Christian magi and chosen working paths

Kumpliments of the Season idols of light and dark!

I am a christian by upbringing. I
wish to call on christian magicians in the house to share their chosen magick path that reliably works for them and if possible provide references/sources of guidance and inspiration. Thank you in anticipation. bidding you peace and love to all living gods/goddesses.

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  1. The Heptameron

  2. The Arbatel of Magic by Joseph Peterson

  3. The Book of Abramelin

  4. The Books of Occult Philosophy
    1,2,3 & 4. by Cornelius Agrippa


I want to add The seven Spheres by Rufus Opus to @Myrddin’s list.

It is a planetary pathworking from a Christian perspective.


have book 3 and 4. Thank you.

Here are links to similar topics and more resources:


If you like that looking into Vodou and Regla de Ocha(Santería) would be good for you, they have a very Catholic feel to them, Folk Catholicism would be nice to, La Santa Muerte as well

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i prefer enochian, kaballalistic magick though thank you goddess.


As a christian from birth myself, I’ve come to view all magick as useful. You could find a new way to solve a problem by seeking out different spirits and entities. Now, I stay away from calling directly on gods and goddesses for personal reasons but I think if a system works and it doesn’t cause harm, then it’s good magick.

to the specifics, which of the magickal traditions has worked for you? pls share if you dont mind