Cheesy pick up lines


Hey baby if looks could kill …youd be a weapon of mass destruction!!

That Moment When 3

Did you fall on your head… Because you’re an angel sent from heaven.


A b c d e f g h I u j k l m n o p q r s t v w x y z
I put you and I together :joy::joy::joy:.

Do you like trains?.. LEMME SMASH


Some say there are seven wonders of the world but you make a solid 8!


Let’s make like fabric softener and snuggle!


Your tits are like two death stars…except the second one looks complete


Are those space shorts that you are wearing because your ass is out of this world


(steps on an ice club and crushes it) Now that we’ve broken the ice, lets fuck


You come on strong like a garlic milkshake…


Did you fall from heaven?
Cause you look like a queen of darkness.


Thank You


(said to a waitress) So do you come here often?


Is that the sun coming up…or just you brightening my day?


The one i am going to use on one of you someday:

Is that an infernal blasting rod in your pocket or… Oh cool it actually is, nice sigils, lets go fuck some shit up!


Well, in keeping with the theme of this forum how about this one?

Hey baby, how about I let you play with my magic wand for a spell?


Are you Cinderella because I see that dress coming off at midnight


ayyy girl r u a griffwhore?
cuz I heard u let every wizard Slythinrin.


Are you a mirror because I can see myself inside you


You ain’t gotta do a love spell on me girl, you already got me enchanted.
-used this on a wiccan

Are you an archaeologist?
cause I got a very large bone you need to examine.

Ayy girl, I’ll give you my vitamin D if you if give me your fish oil.

There’s 20 letters in the alphabet right?
oh I forgot U R A Q T


Damn! Shuga slow down, I’m diabetic!! :joy::joy: