Conspiracy or truth? you decide

This is more a thought experiment than anything else, at the very least its an interesting read. As far as sources go this leave a whole lot to be desired as far as content and overall implications now as well in the near future it’s a goldemine.

So which is it fact or fiction?

If its;

  • Fact - what do we do about it or is our situation hopeless?

  • Fiction - what do you think, about the content, do you find interesting and how so?

Enjoy the discussion as well as the conspiracy.

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And does anyone wonder why I have it in for psychopaths?

Fact. This is the same thing as ‘the matrix’, the ‘psychopathic control system’, ‘the elite’ and other names. This is part of what I mean when I talk about those ‘in the way’ of ascension. It’s the tip of the iceberg and you can bet it’s a lot more sophisticated now.

Thing is, it only works when energy is restricted to 3D. age 6:

“All science is merely a means to an end. The means is knowledge. The end is control. Beyond this remains only one issue: Who will be the beneficiary?”

So, from a magikal POV, this is already becoming an outmoded way of thinking doomed to fail, because Ascension circumvents the reliance of power on resources and makes the control of resources redundant. What does money mean when you can control the physical just like we play in the astral today, and materialise whatever you want, and dematerialise what you don’t?

But the psychos will reach the point where they can no longer remain on this planet - it’s already ascended to 4D and we are following - they must also ascend and lose the fear and need to control or their vibrations will be too low to stay here. And then what will all their possessions and power get them? It’s all an illusion, children playing who has the biggest sandcastle.

Don’t know if I’ll se it in my lifetime. I have an eta of age 87 lol, who knowsw, but I’m working on it.

The main thing is, don’t buy into the distractions and fear, the gratuitous violence and sex on TV - that’s exactly what they want to keep you confused, angry, agitated and not working on yourself, so that they can stay in the sandpit and not have to evolve.

Keep working on your enlightenment and ascent, learn and study what’s real - every bit of frequency you gain, helps everyone behind you raise theirs more easily.
It’s how it works, if you subscribe to this school of thought - humanity’s vibration is in a band of a fixed width - push the top envelope and the bottom raises up too. Dooo eet! :smiley:


I already knew about this and I follow your school of thought, as I don’t watch Tv or play video games anymore and work on my ascent daily. :slight_smile:

This is meant to awaken others.

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Agreed. I should say, by “you” I meant “general you” as in everybody with ears to hear and eyes to see. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that. ^^

Like what has been said, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

This is an interesting perspective. In my own understanding, the planet already has multiple planes operating at different vibrations. If humanity does raise its consciousness to not have to deal with the 3D and be controlled by those in the way of ascension, I think the 3d plane will still be here for those left behind and those who control it through technology.

As I work on my own ascension, I can only hope that the truth I find leads me to hope there is such cause for optimism in the fate of humanity. As it stands, it seems to me that though we are winning the war, there is much work to be done before we can assume that humanity will ascend this plane.

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I’ve heard Alex Jones and others speak of this. With that aside we live in a world where anything is possible be it good or evil. Things like these have been going on a hundred years before we were born. Hopefully as we wake up we’ll be able to stop such things.

It does not read like a research paper, it reads like someone trying to convince a general audience of their opinion. So, either fiction or else third-hand information.

More pressing is the title of the thread. A conspiracy is just a secret held by a group of people, not a synonym for fictional. While I don’t believe the vast majority of conspiracy theories, there are real conspiracies that are factually known to have happened, such as Ford helping the Third Reich, and various assassination plots or rebellions in the ancient world.

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As I actually know the difference between the words, shame on me - I should’ve phrased it differently and I’ll ask the mods to change that. All in all you are right about that.

Some famous plots that’s been synonymous with conspirscoes are for example - the killing John F. Kennedy, another was killing of a Swedish regent namely Gustaf III. :slight_smile:
Really interesting cases.