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Hey folks, to make a long story short I’ve done a few spells/rituals/workings/etc. over the past four or so months in an attempt to get an ex of mine back and while I can’t say I haven’t seen results, the results I’ve been seeing always seem to fall just short of my target. Here’s a few examples listed in chronological order…

  1. GOM Demons of Magick (3-4 months ago) - I worked with Sallos first, then Dantallion a month later. Ended up getting a text out of the blue from my ex “wanting to talk”, but when we spoke and I voiced my feelings, she rejected me and said she didn’t think it would work at this point in time.

  2. A moon spell from J Miller’s Sorcerers’ secret (3 months ago) - I followed the spell verbatim (basically a prayer to Luna + an anointed red candle shaped like a nude woman with ex name carved on back + some erotic visualization as it burns). This spell seemed to backfire as the following week I became pretty much constantly insatiably horny for my ex out of nowhere (which is abnormal, as I have a relatively low sex drive).

  3. Improvised spell + Lucifer and the hidden demons + voodoo (2 months ago) - With the results from the former ritual in mind, I determined to try something similar but with more focus on projecting that energy outwards. In this ritual I managed to find a magickal link from my ex, and along with a few other materials (including some st John’s wort and a candle anointed with “come to me girl” oil) I did a pathworking to consult with Astaroth and asked her for help. She agreed to help me but only if I promised to treat my ex with utmost respect and honesty when she returns. I agreed and essentially made a pact.

3rd ritual cont. - My ex texted me out of the blue once again about two weeks ago and asked if I was in town. I told her I was and she asked if we could meet up and talk. I figured I had finally done it and I thanked Astaroth as well as all of the other spirits I work with. About an hour after I texted her back she literally asked me “have you been doing spells on me?”, which was fucking surreal.

I think I fucked up because I lied and told her I hadn’t. Within about three hours she responded and told me she no longer wanted to meet up, that she was sorry, and that she had “been impulsive lately.” It wasn’t until later that I realized I might have broken my pact in that moment, as I had been dishonest with my ex.

I should also mention that between the Astaroth ritual and now, I had been using Joseph Murphy’s manifesting techniques before waking up each morning, following my daily meditations, and before going to bed at night.

Does anyone have any advice as to what I might be doing wrong here?

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Welcome to the forum. I commend your efforts, her reaction and final question to my mind are telling. Does she know you are into witchcraft? Is she a practitioner herself?

She clearly suspects or knows that you are directing magick at her, she may be taking steps to undo the magick or who knows she could have natural ancestral protection.

I think it is best to stop directing active magick at her for awhile and a few weeks or months from now try again when she may have gotten complacent with whatever reversal magick she would have been doing to counter yours.

When you do attempt to do something to get her back though you really have to up the ante though.

Are you sure she’s not stringing you along?

First of all I think your results have been awesome. Well done!
And I do not think though that not telling your ex you have done magic on her is dishonest. Magic should be secret.

Secondly, as you are into manifesting and LOA and all that I would advise you to have a look at Dylan James’ channel on youtube as he has great advice and also tells you how to approach the relationship once the SP is back… you started telling her how you feel blah blah while is better to treat the relationship as new, put everything behind and act fun and flirty like the 1st time but start building slowly and carefully.

How did she think about spells? Does she know you are into magick?

And why did she contact you, did she have any reason? Maybe you could have asked her instead of just agreeing to meet. You could have aid something along the lines ‘It is lovely to hear from you again but is there any particular reason you want to meet?’ Then tell her when you are available, don’t just say yes to anything she says like you have no life as this incentivises her to play you like a puppet.

I think you answered your own question. The part that was working was the pact with Asteroth and it fell apart when you broke your side of the bargain.

You could try backtracking and apologizing and say yes you did and it’s because you really just wanted another chance to make it right or something… but the odds are even if there was no magick involved she’s assuming the answer is yes, and she’s negating it, now and later doesn’t matter.

You simply don’t have her permission to do magick on her. That leaves you with soft skills only and the “magick” of psychology.

The thing people don’t realise with this kind of magick on women is that attraction is rarely the issue: she’s already attracted as you don’t lose that really, so attraction spells are a waste of time… But now there are blocks and emotional baggage in the way of her feeling her attraction. You have to address the blocks. A road opener can help, and finding out what has to change for her to allow herself feel her attraction again.

