One of the most important spells no one is talking about (Long post)

Hey everyone!!

I wanted to share with you all something no one is talking about. That is how to nix a spell you’ve casted already

Why is this important??

Because if you put an intent into the universe that you later no longer want, & wish to move on to something else within the same category, your new intent may be completely blocked by the old intentions you’ve put out there already, which will lead into no result in either past or future intents. Which I have figured out is what’s going on in my life here personally

What do I mean by this??

Let me give you an example. Take Love Magick for instance.

Say you want a SPECIFIC romantic partner for a monogamous relationship, & you cast a spell to make them yours, but later on begin talking to someone else or lose interest in said person, & gain interest for another, & want to cast a spell on the new love interest. Well because you put a love spell out there on the other person to be soft on you, casting a new spell on the new person may end up essentially causing confusion in reality, hereby nixing love attraction spells for you.

What you will need for this ritual is;
-White candles
-Black cloth
-String (or something to tie the cloth with)
-Something to carve the candles with
-A pearl necklace (doesn’t have to be real)

Optional components
-Rosemary oil
-Some kind of spell breaker oil
-Sage incents
-Holy water

This spell is to be done during any part of the waning phase of the moon, & preformed after midnight.

Open your circle facing east, then recite the following incantation,

“I cast a spell asking (say type of spell here), I now ask the favor of having the spell removed. I understand to take back a spell means giving up something of my own to show my spirit is true and my intentions are good. I give this pearl from a necklace I own. I transfer the spell into the Pearl and render the spell dormant. No harm may come from the cancellation of this spell. No further power shall it have. This is my will, so mote it be.”

After reciting this incantation, place the Pearl into the black cloth, doesn’t have be a big piece of cloth just enough to wrap, & tie the knot with the string. Once tied, take the candle, & drip some of the wax onto the knot, & then onto the string to signify that you are sealing this spell up for good insuring that the spell is dormant permanently never to be reopened again.

When you’re done drop it off at a crossroads ASAP. If you live in a more rural area, & you’re able to throw the cloth with the Pearl inside then that’s perfectly acceptable as well so long as you’re able to throw it REALLY far away from you’re home

Close your ritual as your normally would, thank the universe, & any spirit you believe will have influence in helping nixing your spell, & know that upon releasing the cloth from your hand as you either drop it at a crossroads, or from throwing it far away from your home, the ritual is completed, & the spell you wanted to break/nullify, is forever dormant.

The incantation I did site from a Wiccan spell app, as well as some of the ingredients for this spell, but I did edit it, & made my own changes that I feel have made it more potent, & powerful. The app is called Wiccan & Witchcraft Spells

I will be recording this ritual as well, next week, during the waning phase of the moon, for myself, & then I will record it again to demonstrate how it’s done to share with all of you as well, to help with any questions, or confusion anyone may have!! I’ll share it here when it’s done & uploaded

I hope this helps you all!!


Bump!! This has been requested plenty of times, just no one had the nerves to write it, and those seeking tended to not understand how to do it.

Great work, keep it up!






Thank you so much!!

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Thank you!! I hope this helps you!!



Adding this to my personal notes. Thanks for sharing, fam!


Thank you!! I hope this helps you!!

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Question! Can the pearl necklace be substituted for some other necklace type?

Why does this have to be a pearl necklace, does it have to do something with the ocean?


Great question thank you for asking!! You can substitute it absolutely!! I recommend pearl because it is also typically white, which symbolizes cleansing!!

Using a bead of any necklace or piece of jewelry for that matter though shows sacrifice, & that it is your true intent to nix a spell you’ve casted


Thanks for letting me know.


No problem!! Let me know how this works out for you!!


I’m going to modify this part for myself. I am going to drop mine in a bowl of water, because I’m to lazy to get into my car to drive somewhere. I’ll just imagine the bowl of water is the ocean.

Also, why must we face East?

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That’s quite alright!! As long as the intention is there you’ll be okay!!

The reason for opening your circle to the east is because that is the way the sun rises. The importance of this, is when you call back your spell, you’re asking for a new day where that spell doesn’t exist anymore essentially

I also did forget to mention but this spell is to be done after midnight on any night during the waning phase that’s my fault & I apologise

@SagaMysterium @Yberion


For me, i’m not worried about it. Spells don’t last forever anyways . They get weaker over time. Before any spells, I make sure i’m ok with all results before casting. I’m very serious in thinking things over before cursing others. So once that’s decided it’s 1000% follow through. The person have to have done something pretty bad before they get into that category.

To nix a spell , it’s pretty straightforward with petitions of entity. Call the demon you petition to and say to cancel the spell and of course make sure you always state to have safety and no harm to family and those you care for on any magick spells. You never want harm to family to get results. gottta have that safety precaution in there. why? cuz some people cast wealth spells and family or love one die and they get rich through that inheritance.

With other types of spells this might help. How To Reverse Spells When Everything Goes Wrong - The Traveling Witch


That is true, but also not everyone casts with demons either, this can apply to any sort of Magick!!

