Any Books on Good-Old Christian Magick?

For those of the RHP path, can anyone recommend any books on Christian Magick? Other than someone making mention of Magic In Christianity in another thread, specifically Pow Wow magick, Martinism and Coptic magick.

Yes, I am aware that many well-known grimoires use god-names referencing Bible passages. I was asked about only books that use just the Bible for magick in general. No calling demons or other entities. In Hoodoo magick, I know that the Psalms are used a lot. There is also a mention of the 6th & 7th books of Moses.

Maybe @Lady_Eva can make this into a major thread. Thanks.


I’l certainly bookmark it for future link drops if it gets responses and turns out to be useful, and I hope it does (gateway drug, mwah-ha-hah!). :smiley:


In truth, the bible is your best bet. It requires thorough reading to get from it what you desire. Also, don’t be harsh on deamons man. Those angels and people in the bible did some fucked up stuff.


Folk Catholicism is kind of interesting.


Psalms a book in the bible is actually full of magick


Here is a blog made by an Ex-Bishop

Go here if you want Traditional Christian magic, instead of the powwow hoodoo stuff.

I bought his book The Magic of Catholicism and its very good. I recommend it for the christian magician or if you’re just interested in the history of magic used in Christianity.

Some bonus books to consider:
Meditations On The Tarot
Science Of The Sacraments


There is, but some of it I find to be manipulative and hypocritical. I wouldn’t recommend it.

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The author of The Magic of Catholicism, Brother ADA, is also the author of:

Ritual Magic for Conservative Christians
Christian Candle Magic: The Magical Use of Candles in the Christian Home

and others…

I’m not harsh on demons. It’s just some of the more open-minded Christians I know are. They don’t understand the basic similarities between angels and demons.

You don’t feed a baby meat, man. You introduce it to milk, then baby food, then solid food. Once you scare Christians off from magick, they are never going to embrace it.


I really like Brother ADA’s work.
I haven’t read his other books yet but I read his free library all the time.

One of my favorite quotes from him is
“Catholicism is a magical system in denial.” - Brother ADA

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this book is short, cheap, involves easy rituals that primarily focus on candles, and has sections for non-christian and christian versions of the rituals.

Part of my background is in Curanderismo and have gotten this book of St Cyprian:

I really enjoy it since it includes many prayers that my family have used for cleansings. Another one to check out is “Meditations on the Tarot” by Valentin Tomberg.


pretty sure baptist Christians are against magick and anything that isnt praise Jesus holy name…

Actually this is technically false.

You have hoodoo which sometimes uses the Bible not to mention if you recall how you perform magick you’ll realize that their prayer, is a form of magick in of itself.


Exactly what I was going say :slight_smile:

Many Christians don’t understand that our own prayers and rituals are forms of invocations and evocations. Mass is group work, and so on.


Also the golden dawn is based around the kabbalah i believe.

I am talking about the straight up baptist church going Christian not anything else that uses Christian symbols or angels Baptist hate even the other sects and don’t even like catholics or mormons…

ah i found the white magic section of the forum?

Same concept.

any source/book on reliable and practical christian magick ?