Conjuration Of Moses Law: Talisman

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I was going through one of my old books today and I came across a conjuration of Moses (also known as word of power) that I’ve used. I desire so much to share it with the world but my Teacher said the Spirit behind the Conjuration won’t answer. That there are many people out there who have make attempt to make use of the conjurations in the book but it yielded no result.

He said a lot of people believe the words are not real or incomplete. But it is real and very complete, it is the power behind the words that didn’t turn up. Because they don’t answer to anyone except those who knows how to work with them. He further said even some people do not know how to work with them but they possess the energy (power) to make them come.

I pressed him to put me through what to do so as to make it available for everyone. He told me to grab my pen and book…

He gave me this:

He said even with this, if a request is sent (like using it as a spell or pentacle), they still won’t answer if the Names they obey isn’t attached to the Talisman. Because they are Terrible and Holy Angels. If you make a wrong move when you call them they will instantly give you judgment, unlike other Angels who will just leave out of disappointment; this one’s won’t do so, they pass judgement instantly.
The name is added… that’s a complete talisman. Ready for use.

This kind of beings are not archangels. They are way higher than those ones. Their presence gives me chill. They wear white garment, their hair is white. Same as their beard.
There is a lady, Kenesha, who used the Talisman and she could behold their presence. She gave the same description like mine.

  • USAGE.

  • The words of power can be use to do a lot. According to the book it needs three days fasting but having it as Talisman there is no need of fasting.

Just write your request in the circle. Burn the paper to ash and blow the ash in the air.

¹. If you want to use this Talisman for protection, a good Bible verse that describes well the type of Protection you desire would best fit. But if you can write well and in details exactly the type of Protection you need, it is good too. Avoid using unnecessary words or terms.

The same thing applies if you need this talisman for other services.

². It can also be used for meditation if made into a seal with yellow thread. It will boost your seeing and bring great visions, answers to whatever bothers your mind.

³. The Talisman can also be used to punish an offender. And also to free someone who is in bondage.

It can do a lot, it can tweaked… because the Angels behind it are potent and capable.

⁴. Also, if you have someone who is religious and didn’t believe in spirituality beside their church anointing and holy spirit but you wish to render them help. You shall write their full name at the top, and the request below. The Angels won’t come to you but to the names written there.

*** It can also be used to fill your room with angelic energy, and even your persons.

*** If you can get a scorpion venom or the tooth of a cobra, amd sand from a grave. Write the name of your enemy in the circle, plus a verse from the book of Isaiah. Add the venom or cobra tooth and sand. Seal it with black thread and bury the seal in a bush or forest or in the wood. Sit back and watch your enemies fed snake venom as wine.

At the same time if you want to protect someone, write the name of the person there. A worthy Bible verse from the book of Psalm, especially Psalm 109, very good for such work. Add needle, maybe 3 or 7. Then place it outside when the sky color shows cleanly, and there is white and dark cloud, and the sun is shining well…there you will stand to wrap the seal with color red. Leave it in the sun for some time, then bury it or always have it with you.
It is done.

That’s all.
Questions are welcome.

  • To use it for meditation, draw the below character in the circle of the Talisman before wrapping the paper with yellow thread or silk.
    Then you always hold it in your left hand whenever you want to meditate.

Interesting and all, very interesting on the different ways to use this but I’m curious about your experience with it. What type of working did you use it for, how long did it take to manifest, what did the experience feel like?

Ya know, da weird but important stuffs :stuck_out_tongue:


Man that’s really cool!

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I’ve used it for for empowering one with body of Light. They instantly appeared and start working.

I’ve used it to request for skills and abilities (Spiritual power), those they have with them at thst moment they bestowed, those they don’t have they said, “…it will be done”.

I’ve used it for protection too. I’ve done a lot with it…and I’ve received testimonies from those I’ve given it to.
So far for me, their work isn’t delayed. They go into action almost immediately.

It can also be used to restore broken marriage but I don’t talk about the usage of that because of people who will abuse it.

An example is this: If the talisman is well furnished for love spell, you add the hair of the women and some other simple things to get. Bury the seal inside that home…no matter the bad treatment given to the woman she won’t be able to leave the house. She would always come back crying that she love her man. But it isn’t love anymore, it’s the talisman working.


Interesting, this is quite diverse.

Thank you.


Awesome as always! Thanks fellow! :star_struck:

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Bookmarked. Will review later after therapy and rest.

An actual, well set pentagram. Not that.

It’s correct as @luxfero drew it


what oration or grasp to make them work ?

The art of converting this into a talisman will require some skills.

To use this without converting to talisman render the magic short life span.

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Oh wow. Bookmarked! Thank you so much @sanaRo :open_mouth: Very sweet of you. I’ll def. have a look. But as I have done petition spell last night about my job, I’ll make it happen in about 3weeks of time and update you :laughing::white_heart: again, THANK YOOOOU :blue_heart:

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Do you think it would work for money back thing as well? You’ve read my topic I think :thinking:

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why in left hand …what other uses of left hand ?