Contacting Count Dracula one of the kings of hell

Can anyone tell my how to connect to the king of he’ll count Dracula if anyone has a Sigel for hill that would help me so much

Yes, great idea! :+1:

King of he’ll, I assume you mean king of He’ll sort your enemies out in an amusing manner? :+1:

Dunno what that is, but do you mean a hill to impale the bodies of your foes on?

Because I have Primrose Hill picked out in London for this, when I bring him back to life and make him Prime Minister. :thinking:


Couldn’t resist, couldn’t you? :joy::ok_hand:


:joy: this made my night :joy: :ok_hand:


When did Dracula become the king of he’ll?
Long time since i read Bram Stoker but im pretty sure that statement isnt in the book.
The one source i can remember with Dracula having a title attributed to hell is from the Marvel comicbook series Dracula and then its Prince of Hell. So Congrats bloodsucker to the promotion(;

Then to some honest help, i know of no sigil for Dracula so i thing you need to make one yourself the baner for him might be a good start.

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Man I have to agree, I read Stokers books some decades ago- but if "Dracula was in any way a Demonic entity of any value in sorcery or black magick i think i certainly would have seen something by now in my study. What the hell left field did that idea come from ???!!!
now- maybe you could create an Egroric Entity named Dracula or Vlad and go from there, but this whole post tells me that “Novice” is either really really novice- or young teen and novice, but the whole post seems almost like a joke.wierd.


Actually according to V.K. Jehannum on his youtube channel, Dracula is a legit and powerful being that he doesn’t even look into his eyes, and I’ve never heard him talk about any demons that way before.

Link please?

Here’s his sigil!

LOL! YES, I did draw that just for this reply! But in all seriousness if you’re talking about Vlad the Impaler then you’re getting into necromancy. I don’t think it’s necessary to have a sigil for a ghost. Just learn how to contact the dead. Although I would not approach this in a haphazard way.

If you’re talking about Dracula from the Bram Stokers novel then you’re talking about an egregore. I’d say study the novel, write down his characteristics and basic info from the book itself, and create your own ritual. Incantations, offerings (blood might be an option to consider), and other items can all be included if it helps. Be creative, let the author’s imagination become one with yours. The sky is the limit (or not) when dealing with thought-forms. Of course, getting into state (gamma-theta sync) and calling forth might be all you need. Just be careful you have the egregore you want or you might be bringing an entity that may be particularly nasty.

On a side note, if any experienced magician wants to see if the sigil works and successfully manifests Count Chocula let me know! I did draw it with intent and I promise no vampirism stuff attached to it (the irony of that!). Actually, I might do I new topic on that.


:rofl: loooooooool! I love it!

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Love the drawing(:smile:

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I evoked him a few Halloweens back. Very nice actually. You could look up information about him. His shield makes a nice sigil.

Which you can find here

Assuming we are talking about Vlad the Impaler and not Bram Stokers

I still use his sheild on occasions as he gave me permission.


Link to V.K’s vid? It’s at about the 4:45 min. mark that he starts talking about Dracula:

Incidentally, when I tried to post this the first 4 times, the forum kept getting an error message, and then my internet started getting wonky, saying that I had no connection, but it was only for the balg forum…hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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Dracula is the Satan version of Transilvania.
I know this, because i was born there :slight_smile:

We have in Romania/Transilvania ancient traditions, going back 20.000 years +.
In fact is the cradle of civilization the carpathian/danube area really.

All the gods and demons the world has are a copy from there, without exception, there are more ancient than any culture. You can see this if you research and know how to access Akasha.

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Can’t you do the seasame street THE COUNT?

That’s a great drawing.

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That would be awesome! Actually might consider that one :smile:

You can use rose cross sigil creator for creatures who don’t have a seal:
Also you can use some Romanian incantation. I suggest you to watch the original
Romanian movie about him and things he did when he was alive. There are
English subtitles.


The actual Vlad the 3rd Dracula is not really fond of all this myth builded around his name…

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Hi you see you have contacted Vlad can you tell me who and if you could ask him to talk with me that would be amazing as I’m new and want to try start with him