Common Experiences Among Magicians


Completely forgot about this thread :rofl: another for my list :grin:


W E Butler had a sample figure of a b-w chequered floor in a chapter on sigils and talismans. It when stared at will disorient you, as it will flash or open like a sigil. Same with the vertigo spiral symbol. Pillars … Some are black, some are white, some are ash, some are salt, some are smoke/cloud, some are fire. There are seven pillars of Hermes … The seven basic principles. Duality, polarity spring to mind.


I know this feeling - needing to be patient and controlling my temper.almost feeling as if others are setting me up to lose my cool to get anger from me and then elicit a passive aggressive “you were horrible to me for tripping over my foot I so thoughtfully put in front of you to make you notice me”.

Instead of telling me that my pan on the stove is on fire, I will be told the story of how the stove was made, delivered, oh the funny story about them dropping on the way and how the food is now a burnt offering… As I see black smoke, smell the acrid stench and spy the flames licking at the paint on the door.

He’s always had the issue of longwindedness, just I hadn’t realised HOW SODDING MUCH!

I normally just sit and listen but now I bite at him, he can’t help it but horsey gnashers and temper aren’t good - I even took a menopause test to see if I’d gone completely doolally - nope - I’m just a horrible horse.

There you are…

  1. Time Bending

yup, i have experienced this. really peculiar, but definitely welcome!

  1. Watchful Eye

“Seeing a single eye…when we close our own eyes”

yup, and i do not like it… well, sometimes i dont… my opinion of what it is or represents seems to change often, and so do my feelings towards it

  1. Black Being

yessss and not only during sleep paralysis
once it even had red glowing eyes and claimed to be an ancestor

  1. Reality Changes

absolutely. theres definitely some kind of feedback loop, it seems.

  1. Other Magicians As Dream Oracles

ive not had any dreams of interest wherein someone i knew personally was like an oracle, but i have been told that i appear in others’ dreams as such

  1. Other Magicians As Channels For Spirits

this hasnt happened to me to my knowledge

  1. Grouped Spirits

yup. i made an offering to Hecate and the next day Papa Legba came to me interested in striking a deal (i had no real prior knowledge of him, nor interest in the current he is associated with)… they are both associated with crossroads, so there was definitely some connection there

  1. Astral Decor

have had a few spiritual “dreams” in which i’ve encountered pillars and such
very deep, beautiful “dreams”

  1. Stuff From Other Paradigms Intruding

see number 7

  1. Materialising & Dematerialising

hasnt happened to me… at least i dont have any recollection of this

  1. Relatives Having Dreams

im not close with many people, blood relation or no, so this has only happened a small handful of times

im curious if anyone has experienced a pitch black vortex appearing in front of them upon awakening, which caused a great deal of terror

i had recently done some workings with dark energies that involved lots of sexual fluids and blood and i wonder if these two events were connected


Something else I’ve noticed is when a magician comes up with a brilliant idea and keeps it to themselves someone else will figure it out later. It’s like we can tap into consciousness in this sense


EA touched on this briefly on his evocation of the 9 demonic kings video. :thinking: was interesting stuff.


Spiders, I never worry about spiders in my room. They’re harmless. Though I get bugs as well and I wonder how the hell they get in because the floor is over a metre off the ground and these guys don’t fly. Black being, the night of my first evocation. I was lying there just dozing off and I opened my eyes when I felt something, there was a black robed figure with a hood floating. This was a few hours after my evocation of Sallos.


The grouped spirit thing is the biggest one for me right now. Getting a few consistent synchronicities from spirits that seem to want to talk. Others appear to be curious and briefly observe me, or drop a name in my head but nothing more. Wanting to see the new kid on the block type of deal?


Lol…I was going to add some info about pillars and checkered floors and was pondering how I wanted to phrase all that and how much is too much, etc. I clicked over to another tab and…

Talbusi!1 Latubusi! Kalubusi! Alusi!

1. EE: Talubsi.
Arise and bring me the Pillar of Fire that I may see.

The name of each angel must again have three calls by the voice directed to the four quarters of the earth and an equal number by the horn.

Bual! come! Aul! arise! Tubo! I come! Wegulo! arise!

In this place the blowing will be repeated.2 "

This happens to me all the time. I’m constantly batting at threads of yarn and unraveling massive balls of synchronicity. The same link led me down the rabbit hole to a sigil of Ariel that had all kinds of personal meaning, I went to save it and discovered I already had it. Every time I research that motherfucker, I forget about it! So that reopened the case, as it were. Also in that folder was a sigil that looked similar to one someone was inquiring about on another thread. The sigil in the thread has a cursive “L” which was weirding me out because I use that for my name, to the extent that I’m designing a fucking snake tattoo using that shape. Dot-dot-dot…connecting dots…all day…

So. If anyone else has experience with the Universe seemingly wanting you to know EVERYTHING, that should go on the list too. =)

PS. The link in reference:


Excellent list.

I’ve experienced several of these effects. Particularly the alpha dreamer state. I sometimes call it “improbability drive” because Douglas Adams rules and that state of awareness absolutely crushes my skepticism.

I’ll look up Iam Incide. Thanks for the tip :ok_hand:


Thanks LadyEva,
The very first time Belial showed in a dream to me, I was in a castle, and the floor was chequered black and white :anguished:
I am out of my mind with this, so it is common thing in the astral?
The columns too, I had two goddesses show to me in a temple with huge, gigantic white stone columns, it was also in a dream.

For the beings, I had some Indian master guru and even Catholic priests trying to bless me in dreams after I asked Cohzier for his help,
A shaman ( never studied shamanism) and a lot of beings I have no idea what they are or why they came for me…

I had some natural stones disappearing at home too, even if I KNEW where I have put them…then several months the stone appears again out of the blue, in a place it was not supposed to be, like, at all!


For the chequered floor, could it be a oniric symbol of the tgs state? It is several black and white small squares !


That is an interesting idea! Dunno, but it could be. :slight_smile:


I have two stones that randomly appeared in my apartment at different times. Together, they form a yin-and-yang. One I found in an art bin. When I found the dark half, under my sink, the first one disappeared. It eventually showed up in a random pocket. Now they’re together!


This is amazing Levi, I would be in a awe too, did you discovered what those two stones wanted to give you? Yin and Yang, such a good balance!


I have them on a little box that has a yin-yang on the top. They fit perfectly. I should try meditating with them and see what I can see.


Nice, lets us know what happened in the future!
Finally I have more to add in this list, and I am amazed by how it is so spot on, and pretty glad to not be the only one!


Yay, thread is serving it’s purpose! :smiley:

I love that feeling, when you’ve been wondering about all, this weirdness and then finally, FINALLY, you find that you’re not alone. :sunglasses:


Hooo,like you said Lady Eva, this is so good, and I thank you one million time for this,! :sparkling_heart:


E.A. Koetting appeared to me in a dream oracle situation to say that The Rebel has a plan for me to help people be free. I instantly knew he was referring to Lucifer as “The Rebel”. I had wondered if I was the only one having this kind of experience.