Consercrating the Altar Cloth

Straight after consecrating my altar, I began to consecrate my altar cloth with the following ritual:-

• I faced the west and meditated in total with my eyes closed. I visualised a mist of darkness and said in my mind:

“Darkness Come”

Next I said the following:

“May the powers of darkness come rise and descend upon me, soldify around me, above me and below me.”

I kept my eyes closed and held the cloth in both hands whilst it was folded and said:

“May darkness radiate upon the cloth in my hands, may darkness eternal and absolute empower and consecrate the cloth so it may hold the forces of the nightside.”

Consecration of my Altar

I inhaled and visualised that every fibre was imbued and saturated in the power of darkness.

Once the ritual was finished…I placed it under my bed until morning were I would cover the altar with the cloth.

My altar and my altar cloth together

This ritual was laid down originally by Connor Kendall


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