Christian Witchcraft Pt. 4: The Kabbalah

Disclaimer: This post DOES NOT AND WILL NOT contain any energy, vibe, or anything otherwise that could be interpreted as “Anti-semitism” or anything against jews as a people. Neither does this post support Joy of Satans theory that Jews are Satanist’s enemies or any of that bullshit.

Also this post DOES NOT endorse Jehovah, Yahweh, his Godnames, or anything related to him.
It does not “prove” that christianity is true in any way that word is understood. Period.
(End of Disclaimer)

There Will come a point in time when you mature as a Black Magician where you come to realize that there is tremendous power in the system of Jewish mysticism called the Kabbalah.

If you have not had any negative experiences with Angels, Christianity, etc then this will be a liberating experience for you and most likely there will not be any problems youll experience. If thats you, feel free to not read this article.

However, if you have had bad experiences with Jehova, Godnames, etc then this is for you.

I will discuss the Spiritual Corruption that has Transformed the Kabbalah from a True Magical System, to a corrupt tool of High Ranking Spiritual beings that harm former christians coming into the LHP and thus into their Godhood.

I will discuss the Semi-Moral, or rather Astral, dilema that faces the Ascending Black Magician when contemplating whether to integrate the Kabbalah (or ANY system in general) into their Black Magic or not.

Also i will provide examples of rituals that can be done USING the kabbalah by simply changing a few names out and switching words here and there.

So without Further Ado, lets begin.

Part 1:

                 To Kabbalah, Or Not To Kabbalah:
                           That Is The Question

To Integrate the Kabbalah into Black Magic you must cleanse its energy and consecrate it to yourself as A Living God.

Here is the reasoning behind that statement:
Everything is energy. The Kabbalah is a magical system and a magical system is a Noun. A noun is what? A person, place, or thing. All Things have energy composed of its innate charecteristics and the energy of those who use that system.

As Magicians we know that it is important to cleanse ourselves, our tools, and our space of any energy that pollutes us or our environment and halts our Rituals. This is accomplished through Smudging, spiritual baths, banishing rituals, Aura Cleansing, etc.

The same thing applies to the magical systems we use. If you do not ritually cleanse the system that you use, you will start to have a “hit & Miss” syndrome appear in your System. That is why they lose potency over time.

In its most SIMPLEST definition, The Sephiroth are Spheres of Power that relate to certain areas of our Lives. When we say the Godnames related to a particular Sephirotic sphere, we activate the related power IN OURSELVES and WITHIN the universe. In truth, it has nothing to do with Jehova. At all.

This Activation takes shape as a Surge of Energy related to that particular Sphere. Ahhhhh, i can already hear the students cry,

       "But what about The Angels & Archangels?!"
                "Uggh, What are they there for???"

Good Question. They are there to help you process the energies of said particular Sphere when you evoke it and vibrate the Corresponding Godname.

That is why you summon them. They are Divine ASSISTANTS to the One True God. Who is the One True God? YOU.

                          Jewish Leadership
                    (Rabbinical/Clergy/ Mystic)

There are a group of spiritual beings that have inspired Rabbinical Jewish Leadership to create the Egregore called “Jehovah” in order to siphon the Power from The People using the Qabbalah and bring it into them.

That is why “sometimes” the LBRP works for some magicains and sometimes it doesnt. At the most they get either a weak affect or no effect at all.
Qabbalistic Rituals were done over the Magical system in order to “protect” it from those of the LHP who would expose the farce and deliver the knowledge to the people.

(No this is NOT a US vs. THEM/Chosen people vibe im trying to give off. Fuck that shit. We are talking about spiritual reality here.)

To my current knowledge and intuition i do not know what specific rituals were done over it, but i do know that the Jewish Rabbinical Leadership (Not its official name) was praying the Psalms over it to put curses on those who would use it. And also to Seal it.

“But Doesnt that mean I should stay away from it?”

No. What it means is that you must take control and use your skills of Banishing and Curse Breaking that you have gained through practice of the magical arts to TAKE BACK YOUR TOOL. Thats right. I said YOUR tool.

