Message from King Paimon

I don’t know if this could be considered an “evocation” or not, but these thoughts came flooding my mind as I was updating this topic. I am sure though that this is a message from His Excellency, King Paimon:

"I came to you, Cyberseeker, because I see in you greatness. Yes, I see you as a king like myself and a great leader. It is no mistake that you were born and raised in the powerful Capitol on Earth, Washington, D.C. You see everyday first hand what power and privilege look like. I share and see your feelings of indignity and inequality of your African-American people. Who do you think helped your Malcolm X and MLK see and attain their true potential? No, this is not about race or class. These stupid categories that humanity puts itself in.

In your struggles, you see and understand that you must accept your destiny as a King as a God! I will help you and show you. I, Azazel and the others will guide you and challenge you to overcome your naivety, shyness and being unsure of yourself. You have already become more confident and assertive. You must continue to embrace the I AM consciousness and tap into your power.

You admire Donald Trump even though you don’t like him. Good. Continue to learn from him so you will be even greater than he is! You have already shown that you have vast knowledge and wisdom. You share it with the people on that forum called of BALG. Your name says it all. You have mastered the Cyber realm and is a continuing seeker of knowledge. Knowledge is power, true. True power is not money, but influence over people. Trump has this. Malcolm X and Dr. King had this. It is no mistake that examples from your own people’s struggle were about not just mere civil rights, but to be treated and accepted as the Gods they are!

I came to you in your dream as a well-dressed businessman. This is how the politicians of your modern times present themselves. Your Nino Brown and Tony Montana characters in those movies you like represent only a small aspect of my power. Gangsters know what they want, how to deal with people to get what they want. They are ambitious and do whatever it takes to get it! This “I don’t give a damn, I’m not afraid” confidence is what attracts women. The wealth and luxury are not the cause of this. They are the result. You will be victorious. You are a leader. You are a King. You are a God. Now grow a pair and act like it!"

Any thoughts? Did this message speak to you too? Is this really King Paimon?


I think it was I can’t hear King Paimon physically but I soul travel to meet him occasionally as I was reading that it sounded like him in my head like he was reading it out to me. wow I have a headache now


If you evoke him in a rite where he writes his name for you so you know it’s him then you can be assured. Then you can ask him was it him?


How exactly does an entity “write his name” during a ritual? In that case, ask @Micah and others for signature from all the entities he invokes/evokes.

I’m not trying to be flippant, but show us proof that such things can actually happen during rituals.

AYYYY!:fire::tada::tada::tada::ghost::dragon_face::snake: Excellent job @cyberseeker! I felt King Paimon in that one. Alot more detailed than my evocation! Awesome job!

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It’s a test. A Spirit when challenged i.e. requested to write it’s name will do it “astrally” with an “astral pen” or the like. If you don’t get this test then you could be talking to fuckin anything…probably your own ego.


I will respond on the writing name thing later. I’m slaving away moving right now lol
Can you ask King Paimon what he meant by “powerful forces from the deep”? Please?

I never thought that King Paimon really care about Trump…

@Zenifon I understand what you’re saying, but @cyberseeker isn’t talking to his ego. I’m just saying, it kind of came off somewhat insulting.

If he gets a signature then he’ll know for sure, imo

he was the one who asked for feedback. That’s what I gave, feedback.

I did a meditation and asked him for a sign. I keep seeing his sigil flash in my mind’s eye. I’m still waiting for something more concrete.

Sorry if I came off as insulting to anyone.


I wasn’t referring to you @cyberseeker lol

@Zenifon it’s all good. No harm done

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^ This is absolutely spot on, you can ask them to flash their seal if there are a lot of letters, the only entities who will refuse this are the ones who are imposters or aspects of your own mind.


I h[quote=“cyberseeker, post:1, topic:12541, full:true”]

Any thoughts? Did this message speak to you too? Is this really King Paimon?

I have summoned Paimon. tonight.

My answer is yes, this was Him speaking to you.


Ok. So I’m not deluding myself or going crazy.

Thank you.


Any time brother.

The candle was flickering like crazy like KP was being full on. When he finally appeared he was a dangerous black panther as in the feline jungle cat. The other week he came to me like Disney’s Shere Khan

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How did you summond him?

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