Chat Thread Season Change = Fall

I’ve been having activity at my job and everyone kind of suspects something since it only starts when I’m around. It’s been on my mind lately, but it definitely doesn’t feel negative, at least to me.

Moving back in with the parentals sucks. I just had to do the very same thing recently. Is there any way you can hide your workings @Verdo?

@AmeliaJ … No. I work from my home and I don’t banish after evocation, so my home is literally swimming in energy.

I’ve experienced a couple instances of poltergeist activity over the years, but not since I started practicing magick.

I have had a couple of small physical “oddities” happen around evocation, though.

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@Verdo … That sucks. Find a spot out in some woods somewhere and go out there. I live in a city area and I can still find some secluded wooded areas tucked away in parks. I just have to be a bit more discrete than I am at home, but it can work if you need it to.

@AmeliaJ … I’m not an expert in poltergeist activity. I’ve seen a couple of weird things, but that’s pretty much it. I know from personal experience that spirits can manipulate physical objects, but it’s almost always when you’re not looking. It’s easier for them to do it when our skeptical minds are “locking things down” when we’re observing them.


Ahh, I see. I’ve been having some instances where I have heard certain entities stay in my room for a while longer.
Yeah, it’s definitely only when we’re not looking. I don’t know if it’s something that’s always been there, or if it’s something I may have brought with me. I’m definitely learning to tell the difference between energies.

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@AmeliaJ @valkarath yeah hiding will be difficult. There aren’t a whole lot of places where i live where its totally free of people . At least i have sundays when he’ll be at church lol



Since I started practicing magick, I’ve witnessed a few interesting physical phenomena …

(1) I had a goddess move my amethyst crystal that I had charging a bowl of water when I wasn’t looking. I left it perfect centered and straight in the bowl, but when I saw it, it was off center and pointing in a different direction.

(2) During an evocation, I was having an emotional experience. I felt a warmth touch my finger. It was candle wax, but it was also a spirit touching me. The candle wax had dripped down from the candle, ran quite a ways across the table I was using for my altar, and was still liquid when I opened my eyes. Never seen anything like it. It literally shouldn’t have happened.

(3) During another evocation, I lit a little rubbing alcohol in a metal bowl. I’d done it several times and I knew what to expect. But this time, the flames shot about 4 foot high and stayed that for the rest of the ritual. Felt a tremendous heat coming off that fire, but it didn’t actually scorch anything around it.

As Lady Eva likes to say: “When you do weird shit, weird shit happens.”


Ahh the lords day lol! Best day to practice :smiling_imp:

I’m sure the opportunities will present itself @Verdo. I’m rooting for ya!


@Verdo … where there’s a Will there’s a way. If you’ve got a bathroom or a closet, you’ve got options.

@AmeliaJ … If it’s a problem, just talk to the spirit. Acknowledge that you’re seeing the signs and thank it, but tell him it’s becoming a problem for the people you work with and ask him to stop. That’s what I would do. I’m sure it’s for your benefit since you’re opening yourself up to these things now.


Whoa, I haven’t had anything like that happen yet. Except for asking for a sign and having my waterbottle start to crinkle. I honestly didn’t even know what it was until I aksed again and it started that crinkling all over again.

Oh definitely. I feel like I’m getting more and more activity every where I go, so I’m sure I need to look at this and see if there’s a message for me.
And I guess let it know that it should leave my coworkers alone. It was so fun to watch them squirm in fear though! Evil laughter ahem… but I’ll play nice.

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@AmeliaJ … You, bad girl, you. lol

The longer you practice magick, the more stuff you’ll experience. It just kind of goes hand in hand with this stuff.

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@Verdo … I hope it works out for you, man. Just look at the upside … you get a bed and you get to eat. I recommend trying that at least once a day. lol


Aww, I can’t help it though. The looks on all of their faces when the metal door to the back kept opening and closing and when the fan kept turning on was hilarious! I actually enjoyed it because it was definitely a sign, but I couldn’t show my excitement.

And also, just the thought of something there kind of warms my heart :slight_smile:

OOH, quick question. Have you ever tried remote influencing someone? And if so, how did they react (if you could see them)?


Completely understand. Gotta keep that sheep mask tucked in tight. lol

I’ve only really needed to use remote influence one time. It worked and the result was great, but I couldn’t observe the target. It was part of a bureaucracy.

I’ve experimented with direct influence a couple of times with some fairly good results. For me, making a strong connection through eye contact helped a lot.

If you have a photo of the target, I would suggest gazing softly into his eyes and allowing yourself to “slip” into the connection before you tried influencing him. And it would probably be a good idea to do it while he’s asleep. Fewer chances of discovery and less active resistance that way.

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Hmm… I’ve tried remote influencing before, and it seemed to work. I tested it out on strangers at work, so that was fun lol.

Well, I’m going to start getting ready to start my day. Until next time!

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@AmeliaJ … Have a great day. Thanks for the chat.

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hey who here?

I had one but mainly for computers, phones, higher lelectronics, and it’s not really a spell as such, so… :frowning:

I’ve got work to get stuck into now so I can;t really get into that mindset, shoot me a PM tomorrow as a reminder, and I’ll see what I can do.

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Cool thanks!

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I’m around for a few if anyone wants to chat.