                           "How do I do that?"

Obtain A picture of the Tree Of Life

Prepare your Altar

Lay the Picture of the Tree of Life on your Altar. If the picture is on your phone then lay the phone on the altar. Make sure the Backlight timer is on its longest setting so the phone doesnt go to sleep before you are done.

Place your hand over the Tree and begin to breath, monitoring your breath.

Feel your power as a Living God Welling up inside you and continue to breathe.

When your energy peaks, Command that ALL the energy of former users of the Kabbalah be banished and all curses, seals, and energy put on the system broken.

Inhale, then exhale on the Tree.

Feel your Power well up inside you again. Consecrate the Tree to yourself as A Living God for All works of Black Magic and for your own Ascent.

Inhale, then Exhale on the tree.

Conclude the ritual.


● The Sephiroth are Hidden spheres of Power that reside both within and without on Various levels around the Aura. Those spheres (parts of the Aura) are activated by the Vibration of Godnames; which are similar to codewords for the Aura. When Activated, those energies surge forth into the body and Aura and can create quite a stir and instability when not balanced properly. This is where the Hebrew interpretation of the Qlippoth comes from.

…For Example: If you repress your sexuality/sexual energy (Netzhach, Venus, Sephiroth), it will eventually find a way to be released in a “destructive” way which results in sexual crime or addiction (Areb’Zarach, Venus, Qlippoth).
(Example of Hebrew Thought)…

● The Angels and Archangels are called and invoked to help activate The corresponding parts of the Aura and process those energies through the Body.

● Jewish Spiritual Leadership was inspires by a higher group of beings to create an egregore named Jehova in order to re route the power of the system to these spiritual beings instead of the magicains that use the system.

● The way to Integrate this powerful tool in your Black Magic is to cleanse it and consecrate it as belonging to you, the One True Living God.

● Magical systems are lose their power because they become psychicly polluted with the energy of its users and is not cleansed and restored to its full power by those same magicians. This produces the Dreaded “Hit and Miss” syndrome.

                         Lessons Learned

● The Answer to the First Question at the Top is this: If you are competent in banishing, cleansing, and curse breaking, then feel free to Kabbalah. If not, then dont Kabbalah.

● Research Basic Methods of Curse Breaking and Cleanaing. Become proficient in those methods.

● Know when to give your magical system a break and let IT recharge.

● Give it energy on a regular basis. Preferably every day.


Is there a parts 1-3?

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Hell yeah there is man :smiley:
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This is AWESOME and exactly the kind of thing that drives magick forward, and then as the cherry on the cake, you even formatted it all nice! :ok_hand: :smiley:

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Warning. Morning lightbulb moment precaffine. Just clicked in ze currently uncaffeinated brain that alot of the work within black magic of arhiman applies this concept to the ritual systems of the Zoroastrian faith. :thinking: alot of the rites are inverted rituals ment to take back the power of that system within self.

The Dark staot litianies for the planets for example are inverted versions of prayers that according to lore are ment to repel the “demonic” influence of those planets as it were. Through the inversion and working with these for a time you consume and assimilate the light of that planet in a fashion so that the practitioner becomes this power through which to cast the shadow and influence of this power where it is needed in the area of self and life that you want to make adjustments to.

If that makes sense :thinking: the logic parts of the brain may not of finished booting up for the day yet. :upside_down: :slight_smile:


Makes perfect sense man.
Thats what im doing now as i work with the planets. Especially Saturn.
For some reason me and Saturn Vibe with each other lol
Well…hehehe i know the reason
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Yeah between the divs and some of the goetic spirits i am being shown a very strange rabbit hole with planetary magic.

Working the first of a set of planetary “lenses” of a sort. From what i can tell its a vastly simplified version of what the concept shown entails but it works as decent a catalyst for now.


As an ex-Pentecostal, presently black magician pathworking through the LHP and planning to pathwork through the RHP once I’ve become adept at the works of darkness, THANK YOU for saving me an entire galaxy of confusion and marathon-running in circles. PEACE :v:️:v:️


Thank you.