the average magician they are fucking poor and most of the time bellow average in the human hierarchy socially financialy and physically (despite doing wealth rituals constantly.) OR the elites of this world know something we don’t or maybe me and Eric are just the choosen ones (just kidding).

I know what you are going to say “most of us don’t want to be wealthy” i say bullshit.

If this actually worked and wealth rituals worked who the fuck wouldn’t use it? It is just a lame excuse because most of your rituals fail. Talking from experience.

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Could this be a sign? lol

There’s an old saying: “it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other”

You won’t really know which is which and you can’t test it, follow your intuition and if it works, why fix it?

I built my career without magick, but magick employed later is something I credit with improving it further. That’s my choice. Others can disagree.

I think you do not have enough data to make that assumption about any of us at this point. :woman_shrugging:


You are right i don’t.

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Exactly that’s how magick work, once you perform a ritual it doesn’t mean you will get what you asked while watching tv at your dad house NO but you’re supposed to get into the world and do your job as if you didn’t perform any magick.

What magick does is to amplify your work, making it shine, giving you further ideas etc.

Yes they are. And not just average magicians I know people who are great in craft but they can’t afford even their own meal sometimes. Looking back then, aleister Crowley was great magician but for what I know he died poor, John Dee lead us to know enochian which is powerful angelic magick but we all know he died poor.

My personal view on this, magick itself is not enough to make you wealth, you need ideas, personal efforts, knowledge alot of things inorder to attain wealth. But you may use magick as a tool to make a path to be rich and that is possible only if you have plans and have strong I mean strong faith in your self.

Magick works, and sometimes it works wonders. Wealth rituals work but it takes time till you build a definite wealth. The problem is most people say “I want to be rich” without knowing how and what to do so they should become rich.

I am not rich, not at all. I don’t even have a job and I don’t want to have one, and I hate jobs but I knew what type of future I wanted, 6 years ago I called astaroth and I told her what type of future I want but I didn’t know how to get there and I didn’t have any means to get there but she promised to give me a way and she did.

Now here is where most magicians fail by thinking just because a demon show you the way it will be easy, but I promise you it won’t be. It’s so hard that it will reach to a point that you may want to give up and you just want to get a job just enough to make a living.

But if you endure it will reach to the point where things fall in place themselves. I am at the position where I don’t do the hard work as before anymore and they give me all the directions for me to move forward and I see the future that I wanted is on my finger tips.

So wealth magick WORKS, demons DO HELP but it won’t be easy, that’s why most magicians FAIL TO BE WEALTHY.

I hope I have answered you somehow,


True. This goes hand in had with “god helps those who help themselves”. It’s one thing to encourage opportunity wit magick, it’s another to be ready to take advantage of it.

Old advice on this from an old member: “Get in the corridor” which I think can also be fairly well extrapolated as “if you want to win the lotter it helps to buy a ticket”.

After that, I can share something ny old qigong teachers taught me, when afetr the did healing work on people, and they got better, and they were asked “how do you know they didn’t get better on thier own?”

They didn’t try to defend anything: would just smile beatifically and say “call it a joyful coincidence”.

After enough joyful coincidences does it matter as long as you are happy?

I would further add, there is a way to know: clairsentience and an understanding of energy working, from a more geomantic perspective.

There’s a point where you can feel the energy flows and probabilities changing, like something in the wind, you can use it to know whether a ritual worked right away, or if it fell flat, or of it’s blocked. Divination helps give this kind of insight as well. But it takes more than evocation alone to learn these skills: they’re not part of the repertoire for western occultism, this is energy working. You have to trust your subtle skills here, and that comes with practice and then it’s not so subtle. But all magick is energy working eventually, imo it starts and ends there.


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I think it’s important to point out here, that Crowley, who was born to a wealthy family, blew his wealth on his lavish lifestyle. Even the best money magick cannot make up for poor financial management.

Everyone and their dog wants to use magick to win the lottery, for example, but they never stop to think about what to do afterwards. Statistically, 8 out of every 10 lottery winners go broke within 5 years because they don’t know how to handle the wealth they were given, and rarely in books on wealth magick is money management even talked about. Jason Miller covers it in his book Financial Magick, and In Angels of Omnipotence, Jareth Tempest provides a couple of glyphs for learning to understand money, and making wise financial decisions, but that’s pretty much it. There is no Wealth Management Tips for Magicians handbook.

He did, but it should also be noted that Dee refused to used his magick to help himself. Although he was specifically told by the angels to use what he was given, because of his religious beliefs, he thought it was too sacred to be used for material ends.


Yes I agree to this. And magician fail to notice this, they think because they have Belial even if they blow off all the money another one will come. Yes it may come but I am sure there is a time IT WON’T.

:blush::blush:Thank God I am not that religious!!


So does anybody have anything to show for their magick over the years or is my suspicions correct?

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Now i am NOT saying magick does not work or these beings are not real, in fact i do believe in King Paimon without a shadow of doubt however i am starting to realise that these ancient Gods don’t actually help 99% of people they get called too based on who you are as a person.

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I’m sorry, if that’s what you’re after, we are not here to prove anything to you, this forum is not about defending magick to skeptics, it’s about people interested in magick to learn and empower each other through experience.

We’re also not here for you to preach the gospel of Fabian. It’s none of your business what we do with our lives or how we work with the entities that we do.

You can help yourself to the BALG success stories thread. We’re done here. Post closed.