Cheesy pick up lines


I actually like this one despite the cheesiness;

“Sorry, can I get a map? I got lost in your eyes.”


everyone does, pick up lines are pure cringe thats why we love them.


It looks like someone stuffed two fine hams in the back of your dress :joy::joy: (gotta love the ladies man!)


I’m like taco bell I’ll spice up your night!


Taco Bell can also spice up a persons night in a different way.


I was screwing around with the kik bot and it told me this

Haha! You can all thank @Aiden_Crow and @Aluriel for showing me the world of kik :joy::joy:




Oh I love this one…Santa must have come early this year, because you were first on my Christmas list :christmas_tree:


Are you a Pokémon?

Cuz I wanna peek achu


Are you on wifi? Because I’m feeling a connection. :joy:


Ahahaha :joy::joy::joy:


Are you tired cause you’ve been running through my mind all mind :grin:


Do you think E A Koetting has ever had to resort to any of these come ons?


Haha…I doubt it. He is nice looking and has a good personality. I’m sure he does well without any pickup lines :slight_smile:


“Hello, what’s your name - do you know the prosecutor? The defendant? What about the judge?”

That might not work too well in a bar…

“Why the long face?”

“I’m a horse…”

Nope, you can lead a horse to a wine bar but you can’t make it flirt…


I’m not drunk I’m just intoxicated by you :beer:


“Grab yer coat - you’ve pulled…”


Is your dad a terrorist because you are the bomb.


Is your dad a drug dealer because you’re dope


Can I take your picture so I can prove angels do exist