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This is challenging to know what all happened with this, while technically that was a lie to say no you were not, that was an invasive personal question you weren’t prepared to answer.

If your ex is still open to communication I would call first not text to make sure that is really your ex who you are talking to.

It’s called “lying by omission” and is technically considered dishonest when done deliberately as opposed to say, being forgotten. But, it’s really not what the liars opinion is that matters on this one but how the person being lied to reacts.

Here, she asked a direct question and the response was an open lie, which she shouldn’t have known was a lie but did… this implies it’s not the first time this scenario has played out here, and she’s expecting to be lied to…

So, the trouble is not the lie as much as the compounded damage it does to trust on top of earlier bad blood. Even without that, which could be completely incorrect speculation, she’s an ex for a reason that probably already includes an element of distrust.

I don’t think Astaroth’s advice to be honest came out of the blue, somehow. Trust is hard to gain and easy to lose, and women especially value trust a lot to feel safe.

Hum… if this person is a practitioner, I think if this were me I’d double up on my protections come to think of it.

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I’ve spoken to her about my practice but only vaguely. She isn’t a practitioner herself, but she and her family are from Brazil and iirc they practice spiritism. I was with her for nearly two years and throughout our time together the only magical thing she had ever done was collect and charge different crystals that she kept by her bedside.

If I had to take a guess, the only counter-magick she has going on is passive either via her crystals or via ancestral protection.

She knows I’m into magick, but I’m not sure she knows the extent of my practice. I’ve spoken to her about sigils, meditation, and spirit work in passing, but she never seemed super interested.

Initially she contacted me over a short film that we made when we were together. I’ve been editing it since we broke up and she’ll ask if it’s close to being done every so often. I’ll give her an update and then the conversation ends. The last time she contacted me, after I told her how the edit was going, she asked if I was still in town. Our conversation went as follows…

Ex: “Are you still in (x)?”
Me: “Yeah. I’ll be here for a while.”
Ex: “I just wanted to talk to you in person.”
Me: “Okay. Let’s go get lunch sometime this week.”
Ex: “Ok just lmk. But I have a quick question.”
Me: “What’s up?”
Ex: “Have you been doing spells on me?”
Me: “Nope”
Ex: “Ok”
Me: “What’s your schedule look like this week?”
Ex: “Hey I’ve been thinking about it and I take it back. I don’t think we should meet each other for lunch. I was being impulsive. That’s my bad. I’m sorry”.
Me: “K”.

In retrospect, yeah. I could’ve done a little better lol.

Not quite. We always had a trusting relationship. We had mostly been having intimacy related issues but I’ll spare the details.

The topic of honesty came up during my conversation with Asteroth because leading up to the ritual I had been speaking to a few different women that I had met on a dating site and Asteroth questioned the nature of my intentions. Essentially she asked whether I had a genuine longing to rekindle and restore my relationship with my ex, or if I actually just wanted to exert control over her out of spite and frustration.

I told Asteroth that I honestly and truly wished to reconcile with my ex on the basis of love and trust, rather than control and spite, so she made me promise that if my ex were to return, I would always treat her lovingly and honestly. At the time, I imagined this meant I should cut ties with the other women I had been speaking to, because if I were to hook up with any of them I would have to tell my ex if she ever were to ask (thereby risking hurting her and damaging our bond if she hasn’t slept with anyone since the break up.)

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Here you should have asked why.

The film is just a pretext.
I had my ex contacting me a couple of times to tell me he found the message or letter I sent him and he ‘just’ wanted me to know he has no hard feelings. BS, he just wanted to get in touch.
Next time clarify before u jump into meetings and set boundaries in terms of saying: I am available on this day and the other day… Do not show her you are always available as you send the message she can play you any way she likes.
Also I don’t care what anyone else tells you but NEVER EVER confess you did magic on someone if you want to be able to still do magic.

That may be necessary for some practices to keep those highly classified for them to be effective, I don’t know about that.

However if I knew someone was trying to do spells on me and they denied this when I asked them about that, I would lose respect for them about that.

You do need to do an introduction first before you can reply here as the dark night fellow mentioned.