But of course no one wants any recourse from their actions!!

Thank you for the link you posted, I’ll look into it


So, I’m working on this to make it right for me.

@Hippyhair, you had mentioned a crossroad in this spell. I know I am to work with Hekate (Hecate) before I do this completely next month. This is the research I have done and since I am a visual person, I’m adding what I’ll be using. Maybe it will help someone else.


I’m gone.

I handed over the phone to a friend as I walked outside and asked not to be distributed. I’ve been mostly silent as my mouth has been sewn shut by her ancestors. My eyes have gone blind in order to see through her heart. Blockages are currently being removed.

Hekate will be summoned at the gates of Odin and Frigg. (Will expound more on this later.)

Hekate (Hecate) was the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy. She was the only child of the Titanes Perses and Asteria from whom she received her power over heaven, earth, and sea.

Hecate’s themes are the moon, beginnings and magic. Her symbols are serpents, horses or dogs (Her sacred animals), light (especially a torch), myrrh, silver and moonstone. This Greco-Roman Goddess rules the moon and opportunities.

An offering of food, traditionally known as ‘Hecate’s Supper’ include red mullet, (a scavenging fish that was taboo in other cults), sprat, breads, raw eggs, cheese, garlic, cake and honey. Ideally, the offerings are left at a crossroads and you should leave without looking back.

Hecate/Carmenta - Goddess of the Crossroads
Pantheon: Olympian
Element: Earth
Sphere of Influence: Abundance and Magic
Preferred colors: Green, Black, Silver, Red Henn
Associated symbol: Knife, Torch
Animals associated with: Raven, Owl , Snake, Frog, Dog
Best day to work with: Wednesday
Best Moon phase: New Moon
Best time to work with: Midnight
Strongest around: Samhain
Suitable offerings: Honey, Pomegranate
Associated Planet: Moon, Mercury

In The Demigod Diaries, Hecate was described with green eyes and black hair barely coming down to her shouldes, like her son Alabaster. Her face was like a Greek statue — pale, beautiful, and ageless. She was surronded by green light.

Green is the color of balance, harmony and growth. From a meaning of colors perspective, green is also the color of growth, the color of spring, of renewal and rebirth. It renews and restores depleted energy. It is the sanctuary away from the stresses of modern living, restoring us back to a sense of well being.

(All above is from a Google search.)

If you know why this has been posted, you know her and that’s she’s hit a turning point. Jenna is an Arabic name with multiple meanings. The name means “Little Bird” or “Heaven” and is associated with the number is 5.

The Blood of Salem is about to get their Queen back. A year in exile, a year of learning, understanding, growth, and hardships is about to be laid to rest.

The thunder rolls and the heart beats.

(I know it’s a long post; however, I’ve never worked with Hekate before.)


I wish I could respond to every person of this post !! Thank you so much for sharing everything you’ve found!! This response isn’t enough for what you’ve shared with all of us here!!

May I ask though how you will be bringing her into the spell??

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I typically either time limit my rituals, or else, I make them permanent. I had typically don’t bother with a method to undo whatever I have caused.

As It said with the nine cord ritual whenever you tie the last knot, “…by knot of 9, what’s done is mine…”

I own whatever I send out. It isn’t always good, it isn’t always enlightening, but it is always mine, but that’s just how I practice.


@Hippyhair - it’s the same spell as you posted; however, I have often been told one needs to make spells their own. Hekate is the Goddess of crossroads, of new starts.

I’m the one who wrote about dropping the pearl into a bowl of water, as this is more convenient for me. However, where I reside there are four crosspoints/crossroads which access to one of the major roads in my city. The home where I currently reside also sits on an axis where the sun rises and sets in a mirrored pattern. Same with the moon.

My plan is to use Hekates’ (Hecate) sigil - although, I am told she prefers the Hekate spelling - to summon her three days after the new moon in July at midnight. I plan on offering raw organic honey and as soon as I feel her - then I will go into the spell.

The pearl that will be dropped into the bowl of water will represent a spell I put on myself last summer to not feel any kind of love from anyone or anything. So, this is why I was intrigued by this spell and reversing this aspect of my life.

The song is only used for the lyrics, nothing else.

There will be words added to the spell as well.

At the end and before I close the spell, I will simply state what I’ve always stated:

“Through the Western skies I die and wake into the inner-city of my soul. In the morning, I am the resurrection of myself. i am the heaven and the hell within myself. i am the I AM. I am the Goddess between my world and the dead of those who run through my veins. Speak no venom, do no ill to others.”

Before the ritual is done, the song will be played and I will dance (fully clothed). I plan on wearing gray. I will simply thank Hekate for being there, will pinch the candle wick, set the bowl outside on my porch, and then will sleep.


That is amazingly creative my friend!! I’m really enjoying your thought process on how to personalize this spell for yourself!!

Will you let me know how the ritual goes?? Because I’m very curious about your expierence will be!!

It seems like you really gave this some serious thought too!!

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