Common Experiences Among Magicians

I def. had some heavy Deja Vu feelings with some members here, yes (in my case for some weird reason with @Micah most of the time, so far)


I get Dejavu all the time. At least twice a week.

I can feel exactly what others around me are feeling and sometimes what they’re thinking as well. I don’t hear the words in their head… it’s just known to me.

I’m always right about cause and effect situations.

I can feel entities around me…not all the time… and I can’t see them either, though I used to. When I got into drugs at that point in my life, I lost that ability. I do sometimes feel them still and I call out but they don’t reply.

I also used to know when something bad was about to happen to me or any loved ones, but that also disappeared with my drug use. I haven’t regained it and it’s saddening.

My aura attracts and comforts animals and babies/toddlers.

I occasionally have premonitions in my dreams. I always have very vivid dreams either way, full of color and packed with symbolism. I should get better and figuring them out because I have a feeling they are telling me a whole lot about the future because it seems to me that I have an infinity for knowing the future and my ability is just really unpracticed.


Bumped because it’s encouraged and feel this topic is genuinely helpful to newcomers. Also big personal thanks to Lady_Eva for another post involving wards, have found it very helpful in just about every regard.

Several of the experiences listed throughout this thread have also occurred to me, shadowy figures, relatives having dreams, reality changes and unintentional precognition like knowing whose phoning me moments before the phone rings to name a few. But in the spirit of posting something different I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my affinity with the number 9 and not having known anything about it’s relevance (still don’t, but I have more clues). It was something I felt so strongly associated with over the past 20 odd years that I have had things engraved with the roman numeral of it and even sometimes introduce myself as Nine and am referred to as such by some, which I feel more comfortable with than my birth name.


Here are a few things I experience -

  1. I will go to sleep thinking about an issue, and I will wake up in the morning with a song in my head, that I havent heard in years. 100% of the time the song is in reference to my problem, and I always feel better.

  2. i go to bed after a ritual or a “working”, and instead of restful sleep - i experience what I call downloading. Im asleep, but my brain is SUPER active, almost like info is downloading directly into my brain. I also have conversations, and can only remember bits and pieces.

  3. i see shadows and color energies floating through the room. If i stare into a mirror and go into TGS, i will see giant blobs of purple, green, and/or red go floating by.

  4. i know who is calling - every single time.

  5. occasionally i will hear someone elses voice in my head answering an internal question. When I first started practicing magick, I was wondering to myself how to strengthen my mind for magick. I heard an indian man in my head yell “You Meditate! Hahaha!!!”.

I laughed so hard, i nearly choked. It was ridiculously funny because it was true.


Arianna- Vanished before your eyes? Did it vanish on the pages of the book?

I have experienced this multiple times… it can kinda be depressing sometimes when the other you has the life this you always dreamed of.

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Bumping for new members, especially those with some previous magickal or supernatural experiences. :ok_hand:


In the short duration of my practice, 9 months in, I’ve experienced at least 6 of these phenomena.

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Im actually glad you decided to bump this. For awhile I thought I needed to get my eyes check.

I see dark figures constantly, sometimes even white figures as well. Shooting off from the corners of my eyes.

I have seen distortions in reality also. At work I saw geometric shapes in a cloaked manner, a square here and there that was transparent but its edges would be noticeable, like seeing a heat mirage.

When I close my eyes, I always see a pair of eyes staring right back at me. I don’t know if its a phosphene phenomena or not, it’s hard to tell.

I’ve seen eyes in a vision once, it spoke to me introducing itself as Shaitan; follow by speaking “Luk la rue dae sho, Luk la ren dae shen” which is a variation of Chinese, Dutch, French, and Afrikkan. It means “Close the street Day God, Close pull people day place”

It was Shaitans way of announcing the arrival of Lucifer to my domain. “He comes near the Light God, whom brings people into the light”

I have experienced time dilations at work as well. Feeling like I would work only 5 hours and find out that I put in a 10 hour shift and not feel tired from it. I’ve also experienced such dilations while scrying also. What would feel like hours of practicing only taking 30 minutes to do.

My wife will have dreams also, as she will share with me what they are, and I can instantly make connections to things.

Especially that pertaining to thoughts from the previous day.

I’m sure as I continue practicing, this will become more and more of a prevalent thing.

Again, thank you for the bump on this topic.


This deserves bumps galore, so many newcomers and dabblers ask these questions all the time. Dunno why I never seen this til now.


That has been happening to me a lot lately too, have no idea what it is unfortunately.


Do the eyes resemble that of an owls?

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Yes!!! They’re round like a owl’s

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Look familiar?



Never seen anything like that, but the eyes are pretty similar yes. But when I see it it happens when I blink for a second (but sometimes it appears more clearly and for a little bit longer, that happened when I was about to meditate), and it looks like two eyes made of white light and they’re similar to those in that picture in terms of shape.

That sounds more like a phosphene phenomena. Light imprints in your eyes that disappear after a short time. Seeing blurbs of shapes and spiraling motions.

“Phosphenes are the luminous floating stars, zigzags, swirls, spirals, squiggles, and other shapes that you see when closing your eyes tight and pressing them with your fingers. Basically, these phenomena occur when the cells of the retina are stimulated by rubbing or after a forceful sneeze, cough, or blow to the head.” This is what I found to explain this phenomena better and it’s similar in some aspects but this happens without any pressure on my eyes, but when I just blink normally just minding my own business.

Also I never see blurbs of shapes and spirals, it’s just what I mentioned earlier. I found it weird because it has been happening lately and I never experienced this before, and it’s just this couple of weeks that has been happening frequently.

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Anything different that you may be doing in your life or any ritual or spells that you may have performed that could connect the dots related to such occurrences?

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I’ve been doing a meditation with Belial’s enn because of preparatory immersion because he has appeared in 5 dreams so far without me calling him (since I started doing magick), actually when the image appeared more clearly I was about to do that one.

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There’s your connection. :grin:

He’s watching you.

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