Constraining demons with divine words of power

Everyone in this forum all agree that using divine names of power like the names of god and using angels to constrain the demon is bad. That you shouldn’t do it. Why do you think that? Do they actually work? I heard that demons actually do fear the names of god and that it gives you the authority to make sure you get everything you need without any backlash. What are you’re opinions about this. Those are not my ideals. But I wanted to bring this up with everyone


Demons and other entities usually speak to us through a lens of our own preconceptions, so if the sorcerer truly believes the evoked demon to fear God then through his eyes fear him they shall. Of course whether or not he conjured anything outside of himself is up for debate. Personally I’ve found that either evoking in the name of a greater demon or other darker entity such as Lucifer or Hecate or completely by my own power works best for me. However I strongly dislike the Abrahamic religions so trying to conjure in the name of their god is more likely to hinder than help me, anyway, so my opinion on this may be biased. The greater demons one generally evokes don’t like and arguably cannot be constrained. Even if they could working with a willing partner is far more beneficial than working with a prisoner at metaphorical gunpoint, who is most likely just humoring you anyway.


Gallery of Magick books use constraints, and the Demons don’t mind when they do it.

It’s about doing it in the right way, but we all love demons here and history of bindings/constraints has usually been to threaten them.

Not all constraints or bindings are offensive to the Demons, it depends on how you do it.


Yes, you can do it, and yes, it works.

It all depends on the system you follow. In traditional Goetia, they threaten in the name of God because it is a Christian based system, where they are afraid of what they are calling.

In the Golden Dawn, they do something similar, but the threats are less direct because it is based in a large part on the Jewish Kabbalah as well as Theosophy.

EA has completed the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, as described in his book Ipsissimus, and part of that process involves calling and binding the devils and demons, like Lucifer, and Satan et al.

Yet he works with them on a regular basis through his own system, and they don’t seem upset about what he did back in the day. I agree with @Epsilon_The_Imperial that it depends on how it is done and the system used.


I don’t use binding or god names simply because I feel it’s largely disrespectful. That’s like inviting a friend over and pointing your gun at them the whole time because you don’t trust them.

If you’re afraid, and we all get afraid, have a banishing method handy. This asserts YOUR power, not relying on god, which I assume most don’t even believe in.

If some thing else gets through, and it hasn’t for me yet, I would call on Lucifer. Or whatever demon I’m working with and have called. Like when I leave Lucifer offerings at his altar, I always say something like “Lucifer please come forward into my temple and enjoy this gift. If anyone else tries to steal from you may they suffer your wrath.” I’ve had no problems.


I’ve never done this, and I never fucking will. This always angers me.

I’ve made posts answering this question before.

Put it this way, if you called me and another friend (for these purposes let’s say you called over @Nyxifer) and told me that if I didn’t do what you wanted, you’d get Sublimis to hurt me, I’d be pretty pissed off and really wouldn’t want to help you and in fact I’d probably want to go after you.

This is basically what using god names does. You’re threatening someone with someone else so you can get your way.

But that is only if you are indeed threatening and not just following a system. I’ve never had to follow a system like that, but if it is done with respect I’m sure it would be fine.


Here or by Koetting’s words I once read that the Demons wouldn’t really mind, letting the magician believe that he “constrained” them. In any case I’m interested in trying again the (slightly modified) classical grimoires conjurations.
I used them years ago but learned a few things; also, I removed the parts with threats and a bit too much commands.


What divine words of power, Egyptian, Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Gaelic, Russian, Navaho, or other languages?
It would be interesting to attempt evocation using no language, such as a clan of the bear worshipper.

Honestly, I don’t use em
I just call up the spirit, regardless if they are “malevolent”, besides these guys have no reason to harm you, unless ya piss them off.

I prefer the up close and personal kinda talk, and they seem to enjoy it as well.
I’ve only used names of power in exorcism, but Demonic names.


i m thinking about binding angel with infernal name or binding desert troll God Aloha snackbar with infernal names

To use a saturnine form on a powerful consciousness is obviously the process one needs to employ that power to perform work. But, constraining a powerful consciousness with threats of using a Hebrew god name seems like a child playing in their own sandbox. And it is rather doubtful that 1 in a million people know what the god name actually is or represents. The Hebrew system of magic is hidden in plain sight and no one talks about it. Most often, because they are hell bent on destroying the god(s) of ignorant children rather than searching for the kernel of truth hidden under layers.

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Personally, I agree and think there is a difference between the traditional old style conjurations which have words threatening the demon that if they don’t obey You, God will smite them down, and throw them into a fiery pit, etc , and the more modern approach used by the GOM. Their view is more that by invoking the names of god, e.g. ‘By the power of EE AH OH,’ you are stating to the demon that you have the authority to call on them to do your bidding. I think that’s slightly different than threatening. The angelic Sigils they use are to ensure the demon will work effectively for you. I use the GOM books and found their approach works for me. But I also use other works like Corwin Hargrove who doesnt use amgelic sigils in his book Demons of Wrath, and that works too.

I do find the old style approach of threatening them offensive, yes and wouldn’t use it. If someone wanted my help and threatened to smite me down if they didn’t get it, my response would be ‘go fck yourself, why should I help you?’. Whereas if someone asked me respectfully, Id be more likely to help. I think its the same with the spirits.


Who is going to steal from Lucifer? Lol!

I personally never use threats or constraints when working with demons.

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Depends on perspective and working praxis. If your coming from the goetic rituals for example that the powers your calling on are outside yourself. Then it is of limited or no benefit. But if you are working from the angle that you are the divine authority in the circle then you are calling upon your own powers to summon the spirits worked with. Of course this angle is working off the assumption that the practitioner has done enough work that they realize their their own power on a subconscious level so their subconscious isnt working against their active works. Also Intent matters.

This is one example of taking a system and making it your own. This is another with the kaballah. You could use a similar method to consecrate the tools of the goetic works to your own power.

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When you think of it Divine words are pretty stupid…think about it.

You’re calling an entity to do something for you yet, you’re surrounding them with divine names which is the spiritual equivalent to putting someone at gunpoint and telling them to give you their money.

@Epsilon_The_Imperial, thanks. I have a few books from GOM and was afraid the binding might be a bit offensive to the demons.

Again depends on working angle. For example is it stupid for someone fairly new to call on the name of shive, durga,kali,thor,odin, the morrigan, the elements, planets, demon or Angel to help rid them of parasitic spirits, potential hexes or self jinxes or the influences of spirits someone may have set against them.

These forces exist within and without. The above example is one of taking back your own power. I suspect this is the general praxis of those who do use goetic operations with success and zero backlash. They are calling on the aspects of their own inner divinity not the desert troll that usurped the names. Best example that comes to kind is Frater Xavier who runs the mind and magick channel on youtube.

He does goetic operations totally to spec from my understanding.

BmoA has similar operations that are built around taking back and exploring ones own divine power.

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I agree, I just feel these divine names restrict the spirit, ya know even out selves.

I see it more as the names are used to empower the operator similar to how the middle piliar empower the aura.

Within bmoa there is a 40 day operation that involves the inverted names of ahura mazda. After these names are charged and can be used for magical operations. Each inverted name being a different title or aspect of power that can be explored.

Ive been using them as mantras and to make dark staot sonic spells for charging sigils and talismans. Ive barely scratched the surface of what all these can do

Ikr! Still any astral scum trying get big daddy’s goods is no no :joy:

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