Communing with the dead, but reincarnation exists?

So a popular feat of magick is the ability to commune with those who have died. This confuses me however, as from my understanding most humans end up just reincarnating immediately after death, unless if there were efforts to prevent the reincarnation. So how could they talk to a spirit who has already left to go live another life? Is the being that is talked with some sort of energy impression that is left behind when they died?


Reincarnation is a belief system. Not a set fact. And is a choice.


Youre talking to whats referred to as a “dead”. Reincarnation happens but not everything is recycled. A dead is just what is left of the human mind and ego, not the spirit.

I didnt see this at first, but you hit the nail on the head. A persons spirit can also always be talked to whether they are incarnated or not.

This is why the idea of soul complexes have been around for thousands of years. The soul is not a singular thing, but made of multiple parts.


I personally believe that that there is a difference between the shade and the soul and the spirit.

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Sounds interesting, would you explain more?

Personally i believe that one holds the ego and things to your life. Thats why you can xall upon the dead person because you are calling upon their shade or ego.

I believe the soul moves on or rests. It isnt called when you call the deceased.

Once dead the rules of “time” are different. A dead person can be thousands of years “dead” without reincarnating. I also like to believe that although reincarnation may/or may not exist you have lives, in both the past and the future.

Who said that time must be “linear” for souls?


In my beliefs our ‘higher self’ or ‘soul self’ has aspects from all of our human lives that you can work with even when reincarnated. That or the spirit has chosen not to.

I don’t believe people communicate with the full bodied dead. When someone dies residual energy of them are left behind that can be communicated with for a limited amount of time.

You can evoke a person’s soul while they’re reincarnated and work with their soul as knowledge isnt lost you’re working with their true self as who they actually are with the knowledge of each life they’ve lived and the knowledge they gained prior to the cycle.


In Works of Darkness, EA posits that the dead worked with in necromancy are what he called “shades,” described basically as the energetic imprint left over from the passing of a soul. In other words, a footprint of the person that was.


People that communicate with the dead, can communicate with the living the same way. We can’t tell the difference between a living person and a philosophical zombie.

We? And not sure what that has to do with what I said lol.

I was going to bring up shades as well. They are basically echos of a once living person, with limited information.

The Greeks had a similiar view point, if i recall correctly, as journeying to Hades was considered a very rare feat, if they had viewed their stories literally.


I’ve noticed through my own experiences, that mostly the idea is of the imprint variety, generally residual energies for the most part. As for reincarnation, that’s a different story and yes a belief system though a tangible one, far more tangible than the constructs of heaven or hell in that sense.
At times there can be more earth bound spirits, this I’ve experienced also.
But what I found for the most part is that it is more about energetic memory, even the subconscious memory when mediums mediums or others commune, and the flip side, is that when it comes to the greater scope or scale, it can be overlapping time frames in the same space (kind of like in the movie “the others”).
I know that I still get constantly harassed by my mum, who tries to work her way through me over and over, no matter how many times she’s been sent on her way, she always was an ultra stubborn bitch. LOL Though that’s just a bit of a rant.
Where I draw a different conclusion as nothing can be anything less than it was at it’s source, and therefore eventually returns to it, in some way shape or form. Physically speaking we live on Earth and on Earth we stay, bound for all time, in a constant loop of regeneration. Meaning we never really go anywhere except to what ever construct we have created for ourselves in our minds, but end up right back where we started, thereby we simply rejoin nature and the masculine/feminine collective, to be reformed, and that in cycle. So each incarnation is simply a jump in time though occur at the same time, basically you’re currently living and shaping your past/present and future lives and each shapes the other, I suppose until they all align into some specific configuration, if not an ever changing one.
(I kinda feel like I went a little off topic there, but it is the way I see it)

Right, but my issue with the reincarnation theory is that it makes earth the “center of all existence” - and makes it seem like you “have” to reincarnate. Which doesn’t sit right with me.

I hardly believe earth is the only place to experience and that humans will keep being recycled here. That theory to me sounds really ignorant to the fact that earth is about the size of a pin, or even atom when compared to all of reality.

And I dont believe all souls that come here are human. I don’t believe humans are the center of the universe - that to me is an egotistical view. My opinion is that reincarnation is a choice but I do believe souls move on. However that doesn’t mean they are recycled back here unless they strongly believe they will - because belief seems to play a part in reality as well.

Heck I’m sure you can incarnate In more places, realities, etc then earth. Also keep in mind how young the human species is compared to earth and other species.

@anon48079295 @DarkestKnight ?

We know we’re not. Bruno and Galileo proved we revolve around the sun, not the other way round, over 500 years ago, but our consciousness is naturally human-centric. It’s not egotistical, though, it is simply a natural byproduct of our life here in the physical realm because we have never encountered another species like ourselves. As far as we currently know, we are the only self aware species in the universe so it is perfectly normal to believe we are special. I’d wager that any alien race we eventually encounter will think similarly.

That’s why we personify natural forces to look like us, give our gods the basic human form, and why all depictions of extraterrestrials generally show them as bipedal like us.

Reincarnation seems to be the basic function of the physical universe. If the First Law of Thermodynamics holds for the spiritual realms, then reincarnation has to be the main operating parameter since the First Law states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted from one form to another.

However, there is nothing that says we are automatically reincarnated as humans beyond our human-centric world view. We could reincarnate as a rock or a blade of grass because, at the end of the day, we are all just energy given form.

Almost all of the world’s spiritual traditions hold that reincarnation is the default setting of our reality. In order to remove oneself from the wheel of birth and death requires conscious spiritual work so you develop enough to make the choice. It is not automatically given to you.

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That doesn’t explain the many spirits that aren’t tied to human bodies, for example the spiritual lovers/gods/etc. As well as the spirits that supposedly didn’t move on.

I think it has been discussed elsewhere that these are not truly the soul of a person, but a remnant, an energetic footprint of sorts.

Yes it does. They are pools of energy that serve a distinct purpose within the structure of the universe. We give them form with our own consciousness. To quote Azazel from the Book of Azazel: “Can you name a single thing that exists independent of your observation? Such a thing does not exist. When you and I meet, you and I come into existence. Until that point, there is no You, there is no I. You exist only in your relation to that which surrounds you…You ask if I am real? I am as real as the world around, which is not real at all.”


I think they are conscious also whether or not we give them form. I think the form we give them is only because our consciousness needs to in order to understand them. Just as them, us.

What do you mean pools of energy? I also think they exist independent from us (they aren’t all thoughtforms) - we only become aware of them when we contact them. Just like I wasn’t aware of all the people here until I joined this forum but everyone here has existed independently from me.

Although I do believe they only take form (through our consciousness just like everything else) when we contact/observe them. However I believe they exist outside of us and aren’t dependent on us for their existence.

Also remember that humans can only see a small fraction of the full light spectrum and that even animals have been known to react to spirits independent of humans. Or other people scanning and being able to sense something correctly without any previous knowledge/front load

Or the times where a spirit has manifested without me trying to contact them and then me becoming aware of them, as well as some that have been with me my whole life but I didn’t know until recently but have had clues + activity throughout my life