Cheat in exams

So here is the thing, i am arleady working in office job, and in process of learning a cource,

In India genrally some colleges are useless good for nothing

My batch graduated few months ago i was in no mood of restest, but again last chance came now and they forced me to give restest and said no chance again , which is against the policies also, i mean i can easily pass it but there is a thing called time and intention and purpose.

I am in no mood to waste my precious time for that bull shit backlog exams . I love my job my further studies and dont want to get forced into it, i asked my boss to give me a pause for prepration, he gave. But its like i have no inner will for that shit .

So heres the QUESTION
i know mutiple ppl arleady who are into curroption buiness like gettig admission in any university , getting fake graduation degree ready by illegal means all around state .
But they were charging higher than market rate more than double triple.

But there is a cafe near my college there sits an ex staff member of college , he knows many staff members inside college , and is ready to do the work for very cheap rates also becoz more closer connection and less ppl involved and is not his main job.
So whats the matter than ?
The staff memeber he direcrly know inside is nit visiting college recently so he dint intiated till now.
So please suggest me a demon that i should ask to help me in this connection matter or whatever is it?

One more question
I was thinking in which matter to ask to belial since he is against tyranny, but lets say we go against tyrannical postion but in process if we crush dont we acquire so much power that we are more tyrannical than its predeccesors ?

What exactly is tyrranny or rebelion, the law or the curroption?

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And if you could suggest a demon that be really thankfull

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