Cheesy pick up lines


You into fitness? How about fitness dick in your mouth.


I put the STD in stud, now all I need is U

to a group of girls hey which one of you has the lowest standards?


A guy once said to me you have the most beautiful eyebrows I’ve ever seen It made me laugh so hard, it worked. :woman_shrugging: That was the best one ever. Most are corny af.


Love it :joy::joy:


I once had a friend’s sister tell me I had nice teeth. Craziest compliment I’ve ever had :man_shrugging:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: weeing myself.


:laughing: Nice teeth are important it makes a mouth more kissable. She probably liked you.


My ex once told me how nice and white my teeth were and how much she liked them. Which was how I knew it was love because they really aren’t.

(They’re not like brown or gross or anything but hers are probably whiter)


In high school, I was sitting with a friend in the cafeteria, eating some fries, and she suddenly turned to me and said, “you have really beautiful eyes.” I was so taken aback I choked on the fry I was eating :joy:


:sweat_smile::laughing: I choked on my drink once during a date and it came out of my nose. So charming


I was lectured by a lover once about my inability to take a compliment. Whenever I would get one, it’s like my brain would scream “Danger! Does not compute!” and I would reply with self deprecating humour. It made her mad. lol

I’m much better now though :rofl:


Technically not a pickup line, but at some point in the conversation

"I’m only interested in girls who are taken."

This is really effective after finding out she’s single and not taken.

Double points if she’s recently broken up


Outside bones.


You have nice birthing hips


Came to me while I was sleeping


“Girl, you remind me of the Fates. You might take my life, but damn are those eyes enticing”


You mean I control your thread of life? Cool, let me snip the part you met me :smiley:


Damn thats harsh

Now i know how Micah feels


You can still cry me a river :smiley:


Ill cry you a new Styx


So I can walk over you? :smiley: