Completely lost beginner

Hello,i have reading and watching videos for a whole week now. I am a scientist,so i need proof to believe in things. I am really open minded though. . I am addicted to marijuanna and tobacco and I would need help for that,too. One stone,two birds if you will.

If I had any proof those demons exist,I would devote myself to knowledge and elevation. But I am like Saint Thomas,I need to have proof. I understood I could work with King Paimon or Lucifer to start and ask for help for my addiction. Is it correct? It’s really hard to trust anybody’s word. I have a dark blue candle,amber encent,some local earth and good wine. I face west with the sigil of King Paimon on my hand… Where do I go next? Are intentions more important? Will I achieve anything like this? I just one proof and I will do all i can. What is the right way to start? Sorry for the silly questions


If you are a scientist I would suggest researching the psychological model of occult theory. Doing so may help you understand some people’s version of the “why” of why magick works. It is essentially a blend of aspects of psychology combined with as of yet unquantified psychological phenomenon. Deepak Chopra is a great author to start with. Once you realize that it is a possibility then you might find spirit work to be plausible. If you go into spirit work with any idea in your head that it will not work then it probably will not. You will find that some occultists are very much just another type of scientist, just without the tech to measure results at this time.


Hello Woodsman81. Thank you for your answer. Be sure I have absolutely any idea in my head concerning demons anymore!! What I read for the last week contradicts everything I heard for the last 40 years. I never thought Catholic Church was right, of course,but I also never thought a demon would help you without asking for your soul. What a change all this is for me. And I thought mathematics could explain everything…

In the matter of energies or entities,I don’t really need to know how it works ,for a start.I just need to get started. I would like to know where to learn the basics of basics. What’s the best source of information for beginners?
Remember the first day you learned to drive? You didn’t care about all the components of the car and how they work together . One thing mattered: listen to your dad on how to start the car rolling. It was a mix between pressing on the gaz pedal and letting the clutch pedal up. You’d learn about how the car functionates later,because the machine amazes you and you could be better at it if you’d knew more.

Same here: I just need to know what to do to start rolling. I understood King Paimon and Lucifer,if treated with the respect they deserve,will just be gentle and respectful too. I understand the respect part,the intention part ,the believing part,…What about the words for calling an entity,do they matter? Beside facing West,the sigil,the blue candle,the amber/patchouli encent ,the bindweed, a bowl of local earth and a delicious red wine for King Paimon, do I need to draw,say,do something to invite him? Are magic spells or magic circles necessary? i should probably keep it simple and talk from the heart,right? Would he hear me as well if I didn’t talk or couldn’t speak? If demons are not evil,do I need a circle of protection and one to bind the demon? I really don’t like that idea of protection if they are not what the bible says they are. I think it would be rude,right? It’s like grabbing a knife to welcome a peaceful foreigner in your house.

What is the one book a beginner should read? What is the spell or evocation or meditation I should start with. If, like Saint Thomas, I need a proof that Black Magic is as real as the air I breathe,am I at the right place here? Can Black Magic works because you believe it does, or can u make it work if you just “talk with your heart” to make it work?

Until the day a demon will make himself known to me,I will doubt. But I really start to believe in energies and a lot of you seem so sincere in their testimonies. I hope I am worth an encounter… We will see.

May your days be magic

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I would also advise doing some research on the Pineal Gland.


Ok,I’ll look for that. Thank you

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Check out the YouTube channel “Secrets of The Gods”. He has several videos that go into the mechanics of the whole model and they are quite satisfying.

Hey @titou666 I always say the “accoutrements” are there for YOU, not the spirit. Will a circle protect you? Not likely. Will a circle helpe you focus and center all of yourself during a ritual, quite possibly!

My own unverified personal gnosis has shown me that once I establish a relationship with some spirits, they stop requiring formalities like sigils. They tell me things like “just call me and I will be there because I never left you.” They have different personalities, and it interacts with your personality so I can’t over generalize that assertion.

And as far as wanting your soul, not in my experience. However, they do want you to manifest them on this plane, through your mind and other means such as evocation because it gives them additional “reach” and the opportunity to exist on the physical plane if you charge them with a task.

Adding: also I see angels/demons/gods as forces. If you know how, you can work with a force to get your task accomplished. If I know how to work with momentum I can travel pretty far and conserve energy.

Again, UPG so take this with a grain of salt

Thank you too,FraterMagni. I understand the symbolism about objects,words or drawings.

What does UPG mean? And what does “take it wit a grain of salt” mean? My questions are probably super dumb but be cool, I really feel stupid enough about all this,already :wink:

UPG- unverified personal gnosis. I can’t show you empirical data to support it, but I sure have experienced this phenominalogically!

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Alright. Thanks fo the info.

I used to think like you, but you need to strip away all you know and all you are and all you’ve learned.

When I summon a spirit I enter such a deep trance that my logical thinking mind is shut down, in evocation you cannot analyse nor can you be logical.

You have to be in the moment go with it, go crazy, go nuts, visualise, believe, be open minded then see what happens.

A open mind, a hint of craziness, a willingness to drop your mind and if you apply great techniques, along with desire, intent, power and will, you’ll definitely succeed.

If you’re a scientist, think of it this way, the theory of alternate dimensions, every possibility exists, there for there are other universes that all these beings in our panetheons and mythologies exist.

When scrying into a forty five degree angle, we do this because this is the direction where the veil of the other dimension are.

So think of magick as a way to access and draw things from alternate dimensions into this world hope this helps.


Meditation is a very useful thing to be able to do with magick. Git gud at meditation and it will unblock many paths for you.


You mention two wonderful herbs. Why do you wish to stop using these? I smoke a pipe, use oral and nasal tobacco – though not at the same time. I even grow, cure and ferment my own tobacco. The other herb also has Magickal uses.

Scientists only believe what their five, very limited and imperfect senses allow. Magicians know there’s a lot more out there.

Sigils rely upon the power of your own subconscious, so why not start there as it’s pure left hand path? Also, learn and practice a banishing ritual as these attract spiritual entities – letting them know you’re around. Banishing is useful for so many things. Alternatively, learn and use an invocation ritual without worrying about banishing. At least that way you’ll have lots of problems (which generally start subtly) and no doubt that spiritual entities exist.


Try asking them for a sign

Yes,It does help. Thank you

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I’m a bit of a scientist myself (more of a science/tech geek), and I know that the spiritual realms exist. As mainstream physics move into the subatomic/quantum realm, the astral/mental/emotional reality of the spiritual dimension (or the Void, as it is called on BALG) becomes apparent.

I have personally experienced in my life since I was a church geek that the spirit or soul plane exists.

I will share links of my experience with King Paimon below.

Thank you for the advices,all of you. I think something is already happening… :slight_smile: