King Paimon Chose Me (I Think)

King Paimon Chose Me to be his student. (I Think)

2017-Apr-25 Journal entry:

Last night, I had a dream I met King Paimon. It seems the teacher has chosen me as his student since Azazel never responded when I called him. I have used the resources at this website to help me call on both of them.

As I laid there on my bed, it seemed like information was “downloaded” into my mind. I saw some of the words on pages from a book called “Machiavelli’s the Prince”. Then, while still dreaming, I saw my face in the bathroom mirror. My eyes were glowing, A hand came out of the side of my face and shook my hand.

The smiling face of an older gentleman with Arab/Middle Eastern features and a turban on flashed in the mirror. Then the hand retreated and my normal face appeared in the mirror.

Then I had another weird dream that I was in an episode of an old sci-fi show “Tekwar” where me and my partner found a fusion device/bomb that caused a suction/micro-black hole singularity when it exploded. We ran like hell while the ground under us crumbled and gave way. We survived. A gave my partner a pat on the back.

Then I woke up.

Weird dreams are nothing new to me. I rarely ever have nightmares. Maybe a scary one once in a while. Some prophetic ones. Like, Washington, DC getting nuked. This was years ago. I saw a blinding flash of light. Then, I was walking the downtown streets of my hometown. I saw nothing but fires, smoke, and rubble. I had a sense of what happened, then I tried to find out what the date was. I looked for a scrap of newspaper on the ground, a sign, anything. When I finally found what I was looking for, I reached for it and I woke up. Never did get a chance to read it!

This dream happened a second time. Again, blinding flash of light. Walking the DC streets trying to pick up some info. Then, I woke up crying. I told this guy I know about it and he said if I had the dream again, then it might actually happen. To this day, out of all the weird and lucid dreams, I had since I have not had that dream again!

Oh well. Do I just have a vivid imagination? Or, did King Paimon really answer me?

Or maybe I should move to Hollywood and let my mind be probed for movie and TV ideas? At least I’ll be in California avoiding the nuclear destruction of my hometown of Washington, DC.

Then, there is the matter of the big earthquake that splits California in two…


If you believe that he answered you, it’s most likely he did.

Hi I’m Eliza Maxfield I’m new to this only starting today. But I have been dreaming off king paimon myself and it’s left me frustrated because it was like he was sitting on my bed just looking at me

Perhaps king Paimon wanted to tell you something or guide you to an answer you’re looking for. Or even teach you a specific thing you need to know. You should learn from him as he’s a really great teacher.

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I will do but I just need to where to start

Try that tutorial and the evocation seminar linked in the welcome PM, and post on here when you’ve done so with any questions, it will give both you and us a good starting point. :thumbsup: