Cheesy pick up lines


Baby, you can walk all over me any time


Well that’s a next level of S&M right there :joy:


It is what it is. My aim is for that Ambrosia


Wrong Goddess, let me introduce you to Hebe…


Courting @Silent, the unknown 13th trial of Hercules


Look, Greek isnt my field, but Im trying to make it be


Call me when you get there :grin:


For some reason, I was feeling a little off today. But when you came along, you definitely turned me on. :fire: always works :joy: :muscle:t2:


Give me a yes and we’ll be there


Follow Micah North to Sparta and I’ll meet you there!


Got the Micah treatment. At least I tried


You did pat on the back


You sure know how to make a man wanna beg for more punishment



Ill beg as much as you want, I just want a taste of Greece


So many people want to live their myth in Greece…!


Looking at the destination, I dont blame them


Lucifer must be your patron deity because you light up the room, and my heart.


By Lucifer’s light! You are so radiant, I fear being scorched by your gaze. Know that if I should go blind, just having gazed upon you for this brief moment will make me happy for the rest of my days.


Convince the person they have the soul of your divine mate and that they’ll remember everything once you place your hand on their …