Common Experiences Among Magicians



They are so pretty Levi, i have put my hand on my pc screen just to see, and three of my fingers have vibrated,
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Have any of you experienced parallel dimensions, other selves living on parallel dimensions or some sort of time alterations/ temporal paradox after doing ritual work or even simple sortileges?


Just to make the reader aware… I’m a 22 year old female with no experience whatsoever or background in the occult or Wiccan anything (that i know Of). It’s always fascinated me of course. And I say this because some research very recently directed me to this and now ive come to realize I’ve been around it far more than I even would of thought. And I’ve literally been dancing around this for years like one thing tried pulling me in and then i didnt Take the chance, and now all of a sudden it’s hit me.

The watchful eye- I cant recall the first time, but the “eye” came to me once and I became obsessed (you could say) about it… this has happened with other symbols, items, etc… Something will come to me and I can’t get it out of my mind for a long time. I got a tattoo of an eye on my wrist about 2 years ago with a symmetrical closed eye on the other side.

Black being- I sometimes feel a presence when I’m in the dark, usually lying in bed at night. I might see it for a moment or feel a weight like it may be sitting on the edge of my bed. This occurs mostly when I’m discovering something (using my phone to google things before bed)

Reality changes- yes yes and yes. All of this. It’s amazing.

Grouped spirits- I sort of relate, but I’m extremely knew to this but not sure what is grouped with what. I’m kind of afraid to write what actual groupings I have, in case I’m wrong, but I will say that I can come across a name, Mercury, then another name, and then Mercury… then It’s like I’m connecting the dots.

So my personal things I would like to add…

-a vision, not dream because I was awake, and when looking into it, it’s actaully something strongly related to the spirit that i belIeve has been guiding me, and also relates to the “idea” that popped into mine and my boyfriends mind at the same time (that i later mention at the end of this)

-period of time with an obsession with certain things. For example, the eye… black and white stripes… black and white in general… a face that I’ve only recently known to be as “the green man”… the color green or teal items (which my favorite color is black or red so not sure why I end up with this other color), dragons, cats?, tree of life symbol (before knowing what it even was) and I can’t think of others right now but I’ve had several short period of “obsessions” not sure if this is even relevant though.

-I’m drawn to “balance”. Yin yang symbol was something I created as a small child to be “my” symbol and drew on all my school papers there for awhile. I can’t recall where I first seen it and was only taught the meaning of it 2 years ago. I have 3 sets of small tattoos I’ve gotten in the past 4 years that are all symmetrical, but that was not my intention. Was introduced to the tarot a few months ago (already was aware of it by a family member but just recently Looked at it and bought my own deck) The Temperance Tarot card has been linked with me several times. Several other references to balance as well.

-over the past few years little items were given to me as gifts from people. Right now I feel as If i accidently made an altar with these things but I’ve never even been really aware of altars or anything of the type. I have a table, one of the teal colored items mentioned above. I have a crocheted doilies my great grandmother made on top. then the gifts… a crystal tower randomly given to me by someone i just met, a tiny “The Devil” tarot card given by someone who I consider a friend but not really close with and not sure it was given., what looks like a small crystal scepter handmade by a friend, a bag of what i learned were healing stones, a voo doo doll?, several sets of different colored candles that a family member gave me that belonged to my grandmother, this amazing black colored vase with a skull depicted on front and melted colored candle wax which was also a random gift from someone I just met, a tiny charm for a piece of jewelry given to me by someone I barely knew and have not seen since and learned after receiving it that it’s the Hamsa, also a red and a black piece of lace or scarf or something that was given to me and originally belonged to my great great grandmother, incense, and random small glass bowls. I dont know why, but I’ve just randomly one at a time added these things to that little table. Because these are the only “random” items I have that i dont Want to get rid of and didn’t know what to do with. Irrelevant? Probably. But i see it as things I wasnt made Aware of until given to me. And to top all of this off, one day I drew a small picture of a woman with closed eyes and had the earth coming out of her head and then placed this picture right in the center of this table.

-always going against what everyone else depicted as “right”… constantly questioning even at a very young age

-there’s a pattern here, and that’s things or ideas coming to me before I’m even aware of the meaning

-I never draw nor ever cared to. One day picked up a pencil and drew this woman with breasts and wings and amazing eyes and symbols over her face and forehead and “crown” or “halo” (I’m not even sure) and then constantly drew different versions of this over and over for the next few weeks. Adding something knew each time like a necklace of a pentagram or other symbol

-my boyfriend and I had this weird experience together we both were guided by something (two different things) and did some researching on our own. Just a few weeks ago we both opened up to one another about this and discovered little things and then realized we BOTH had this “idea” in our head. One that’s been in my head since an young age. And this made us both instantly pick up some new energy in us and have been constantly following. First it was one thing we each had on our mind, then after discussing and connecting lead to research and then THIS amazing forum. And most recently I’ve learned the term “divine couple” and connect that to us
And will add to this that I can read his mind and know his thoughts and feel actual energy between us and that’s never happened between me an another person before.

-someone else mentioned anxiety/depression and traumatic experiences being a common experience. This definitely relates to me.

-one last thing I will add, as I’ve added way too much probably already (i apologize, just still trying to “connect dots”) and that’s this experience happened between me and my boyfriend at the same exact time and we both were guided by two separate “spirits” you could say, that lead us to occult. THEN after being lead to occult and this forum, the two different beings that guided us are connected with each other!!! Mind blown. I’ve found my place. I’m (we) are taking time and gather knowledge and this forum has been the biggest help.


