Charging crystals

I have 2 crystals. A mountain rock and a raw crystal. I used accumulation of all four elements to charge them but they do not work. Have I miss something when it comes to charging crystals? I have experienced the blood stone working to give me grounding. Mountain rock and raw was to healing. The raw that pull the disease out of the body and the mountain rock that support the raw and heal the body in general. It has not worked so far.

It’s only been a week or so though? It might be too soon for results, but you should know if it’s working by the sense of energy flows from the stones.

Read the stones after charging them, and before use and check if they need recharging a lot, if the flow is happening etc.

After that, this technique is your invention, you have to adjust it to work as you design it.

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Does it matter what method I actual use? In Bardon’s Initation Into Hermetics he came with different methods to charge amulets, talismans and crystals etc. You say intention is everything, so the methods the magician uses I guess is all based on what you have must skills in of the techniques.

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I don’t think it matters what technique you use as long as you put the energy into to it as the method is designed, and yes that might take some practice to get the skill down.

Your attention tells the energy where to go: and that’s inherent in the technique, then, your intention is going to tell that energy what to do when it gets there.

So if you give it fuzzy instructions with fuzzy intention you will get fuzzy results, that’s why it’s so important. Analogy: If you want to drink a glass of water, you make it so it goes only in your mouth: you don’t splash it in your face.

Try this energy building exercise, then face your palms together an put your mind in the center of each palm until they tingle. Then move your palms in and out and see if you can feel anything like magnetism between them. When you can do that, put one palm and move it over the crystals, and see how the feeling changes. If you leave you palm stationary over it, you will start to charge it. If you intentionally see energy flowing from your palm into the stone, you will charge it faster.


I don’t think it’s accumulations of energies that is the problem as I can fell them strongly during ritual. I think there is something wrong in leading the energy in the right direction. That’s an other reason why I have focus on crystals and pentacles as I thought that they could serve as symbols to lead the accumulated energy in the right direction based on my knowledge on their properties.

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Then you are using the symbols as sympathetic links to the parts that need the energy. But to do that you have to make the link in your own mind. It’s easier just to see the energy going straight to where you want it and the area healing and being whole, imo.

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You mean after I have charged the raw crystal I for instance then place it on the part of my body it shall “pull disease out” and say “so mote it be” which symbolizes the connection?

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I’m not sure, but I would make sure your intention is focused on that happening at the time you’re doing it. See it happening, see the crystal fill up with the energy you don’t want and the energy leaving you until there’s none left. Then cleanse the crystal and repeat.

I’d treat healing the production of this energy and the damage it causes as a separate thing.

Don’t just randomly wave the crystal over and assume it works by itself, that’s wishful thinking not magick.

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I did things like that and I no longer felt symptoms but after the ritual was done the symptoms came back.

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Yes that usually happens with healing, it’s good that it is working then, but the underlying condition is not healed and the damage still needs to heal. You are trying to change a situation that developed over time, and it will take time to set the system to a different new state.

In this case, what you have done is working so don’t change it: do it every day, twice a day if you have time, and keep doing it. It’s going to take a lot longer than a week, so treat it as a process not a one and done. Depending on what it is you may have to just do this as your lifestyle for a year or more. Over time it should get easier and faster and need less work and last longer and longer.

At the same time don’t just keep bailing out water, also fix why the unwanted energy builds up and fix that so you don’t have to keep bailing it out. If it’s a DNA thing, work on changing your DNA, if it’s damage, focus on healing the damage etc.


So when it comes to healing magick I don’t need to know the root of the symptoms?

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It would help but not necessarily from a western allopathic medicine point of view, from an energetic point of view.

For example: if it’s because you have an attached entity, get rid of the entity.
If it’s from a past life knot/block of energy, or a knot caused trauma, find the block and dissolve it.
If it’s because you have damage in your energy body, like a tear or leak, heal that damage.
All these things can cause manifestations in the physical level, and produce symptoms so that just stopping the symptom doesn’t solve the problem.


Now I do not speak about this specific problem but in general does magical healing only works if I know the cause of the symptoms?

It depends on the modality, meaning, the type of healing. There’s a lot of those, so you should follow whatever the system you’re using has laid out as the best way to use it.

The simplest would be the “laying on of hands” or “give it to god” type healing, in which case it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the cause, you just ask the universe or entity to heal your ailment. Same method for everything.
Then you have the Reiki and crystal and such where you narrow it down and change your method to suit and start getting more specific.
And then you have qigong and acupuncture, herbalism and thinks like Traditional Chinese Medicine, that is more technical, analyses the energy and symptoms, suggests a cause and tailor makes a solution fit to the cause that includes preventative food and lifestyle changes.
After that is western allopathic medicine that just drugs you to mask the symptoms or cuts you up.

Some things won’t work if you don’t understand the cause, if the cause if really physical: like, an allergy or something poisonous (like diet sodas that can give people symptoms of multiple sclerosis). If your symptom is because you eat a certain food, magick isn’t the best choice to fix it. Magick can help you address why you have an allergy, but in the meantime you’d discover what food that is so you can stop eating it.

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So if I for instance summon Marbas and request “remove the cause of my symptoms” would Marbas then himself be able to scan and remove the cause? Is that something entities can do?

Yes, it may take some time again for healing but he should be able to do that.

What about the crystals? Can the ritual on the crystal also serve as a psychodrama that programs the crystal to serve my purpose? Or is it essential that I say verbally the purpose?

Depends what your ritual is I guess… I think you should try it and see what happens :slight_smile: