Controlling Free Will

Hello mages. Is there any kind of magic, where I can take control of the free will of a person?. It’s like, I want to establish dominance over someone, creating a Master/Slave bond relationship (no, I’m not interested in sex and all, maybe an aftermath, but not right now). I don’t want them to become zombies. They may go on with their life like everyone would. But when they are in my presence, they must completely accept my orders without a second opinion. Any level of spell, from simple candle magic to evocating spirits is appreciated.

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So you want your ideas to become their ideas too basically right ?

Magick is like any biological function… Consider walking for example… It’ll require you to expell some sort of energy… But seems like a normal or easy thing to do (when you don’t have health problems)… But if you sit and start worrying a lot whether you can walk or not… After some time you may find difficulties walking… Another example is pissing… So Magick is an almost effortless art if you make it so… It requires energy but overthinking about it interferes with the process… So your mind executes Magick and can be used to affect other people’s minds subtlety by accessing their subconscious and suggesting/or programming them with your intentions… Go into a trance/altered state of mind… Invoke appropriate death energy(usually Grey in color) direct it to the targets spriit and programm it as you wish… Then completely forget about the process and let them walk your walk… Lol


Yep. But that’s not zombification. I already quoted it.

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Thank you so much for your information. It’s easy for me to forget about magic and not to over think about it because I come from a Indian tradition where energy, occult are common. Thanks again. And also I would like to know how long will this spell work?. I’m not going to conduct a spell for every task again and again.

Kimg Paimon should be good this this then, good luck :smiley:

Or seek Baals help… Or asmodeus or sitri etc

Just a heads up. This could be a bit tricky. This really depends on the strength of the individual’s will you are trying to affect. If it is strong enough you’re not really going to see any changes or at best a slight increase in agreement with your suggestions.

At worst, if theirs is stronger then your oun. It could have the completely opposite affect of what you are hoping for.

You have to remember, things like this create a connection…and that connection is a two-way street.

But enough of that, bets of luck to your goal.


…wow that was very insightful and very obscure imagery :joy:

Helpful never the less

Some people have a very compelling aura. Osho had that power. According to a person who was in a trial with him (watch the “Wild wild country” documentary, it’s really good), it was the same aura that the Ayatollah Khomeini had.

I would encourage you to come up with your own spell. I could give you one, but those are my words and may not fit your desires. To bend someone to your will, obtain some bend over oil and a yellow candle for communication. You will need to psychically project your will exactly to target. You can chant in your own words a spell, or come up with a mantra. It doesn’t have to be long, just short and to the point. Choose your own incense, but I always burn dragons blood with any incense I use for extra power. It also adds protection to your ritual, and we all could use that!:joy: Speak to this candle as if it is your target, with mental image of said target. Tell him/ her what they are going to do, avoid use of words such as let him, will you, or if. Tell him you WILL bend to MY will ( name ) and tell target what he will and will not do. This is a type of psychic projection spell. Also obtain calamus root and oil for commanding purposes. The root may be sprinkled around candle, oil can be sprinkled onto candle after it is anointed with bend over oil. Repeat this ritual nightly until candle is burned completely. Save remnants of spell in a yellow cloth, and keep in a safe spot, where it won’t be disturbed. Word of caution, use care when handling calamus, as it is toxic. Keep it away from any children, and remember to wash your hands.

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You can engender respect and conceal flaws with Goetia daemons.

It doesn’t just depend on the strength of thier will, it depends on you being right often enough that it doesn’t break suspension of disbelief.
If your idea are a bit shit, you’re going to break it and really piss them of after they felt they could trust you. You’d better be able to deliver.

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Are you telling my idea of controlling people is shit?

Do you mean, deliver respect?

Well yes, if you were all that and a bag of chips you wouldn’t need this would you, but I meant, the ideas you want the other person to adopt.

No, deliver quality so that you are a leader worth following. Deliver results so that following you benefits them and they’ll want to do it more.

All humans, are hedonists at heart. Even codependents serve because it makes them feel good somehow, or avoid fear and pain which is 2nd best. Fail that and all you’ll get is someone who hates you with a passion, possibly to insane levels because betrayal does that to people.

You’re taking on a massive responsibility as far as they are concerned. If you get them to give you thier power, they trust you with it, and you fail, you will be failing them personally, you will make them feel you betrayed them, and they will hate you and start to work against you.

So be very, very good at what you do, to avoid making an enemy through your own incompetence.

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As an analogy, think of a good fantasy film, and a bad one. In the good one you could suspend disbelief and enjoy the film, but in the bad one, the plot was too unbelievable, and it spoiled it.

It’s like that: the person (and I’ve experienced this firsthand) doesn’t act in ways that deserve the deference, the mind WILL notice and question the feelings, and most people will then follow thier heads not thier hearts, and probably get mad because that sucks. It will also improve thier ‘immune system’ and they will become less susceptible to further manipulation.

You have to win over both.

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You mean subconscious mind, right?. Then, is there a way to perform memory alteration on someone. I get your point. You are saying my idea is trashy because controlling others is edgy and childish thing newbies ask. But I’m not asking for those nonsense. There are some people that greatly troubles my family and me. I thought of revenge spells. But, revenge is your anger’s yearning for satisfaction. So I though, why destroy them, why not control them and use them for your twisted and sadistic goals?

No I mean the conscious mind.

As in, “I don’t know why I’m doing this but it’s stupid and I’m annoying myself”. Self control is a thing. If you don’t address why they’re bothering you that could rile them up more and make it worse.
You need to consider the psychology very carefully or this could backfire.

If you’re being bothered, you probably would do better with a binding.
Try a freezer spell to stop someone acting and speaking against you.
These are still technically a form of domination, but with narrower focus, take less energy and skill to do, they’re easy and effective, and don’t require the in depth control of Master/slave type domination.

You can also find instructions for bindings all over BALG and the internet.

Full domination takes a lot of learning, it’s done in Voudun and can take years to get to that level.

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Tbf magick doesn’t come in types. Black magick white magick celestial magick pink flying monkey magick none of that is actually types of magick lol they’re just states of minds people impose on their magick working. Magick and energy are the same thing and you’re imposing your will on reality for a desired outcome. Trying to affect someone’s free will can be hard when going against said will. However, there’s the idea of implanting thoughts in someone’s mind that in a way makes it seem like it’s their own thoughts may work way better because you’re going with the flow of their will and making them think it’s their own.


I’ve heard of some ways to do so, how would You do it?

Thank you so much. It makes a lot of sense. So, to manipulate the will of the person, you need to enter their dreams and manipulate them, right?. Thank you sincerely. Of course entering into others others is hard to master. But i will do my best to achieve it!.