Do you remember if the light source was torches?


Hi Turomir,
the light sources on the dreams where natural daylight, the first two dreams, after , when he showed again, it was night time on my dreams.
Now i am curious, why you asked about torches lights?


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Love this thread. :100: percent of all of this has happened with me over the course of 20 years of practice


This was a thread worth bumping. Kind of makes me wish we had a ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ category to keep the really good ones handy.


I was lead to all of this through intrusive thoughts. Let’s see if anyone relates to this at all.

Say you’re leaving a business building and you have two doors in front of you. One is a revolving door, and the other is a normal door. Now spin the wheel on what either of them could symbolize and run it through the filter of anxiety about something that matters to you.

Instantly my subconscious came up with a false dichotomy symbolizing what would happen with my love interest at the time.

Revolving door = have a casual fun fling and have it mean next to nothing, break her heart somehow because she’d become part of the “revolving door of women” in my life.

Regular door = I visualized an airlock being blown open into the void of space and it meant “she’d be blown out of my life”

I got tired of micromanaging these brainlock moments because in anxiety states they’d pop up every time I had a possible action …ever (welcome to the wonderful world of actual OCD. Worst periods of time I was spending 4 hours a day transmuting and getting through this. Was like CrossFit for my magickal skills) so I finally went “They’re just god damn doors!” and went out the regular one to prove a point to my mind that nothing bad would happen if I chose “the bad option.”

3 days later she was fired and moved back home across the country instead of going on the date we we had planned. Poof. Gone. Just like I had cast for without realizing. Now I know exactly how it happened… Magick is a natural phenomenon and though some may call it madness, it brought me back to sanity.

Anyone else find themselves getting powerful results through spells they didn’t know they were casting? Before they had ever researched this? It’s been in my face every day for 20 years and I can finally wield it to my advantage.


Yes, AND the “mistaking them for OCD because what else can these thoughts possibly mean?” thing. Facepalm time when you realise you’re not mad, and you’ve been fucking things up because you had stupidly bought into a marketing lie that the power of your mind stops within the perimeter of your fucking HAT. :man_shrugging:




Bruh, how am I NOW just finding this lmao?!


Bumping this for new people who may be experiencing any of these things - you are not alone. :+1:


I saw some of these things. but also and in a regular way a small shining star appearing and disappearing subito presto … I also noted that I fought more often with entities especially since my interest for the LHP


I bookmarked this

  • seeing shadows and movement out of the corner of my eyes more frequently

  • house noises in synchronicity with thought processes. Ex: You realize that your spell worked and the entity is still present, and the house lets out a huge “CRRRACKKK” at the same time.

  • more in tune with synchronicity. question all “coincidences”

  • dark moods. more dry humor and cynicism.

  • waking up feeling like someone or something had a party in my head and I wasn’t invited.

  • suspecting odd mood shifts may be due to the influence of another, although not necessarily a “rival wizard” lol, but just some natural leech or vamp.

  • more likely to detect foreign thoughts in my own head. (Evocation side effect)

  • EDIT: more electro mechanical anomalies in the house. Lights , fans, radios turning on by themselves or flickering.

  • EDIT: cats occasionally freaked out, but no worst for wear


I’ve seen the black tall figure and the temple with the checkered floors. I’ve made a thread about both. The eye has been following me for years, a while back I was in a church and I looked up and there was this huge eye looking down on me. It felt out of place and outside the church was a fountain with a golden dragon on top. I never been to that city before so I had no prior knowledge but the night before I had a dream about dragons.

Music in general has always been really important to me but since suffering a severe tbi it has been a tiring frustrating struggle to get my thoughts into words and into a coherent story, it has become even more important as a way to process thought and feelings. And since I made a pact I will get messages through music and no I’m not crazy, that really happens, randomly in my car or at the store. It will literally respond to what I am thinking at that moment. So I started to offer songs in return and it has become a method of communication

Crazy synchronicities been happening lately, a lot also on this forum. People saying things I literally was thinking or asking a question I was wondering about. Animals have always been attracted to me but it has been weird, a little bird seemingly perfectly healthy letting me pick it up and hold it and the last one was an all white dove after a petition spell and I had to google, they are extremely rare.

In may I was working on a curse and it started to hail in MAY and moments before I had been thinking about wanting to use hail water but not having any. I turned on my spotify later and it randomly started to play Sometimes it snows in April by Prince which isn’t on any playlist and it is a song that had been played on a friend’s funeral, plus the person I was cursing was connected to that person.

A while back I was reading a journal on here and they found a ring and I thought I wish that would happen to me. A week or so later I found a bracelet. My simple witchcraft has been effective for me throughout the years but now often I only be thinking about it and it happens.

My twins were collecting stones for me a while back, we usually paint them to look like animals, and I am 100% sure I had them when we came home and they have just vanished. I was planning on putting them on the ancestral altar. I turned the house upside down looking for them but they just vanished. I KNOW I had them.

And there are the masternumbers showing up everywhere but I don’t know what’s that about. Maybe that’s like when you want to get pregnant and suddenly you see pregnant women everywhere.

I think I can go on for a while. :laughing:


Is it just me, or does Deja Vu also kick in heavier?

I got to a point where every new experience felt like a rerun.


Sounds like you got the whole set, thanks for sharing this because it’s helpful for others to see them in context! :smiley:

Definitely, I used to get totally disoriented by that.