Chat Thread Season Change = Fall

Sometimes you just want to chat rather than make a lengthy or essay-quality post, and the fabulous functionality of this forum, which updates live on your screen without needing to be refreshed, allows it to be used like a chat room, so use this thread for those kinds of light-weight conversations, and as a general hangout space! :smiley:

If people want to propose a date and time for chat on a specific topic, please post it in here as well.

Friendly reminder that this thread is uniquely influenced by the quality of posts – if another thread goes off-topic, it gets a reminder from the OP or someone to steer it back on track, but the overall quality of this thread is influenced by the kind of input that it gets, because there’s no single topic and it has a high turnover of posts, and that accordingly will attract or repel people who click in to see if this is something they want to be a part of. :wink:

(If you spot something that bothers you, hit the … symbol at the bottom of that post and then the flag, this will call a moderator to cast an eye over things. :slight_smile: )


Hello folks! How about the topic of absolute freedom that has been on my mind a LOT lately?


I was thinking about that reading one of your recent posts - freedom means freedom of choice, but to choose one thing usually means NOT choosing - outright rejecting - another, so you can certainly have that freedom, but within MOST normal states of mind, it will not be sustainable for long, and to get really woo-woo, to choose NOT to choose, is also a choice, since the one thing you no longer have is limitations and “not this” things (the old “If god can do anything, can he make a fence so big he can’t jump over it?” type thing).

So maybe freedom is relative, insofar as we choose what to embrace, and what restricts us in ways we find unacceptable.


To derail this fuckry anyone interested in trying out some weather manipulation magick. Could do with some rain in this heatwave.


For now, I’ve removed whatever the fuck that was about - I want to see this chat stay FRIENDLY, RESPECTFUL, and ON TOPIC TO MAGICK for the most part, not feuds or grudges or silliness of that kind.

If anyone can’t handle someone having a different POV, go look at something else on the internet and cool your heels.

Back on topic, yes weather magick sounds good, could do with some rain in London! :slight_smile:


Wtf did I miss?! Good grief! I turn my back and work for a few hours and things explode again!

Thank you, @Lady_Eva for being a level-headed moderator, because space knows I wouldn’t be


Mmmmm rain, we had some rain this morning on the Front Range of the Rockies :3 its lovely and cool now, possibly because i asked for the cooldown to happen a day before it was expected. Going to a waterpark tomorrow, didn’t want to freeze to death


Hey there! Anyone here?


That depends. Do you have the secret password?


There’s a secret password? I was just hoping if I lurked around enough, someone would let me in.


Does anyone know of any spirits that can repair broken electronics? My room fan randomly stopped working some time ago and i dont know why, but it would be nice if i could get it working again. @Lady_Eva i think you mentioned a spell or something you used to fix someones computer at one point. It’s gettin’ hot in here :expressionless:

Ironically “I was hoping if I lurked around enough” was the secret password. Congratulations, welcome to the Dark Side. Here’s your salad. The cookies are for the demons. hides a stolen cookie behind his back :smiling_imp:


Hey, @Verdo, @AmeliaJ.

@Verdo … Can’t help ya. I solve mundane problems the old fashioned way. hehe

@AmeliaJ … So what’s up, Amelia?


Gee, thanks @valkarath. Looks at cookie you’ve hidden terribly

I’m just lounging in my room since it’s my day off today! :slight_smile: What about you?

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What cookie? Valkarath mumbles around a mouthful of cookie. Cough.

Days off are great. I’m just relaxing a bit, hanging out while watching an episode of Lucifer.

@Verdo … what’s up, Verdo? Besides the temperature, of course. :smiling_imp:

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So what’s on your mind today, @AmeliaJ? Anything interesting?


Nice, I used to love watching Lucifer, but I have this terrible habit of never finishing shows.
Btw, quick question have you ever had poltergeist activity at your job ever since you started evoking?

ahh not a whole lot. Moving back in with my dad soon due to lack of money :frowning: which is going to seriously put a slowdown on my spiritual development because hes a very staunch Christian, so any sort of workings i do will be few and far between. Sad times