Consecration of my Altar

So since it is the New Moon tonight I have performed part 1 of an Altar Consecration. This part is called “Killing the Altar” and it basically kills the altar removing it’s memory, energy and spirit from being a mundane object. Since it is made of wood then there would still be some life and energy within it. After “killing it” I covered it in a black cloth and I lit a candle and some incense in it’s memory and meditated quietly for a short while.

After meditating for a 5 minutes or so I blew out the candle and removed it off the top of the cloth along with the incense. The altar needs to be left for a few hours until 3 am were it can be resurected.

Part 2 “Resurecting the Altar” to follow

This ritual was originally laid down by Connor Kendall who I thank for sharing this ritual on this forum :metal:


I respect and support your work , keep it up bro

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Thank you so much for those kind words…wishing you the best of luck on your magickal journey

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Np, thank you

So here it is the second part of the consecration ritual I performed on the New Moon. So at 3 am I began the 2nd part of the ritual: “Resurrecting the Altar.”
• Firstly I removed the black cloth from my altar. I could sense a sombre energy from it. I sat in the dark with one black candle on the altar. I lit the black candle and said the follwing:
“May the fire awaken and may the powers of fire awaken.”

• I sat on the floor in front of the table and meditated as I consumed the energy from the candle and the table. I then said this incantation:


I repeated the incantation 9 times. As I did this I summouned the powers of magick into myself.

• I drew a simple cross above the table pushing energy and visualised the cross glowing red. I repeated the above incantation as I summoned on the magickal powers again. I pushed the energies into the table. I placed both my hands on the table and channelled my energy into it.

• I closed my eyes and visualised my energy going into the atoms of the table make them glow red. I could feel the energy vibrate through the table. I said the following:

“May the powers that be, the force of eternity now be channelled through me.”

• I visualised a glowing sideways 8 (the sign of infinity) in the center of your chest. I inhaled deeply and awoken the power of eternity. As I did this I visualised it glowing in a silver fire and a circle of silver flames. I exhaled and said in my mind:

“By the powers that be, the force of eternity,
Awaken the soul within thee.”

I repeated the summoning of all magickal powers of the table. I said this allowed

“May the force of magick enliven the table so it shall serve the cause of magick and ascent.”

• Next I gave a drop of blood in each corner and one in the center and then said the following:

“May my blood of a living god awaken and resurrect the soul of this table, so it shall be a living creature of the foces of nature.”

• I rubbed the blood on the top of the table as i visualised the altar’s aura shake and roar. I finally said: “Awaken, Awaken!!”

NOTE: This second part is also from Connor Kendall’s “Consecreation Ritual.”