Completely reset?

Hey, I’m just asking your ideas for a short question.

I paid for a ritual a high 3 figure number with a well known magician, it was 9 months ago.

I waited for results patiently, and it seems like I’m in a worse position in the topic of the spell before it was even casted. I didn’t go back crying for my money or anything, before this ordered ritual I casted spells too.

My question is how can I clean all the works and effects of them, because I want to work on this topic but with a “new white sheet” ?


Uncrossing ritual and cords cutting! Will remove anything that affects you negatively!

Any idea on how to do for the ritual? It involved evocation for astaroth for example.

Any link or topic would be good :slight_smile:


You can search in this forum for more info! Its fairly simple rite and you can change it as you see fit!

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You can try this ritual below, posted by another magician on the forum.

Best of luck.

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Thank you for sharing my post!!

@Ancient I hope it helps you feel free to message me if you need any help with it!!

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Thank you for offering your help, I’m
Collecting ideas and trying to arrange things that suits my situation the best :slight_smile:

Also a really hard question, I’m having a booked session with a local spiritual man, that is doing cleaning, but I’m unsure about something.

There is a person that I would like to target with spells in the future, but this person has past hurts from me.

And this local man said you supposed to clean all hate from person to make spells work.

But other books I’ve read that if the target is having bad memories or bad experiences that hurt them, creates a bond that is easily to manipulate on.

Really curious about your opinion, whether I should clean these past hurts or leave them for future magical needs

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