Communing with the dead, but reincarnation exists?

In the BOA, Azazel also talks about how he was “set loose upon the Earth” by Enoch (meaning Ascended souls who have achieved absolute liberation) as a momentary embodiment of the forbidden. In other words, the enlightened saw great use for him.

Just what I mean, energy without form.

All living things react to foreign energy. It doesn’t mean they are reacting to spirits though. Animals have no conception of spirits.

Another quote from Azazel: "I have appeared to men as they have considered me. I have taught them that which they were on the brink of learning themselves. I concatenated their realisation. I would say that I have always existed as this Promethean, Pandorian figure because all time for me is present. However, I have not existed at all until this moment. But neither have you. "

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Right but having form and being conscious are two different things. They don’t need us to become conscious is what I’m trying to say. This just sounds alot like those theories that say that “spirits are part of the mind” which is just wrong to me.

Maybe the way I see it is, you and I (both two human beings) are both conscious independently of each other yet technically aren’t aware of each other unless we come into some form of contact - thus allowing your existence into my reality and mine yours. Even though we exist independently of each other. I see it this way.

Therefore your take form within my consciousness and I do in yours.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding but that’s what it sounds like.

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Regarding the souls which are passing to the other side, I was always wondering if the souls are aware the reason that they left.
And I m talking ofcourse, about sudden, unexpected deaths, in cases like heart attack for example.
Are they able to realize in those few seconds before the transition, what is happening…?
So in such cases of sudden death, is the reincarnation process being affected?
Regarding how soon they will come back for another round of living and how ‘easy’ would be for them to get used to this huge change of their …form/ state? :thinking:

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This is one of those questions that can’t really be truly answered, because a lot of people hold very tightly to their beliefs regarding what spirits are. They don’t want to think that the demons or gods they bend their knee to or shed blood for, don’t really exist outside of themselves anymore than a Christian wants to know that humans created their holy book.

However, even the science of quantum physics posits that ours is an observer-dependent universe, meaning that it requires self aware beings such as ourselves to perceive it in order for it to exist. This is something that spiritual traditions have taught since ancient times so it’s not a new idea but it is new in scientific circles.

My personal belief is that spirits exist both internal and external to us.


I’m in a similar belief. I do believe there are thought forms and such but that spirits are also external beings. Just forms of energy that aren’t tied to bodies like us.


When you get down to it, at the quantum level nothing exists but energy. There are no humans, no spirits, no stars, no galaxies, just globs of pure energy requiring an animating consciousness to take form. Our physical reality is so immediate to us that it is sometimes hard to fully grasp that at its very deepest level, it doesn’t actually exist, and that is what Azazel was talking about, and why it has been referred to both as an illusion, and a dream by various traditions.

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Well I agree with what quantum physics points out - but my belief being that humans aren’t the only self aware observer of reality. I don’t think energy needs a physical body to be self aware.

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Well from that then energy defiently doesn’t need a physical body to be conscious if it’s all an illusion to begin with. We’re just conscious energy. Same as Azazel. If you go down to the very building blocks of it all.

Also there was something, research done about the Brain and light photons. Being that consciousness might be seperate from the brain and therefore not needing the brain. Well I mean to be fair, it was a recent discovery and they did briefly mention that but also mentioned the number of photons being equivalent to the level of consciousness.

Also there was something about quantum entanglement? Which basically means that once you make contact with something/someone you are entangled for all eternity or something like that. Maybe that explains why spirits follow people into future lives lol. Jk but funny to think about.

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That’s why I said animating consciousness, not a physical body. It requires awareness to condense the energy into form, in what is euphemistically called the Observer Effect, where the quantum superposition of particles solidifies into one thing over another.

Entanglement simply means that at the quantum level everything is connected to everything else. Separation is an illusion created by our consciousness for survival in the physical realm. Entanglement is one possible explanation for why magick works.

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Hmm…kinda like a spider’s web which I know has occult/Spiritual significance. Well maybe it’s this invisible “web” of entanglement that holds everything together and is what really allows for everything to exist independent but as one at the same time?

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That and the there was some type of study done on Remote Viewing which seemed to show that there is something that connects everything (aka something that would be perfect to connect your intent - energy into to manifest). For them it just allowed the people to spy on others (aka the CIA)

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@snortoncat its complicated but you have the whole soul which is all your incarnations in unity and the partial soul fragments which is each one individually. So you would still be able to communicate with that fragment.


Azazel seemed aware. He used alot of “I” statements signifying a sense of self awareness. So consciousness is required for form? Also these spirits at time seem to know information that the human (operator) wasn’t aware of or couldn’t have been.

Plus then you get the physical poltergeist like activity. I’ve had it, and I’ve seen accounts from others who have too. Not just random energy but from a “spirit” they were either doing a ritual with - communicating to, etc. To be fair doesn’t happen often but there are definitely some interesting moments.

The Kybalion says that “All is Mind” which could actually be referring to quantum entanglement. We manifest our desires by imprinting the substance of this Divine Mind with images held in our own consciousness, because it is made of the same stuff as this substance that connects everything to everything else.

He says in the BOA that his use of the personal pronoun I refers to his existence as a “momentary embodiment of the forbidden.” But, yes, as an embodiment, he is indeed aware.

Well, that humans aren’t consciously aware of, anyway. In theory, humans also have access to all the knowledge spirits do, but we don’t know how to access it due to our immersion in the physical realm.

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Which is where the subconscious and super consciousnes comes into play.

If I have to guess, we are all (spirit and human and basically anything else) small fragments of this “divine mind” or thing that connects.all things. We are just in the physical and spirits probably closer to the divine mind.

And we connect to spirits and spirits to us via whatever connects everything in Reality.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that science seems to be slowly catching up on what the yogis/shamans/ancient human socities/etc have known or taught all along. And these societies also took spirits seriously to. Aka Shamans and their spiritual marriages, the teachings about the higher self and guides, etc. So that says something.

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I’m mentioned my stance on humans as in humans here not being the only humans but I don’t believe reincarnation makes earth the center of all existence it’s more that people who just hear about reincarnation do it, in Buddhism 6 realms are recognized where one can reincarnate into, same with norse mythology and the 9 worlds, each framework speaks widely on reincarnation.


Ah well my next destination is the infernal empire after this! That’s partly what the transmutation is for, but also other stuff as well.