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Hello all,

I am Greael Mori I will submit some photos as soon as i am more comfortable.
I like all kinds of magic but I like divination as well as I am studying King Solomans Grimoires.
My current goals are to see what cannot be seen and learn what others do not know as well as become something no one has ever seen. To change the worlds view on life as it is today. I struggle with anxiety and nervousness which makes me paranoid all of the time of impeding doom or something like that. Not sure if it is an attack on me or just me freaking out for no reason. Any advice or anything you all can give me or let me know would be greatly appreciated. It is a pleasure too meet you all and i look forward to chatting real soon.


modifying my goal lol. i want a spirit lover and to be able to fully communicate with her/him. period. i have no other reason to be here. one may come in the future but for now this is my only reason


Hello! My name is Kamrin and I have been into magick for about 5 years now. I just now got into the darker path of magick but it is all so appealing to me. I like to work with crystals and incense and I like to do a lot of white magic and I guess you could say I am a Christian which? ( yes I know, if you see this you’re probably so confused on what a Christian Witch is doing on a left-hand Path site asking about demons) well because I normally don’t ask any spirits for help and I preferred to use nature, God/Angels, and my own energy. But, if there is something that God/Angels won’t help me with, then I rely on mainly the Goetic spirits. I feel that the demons of the Goetia are mainly just dark spirits/djinn rather than to call them literal demons from hell. I know it seems hypocritical and in many ways and it is very different from what is normally practiced, but I’ve technically always been like this. (Please don’t give hate, I have received Much hate on other sites for mixing the light and dark) my birthday is August 27th and I’m a Virgo. I am very connected with nature… except for Mosquitoes. I love all plants, animals, flowers, and crystals. I’m actually probably a little younger than most people on this site, but I feel that I am very knowledgeable on the Goetic Spirits and magick itself. I guess you could say the only limits I have are actually having a “conversation” with the King of hell himself Lucifer/Satan, or any VERY high demon like Azazel or Paimon. Thank you so much for reading!!!


Oh we do a lot of that here, there’s no forum dogma about what’s right, possible, or even “real” - results and doing the work are key! :smiley:

Believe whatever far-out shit you like, for as long or short a time as it suits you, you won’t be preached at about it.

No moralising, “don’t do this, you mustn’t try that” BS, all we ask is courtesy, likewise if you see something you disapprove of, click away and read something else, and share what you can of your own work if it suits you. :slight_smile:

There’s a fun chat thread, a “funnier side of being a magician” topic, and a few working threads of various kinds, as well.


Hello my name is Casey FlamingBlueWolf i am 26 and live in Tampa Florida. Ive been a witch for about 10 years now anything that has magick and gods/goddesses i have a strong love for. Right hand and left hand are interesting to me but im a seeker of power. The time of the marshmallow is over haha. My favorite gods are the Norse. Current goals hmmm i want to see a spirit some how some way and i want to work and get to know all 72 spirits of the goetia. Blessed be


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I guess I’ll just do this then,

Hey all!
Name’s King, I’ve only been practising for maybe seven months. My first introduction to this side of things was getting my spirit animal read and the crazy things that ensued. My goal is to learn as much about Magick as I possibly can and my struggles are finding a place to actively practise as well as finding sources of knowledge.


The name is tony and im only posting here so im aloud to ask questions and lurk. mostly into chaos magic and the study of ritual magic.


Not sure I understand that - everyone’s allowed to ask questions, there’s no group of members for whom this is prohibited?


I’m supposed to introduce myself I don’t know what to say. I’m a rosicrucian I’m 32 SINGLE mom two daughters one has been violently abducted. I have seen ghosts and entities my whole life .I don’t belong to any kind of order. I don’t have a lot of experience with magic but I know it’s real. 4 years ago I was attacked by multiple entities in my home there was a giant beast. Fairies Pixies and even anubis. I still have pictures of that. I gained a lot of spiritual power until I met my ex and then orobas. I was at the height of my power. I have done astral projection since I was 12


Hello my name is Rose Lilith Black-Satanas
I devoted myself to black amd red magick
My current goal is to become the most powerful witch in my family
My current struggles are gender-dysphoria, depression, discrimination towards hispanics (I’m Colombian) and no magick experience
I also practice satneria


I did a piece of work that could possibly be adapted for gender dysphoria, to create projections of each gender that are also YOU, and interact with them for gnoses and clarity:

We have several threads on here regarding depression as well, so do make use of the search function and start a new thread if you have questions about magick and depression in general. :slight_smile:


Nice to meet you ma‘am and i apologize for your sorrow


Okay ty so very much


Hello Everyone
My Name is TJ its really cool to see that their are others just as fascinated with these things as I am. I am very new to this community and have quite a few questions about the topic of Succubi/Incubi. So I started my research on these amazing beings about a week ago and I honestly couldnt wait to try to summon one so last night I made my first attempt to contact a succubus via burning the letter method. I sat there to meditate for about a half hour during which I possibly felt some sensations but since this is really my first experience with these beings Im not quite sure what the difference is between actual contact and my head just playing tricks with me. Also after trying to contact a succubus/incubus is it normal to feel mentally drained and tired the day after? Thanks for the help!!


Hi, I’ve been in and out of LHP practice for the past 10 years or so. I’m interested in learning more about evocation and I came here after listening to a few of E.A.'s videos on YouTube. Not much else to say.


Hi My name is Elle and I am a black witch from France.
I am 35 and i reconnected with magic and witchcraft 2 years ago - i say reconnected because since i was a kid i knew who i was :slight_smile: i’ve been raised christian and i am cool with any religion or way of thinking.
I dedicated myself to Father Satan last year, and since my life has been shaky for the better!
I’ve been reading this forum for months and I thought that it was time to say Hi! so Hi folks!
Hail Satan! Blessed be :heart:


Infernal Greetings to all my comrades and companions of the LHP I look forward to sharing and learning how to make our lives its a pleasure making your aquaintence looking forward to getting to know yall and being a student of yours good day to you all